Why Men Should Wear Fair Fashion as Well!

Looking for some fair fashion inspiration for him? Here we go! I’ve got you covered with an all ethical and fair outfit for late summer and fall.

But why fair fashion? This question has been answered on my blog several times already, but I am not getting tired of answering it again and again. Because it just cannot be repeated often enough that fast fashion has NO future and that fast fashion simply isn’t an option… at least not, if you want this planet to continue being home for us humans. Why am I so eager in promoting fair fashion and educating on the disadvatages of fast fashion? Well read on and find out…

So why do I NOT support fast fashion?

First of all, the fact that people buy tons of cheap clothes every year leads to an enourmous amount of textile waste! In the US alone it’s around 15 million tons! One could argue that this isn’t a problem, because it can just biodegrade. But is that true? No! Because noadays most fast fashion items are made from polyester and that’s nothing else than pure plastic. And we all know that there is already more than enough plastic swimming in our oceans, don’t we!?

But it is not only the waste, it’s also the production that is very challenging for the environment. Even when buying a cotton shirt (instead of a polyester one), you have to know that conventional cotton is very high in pesticides which are seeping into the ground, polluting the ground waters (plus they kill millions of bees and insects). The environmental impact continues when conventional dyes are used and the dyes and other chemicals used are lead into rivers and waters of the respective area.

But it is not only the environement that is harmed by the fast fashion industry. It’s the people as well: because not only are they in contact with the above mentioned chemicals and dyes every day, but the working conditions are deadly in other ways as well: Rana Plaza (which I am sure you know about by now!?) is only one out of many instances in which waaaay too many people died in a garment factory. And not only that: many garment workers are actually children or trafficking victims!

It hurts me to think about that the sweater you got from your local fast fashion retailer (such as h&m, ZARA, Mango etc.) was made by a child or trafficked laborer in unsafe conditions. 

So what is the alternative? 

The alternative is fair fashion! Fair fashion focuses on both the social and environmental impact of fashion, seeking to improve the working conditions of laborers, along with the environmental impact of the clothing production process.

And this is what I promote here on the blog!

Ethical fashion has many advantages; not only is it more environmently friendly and guarantees fair wages to the garment workers, but it is (usually) also of higher quality, lasts longer, and will give you so much more joy compared to any cheap plastic shirt.  

And whereas I see more and more fair fashion pieces on WOMEN, men seem to be underrepresented when it comes to buying consciously! But there are loads of wonderful options for men out there as well!

So for today’s fair fashion inspiration for him, Johann is wearing a sweater from the all organic and fair label ThokkThokk – it is made of 100% organic cotton (no pesticides) and like all garments from ThokkThokk it is all vegan, and fair. The sweater has been produced in India where ThokkThokk’s organic cotton is grown. There, the label works with several manufacturers, from big to small, that are GOTS and, whenever possible, Fairtrade certified.

The pants are second hand (a wonderful sustainable shopping option as well!) and the vegan shoes are from the Leipzig based label Sorbas and made from portuguese cork!

Isn’t it too expensive to wear fair fashion?

Well look at it this way: buy one shirt for 30€ that will last you ten years or buy 10 shirts for 5€ that last one year each. Can you calculate what is more expensive?

When it comes to pieces such as jeans the difference is actually pretty marginal: when you buy a conventional men’s jeans you easily spend 100€ and that is approximately the same price that you get to pay for most fair fashion jeans. That the prices are so close to each other is possible because on the fair fashion market less money is going into huge marketing campaigns and less money is going to the CEOs (compared to most conventional fashion labels) – whereas more money stays with the garment workers.

We personally prefer investing in a nice fair fashion piece that we can buy with a good conscience instead of spending our money supporting the exploitation of humans and nature!

So what do you think about fast fashion and fair fashion?

And how do you like Johann’s all ethical and fair outfit? We would love to know, so feel free to leave a comment!



This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. September 6, 2019 / 6:16 pm

    Hey Rosa, I fully agree! Every one can make a positive impact on people and the planet, and men have sustainable & ethical options too. If any guys are looking for a more sustainable wardrobe, we curate men’s clothes from 37 sustainable brands at Eco-Stylist.