What’s in my Bag when (Business) Travelling…

This is my very first “What’s in my Bag” post and I am pretty excited about it. Actually, I spent this entire week in the city of Nuremberg on the world’s largest organic trade fair, the biofach. It was an awesome and super inspiring week, even though it was exhausting and I have been working 11 hours every day. Anyway, when I packed my bag for the days on the exhibition, I thought that it could be intersting for you to see what I bring with me for those long days on a fair.

I went to the trade fair for work but obviously I also enjoyed getting some inspiration for my blog. As I wanted to get to know as many new products and companies as possible, I pretty much talked every day for several hours. So it was very important to me to stay fresh on those long days…. but one by one…

What's in My Bag

So what’s in my bag when (business) travelling?

1.Business cards

2. Press pass

3. A refillable glass bottle

Those are the three most important items for me. I never ever left the houe without these three things. I mean, the press pass and the business card are mandatory, obviously. And a refillable glass bottle is like SO important when you are talking the whole day. I really love the bottles from Druckdurst. The glass bottles from Druckdurst are not only printed with organic colors, and comes in a really nice slim design, but you can actually print whatever you like on the bottle (or glass) you decide to buy. So you can get really creative and get your super individual glass bottle. I decided for a readymade design, though, cause I just really like this timeless black and white print.

The Druckdurst bottle was perfect for me to bring, because it is rather slim and I can fill it with both hot and cold drinks. I refilled my bottle several times during the day and kept it in my backbag. Definetely the most important item, next to business cards and press pass!

What's in My Bag Organic Essence deo

4. Deodorant

I like to have a deodorant in my bag, cause you never know, right!? Talking and walking around for an entire day can become a sometimes sweating thing to do, and I like to stay on the safe side. I always use a deodorant which comes in a plastic free packaging, which is 100% organic, and  which is that clean that I could actually eat it – you get the idea 😉 I looooove the deodorants from Organic Essence and especially this lavender one which I found in the plastic free online shop monomeer.de (one of my favorite online shops for plastic free shopping by the way)

5. Tooth oil

Tooth what? Yes, tooth oil! Even though I do not really eat any oils, I really like them on my skin – and on my teeth! I will share more about my (finally!) plastic free dental care soon so be ready for that 😀 I really got to love tooth oil, like this one here from SWAK because it is the most healthy and easiest way to get a clean and fresh feeling in your mouth when on the way. I usually just drop a few drops on my tongue when in the restroom, move it around my mouth for a moment and spit it out. Immediately I feel fresh and clean. Love it!

6. Lipstick

Of course I always have at least one lipstick in my bag. Currently I carry around two different colors from Lavera – always a lighter and a darker tone. Depending on how I feel like I use either or. I will share more about my favorite organic lipsticks here on the blog very soon!

7. Blush

I also always have a blush stick in my bag. Currently I am using a blush stick from Korres. When I looked for the exact one, I could not find it so I guess they do no longer produce it. Anyway, I really like blush sticks when I am travelling as they are so much easier to apply and I do not have to bring an extra brush.

What's in My Bag SWAK Dental oilWhat's in My Bag SWAK ZahnölWhat's in My Bag Druckdurst FlascheWhat's in My Bag Sonnentor Cracker


Soooo important for me 😀 I always have snacks in my bag. As I eat a very healthy diet it happens quite often that I have a hard time finding something to eat that I like. Even in the press lounge of the biofach it was difficult to find healthy plant based food. So I was happy about the snacks I brought. I like to bring fresh fruit, raw bars, or crackers with me. For the trade fair I had these super yummy spelt and sesame cracker from Sonnentor. They have the cute name “get some bounce” which was just what I needed for the long days on the fair.

By the way. even though it looks like the crackers are covered in plastic, it is actually biodegradable celluose. Sonnentor is using this material for (almost) all of their products! One of the many reasons for why I love this brand 🙂

9. My Omega-3 Capsules

Yes, I had these ones in my bag too! I always take my omega-3 capsules with lunch and as I had lunch on the fair, I had my omega-3 with me. To get my DHA and my EPA fatty acids I take a capsule of algae oil every day. Fish eat algae to get their omega-3 fatty acids and that is why fish or fish oil is usually recommended to get a bunch of DHA and EPA… but as fish are contaminated with hazardous substances such as dioxins and PCBs, I think it makes a lot of sense to eat the algae instead of fish. There are actually several studies showing that the disadvantes of  the heavy metals found in fish outreach the advantages of the omega-3 found in fish. I can highly recommend TESTA algae oil capsules for pure and 100% plant based DHA and EPA. They also got travel sized packs which are super convenient to bring with you.

What's in My Bag Omega 3 TestaWhat's in My Bag Matt and Nat

Oh and my bag is still my much loved Matt & Nat one that I got as a surprise gift from a friend of mine. Still the best surprise gift I have ever got! Loving you soooo much for that one K.!

Yeah, so that’s it – this is what I had in my bag when walking and talking around the biofach 2017. I will share more about the trade fair on Wednesday, so stay tuned 😉

What do you always bring with you when business travelling? I would love to know!



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  1. Nataly KireiKana
    Februar 20, 2017 / 12:39 am

    Interesting! I try to keep my travel nag mnimal, but I always end up with a lot of lipsticks XD


  2. Februar 20, 2017 / 2:55 am

    Thanks for sharing what’s in your bag. I’m curious about the tooth oil. This would be the first time that I’ve heard of such. Can’t wait to read about it in your future post! 🙂


  3. Februar 20, 2017 / 8:45 am

    I’m so glad I found your blog… Thanks for sharing all these amazing tips. 😊
    One thing you didn’t mention that I always have with me when I travel is a notepad and a good pen or pencil. You never know when you need to take some quick notes. 😄

  4. Februar 20, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Really interesting post! I would love to know more about that tooth oil, I’m intrugued:) I also always have a lipstick with me, actually I have one in any kind of bag or purce, not only when I’m travelling. Algae omega 3 seems really nice, however I’ve read algae can also contain a lot of heavy metals just as fish. I read about it when I was looking for chlorella and spirulina powder, I use it either way in my green smoothies:) But I always try to look for the best quality one. Have a lovely week, I’m so tired after another weekend of working, hugs:)))

  5. Amy Arnold
    Februar 21, 2017 / 1:49 am

    I have never even heard of tooth oils! Fun to see what you carried with you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Februar 21, 2017 / 5:30 pm

    I did checked every item on my bag except the Tooth oil. I love that you are going minimal on thing in your bag!

  7. Februar 22, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    Was zu Trinken ist für mich auch total wichtig… ohne verlasse ich ungern das Haus. Dann hab ich garantiert zwei Minuten später Durst! 😉 Und grad an längeren Arbeitstagen ist es auch ganz angenehm irgendwelche Snacks dabei zu haben. Gerade, wenn man ein bisschen auf die Inhalte achtet; man findet zu Kaufen ja meistens nur so was wie Snickers etc.pp.

  8. Februar 22, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    I love that glass bottle, the design you chose is so cute, too! I do have a question, since we’re on the topic of glass bottles. Did you use glass baby bottles when feeling your little one? This is something I definitely want to do, but I don’t see as many options and of course, I get concerned at the thought of her throwing it as she grows and breaking. I’ve seen some rubber casings, but I’m curious as to what you’d suggest. Also, I’ve tried oil pulling once for about a month and didn’t see any major results, so I stopped. I was using coconut oil. Does it usually take longer to see any notable differences? Thanks for sharing what’s in your bag, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!