What I Pack for Summer Holiday (Minimal, Less Waste, Natural)

Who is planning to go on holiday this Summer? I went early this year and so I thought it could be intersting for you to see what I pack when going on Summer holiday. I usually travel with hand luggage only, so I pack as few things as possible. I try to pack zero waste or at least less waste, I pack only natural products, and I pack a few things that I think EVERYONE out there needs when travelling…

I put the things that I pack in four categories for this blog post: cosmetics, make up, zero waste essentials, and supplements. Of course I do also bring clothes when travelling. However, I wrote a blog post about minimal clothes packing last summer. If you are more intersted in that, just hop over here.

And now here we go with a few tips and hacks for your super lightweight packing 🙂

1. Natural cosmetics essentials

Face care:

When you are using high quality products you actually do not need a ton! I use my favorite face oil both in the morning and at night so that’s one product for both. Then I always bring a sample size block of soap (you can get that from most companies – just ask for it!) to clean my face with in the morning and evening.

Hair and Body care:

For my hair and body I use a mild soap – or I buy a pack of rye flour on arrival to wash my hair with rye flour and I leave it in the air bnb we stay. For this vacation I brought sample sizes from Dr. Bronners soaps since I had them anyway from a Dr. Bronners event last month. I brought three samples and they lasted for a week for both my husband and me. I ALWAYS bring coconut oil to use as a make up remover, and body lotion, and lip balm, and hand cream, and whatever else comes to my mind. Coconut oil is the perfect all-for-one product. I just do not like it on my face’s skin as it is too heavy for my skin type.


I always try to bring a deodorant that both my husband and I can use. Often this is something tea tree like or something with lime and lemon. This year however, I got some samples of the new i+m deodorant that is actually without any scent at all. I can highly recommend this product. It beats out all other deodorants ever tested! For the past two years I have been using natron based deodorants, however, it turned out my skin got very irrated after using them for more than a year. I still continued using them but I had those really red armpits so for a while I didn’t use any deodorant at all. Now I am using the i+m one since two month and I SO love it! It does contain some natron too but it is much softer than everything I tried so far and it contains zinc which calms irritated skin. Really really really the best one I have ever had! Absolutely no odor, clean ingredients, the option for a scent-less version, zero waste, comes in two sizes (and the small one if perfect for travelling)!

Dental Care:

For this vacation I brought my biobrush toothbrush. It’s made from biodegradable plastic (made from wood) and I got it as a sample on a trade fair earlier this year. I like that it is biodegradable, however, they only have medium-soft brushes and for me they are way too hard. I had the same problem with tio brushes which is another Berlin based start up making toothbrushes from biodegradable plastic. So for now I stil l do not have the perfect solution when it comes to toothbrushes (I do not like bamboo brushes).

For the tooth paste however, they are a lot of awesome options out there. I actually really like tooth paste powder and my favorite is the one from Birkengold. Love love love it! Right now, however, I am testing a tooth pastet hat comes in a glass jar and that I thought could be a great option for everyone who likes the texture of normal toothpaste but is looking for a zero waste option. However, unfortunatly the texture is pretty dry and the taste isn’t the best either. Feel free to check it out anyway in my favorite plastic free online shope monomeer.de


There are zero waste sunscreen options out there! But, they are difficult to find and I did not do any research on it this year since I still have some producs from last year that I need to finish. For this vacation, I have been using a sample of a plastic packed sunscreen that I got last summer when I wrote a blog post about natural sunscreens. I like this one a lot because it is all natural and yet it does not have a whitening effect. For my toddler I had a tube of kids sunscreen from the same brand. That’s all we need for one week on vacation. And yes, I know most of you will tell me that I should rather use a protection of 30 or even 50, but I am very fine with my 15, to be honest. No sunburn, no problems 😉

2. Make Up

I will be honest with you: I hardly wear make up in my summer vacation. I wear sun glasses anyway so why should I put eye make up on :D!? So for this vacation I brought a light make up with sun protection – and I mainly wear it because of the sun protection and not because I need to cover my face with make up. I always use a blush and when travelling I prefer using a cream blush as I do not have to bring a brush with me. So this time I used my lavera cream blush. I like to take the left overs of old eye brow pencils to use on vacation as they are taking less space. And I brought my current favorite mascara from Couleur Caramel that I have been raving about a lot already.

I, personally, do not need more than that. I use coconut oil for my lips when needed and I wear sunglasses during the day and that’s all the make up I need 😀

3. Zero Waste Essentials

Bringing a refillable bottle is the MOST IMPORTANT! When going through security at the airport the bottle must be empty, obviously, but right behind security you can refill it in the rest room and you can refill it basically whereever you go. THERE IS NO REAL NEED TO BUY PLASTIC BOTTLES you guys! Really! Plastic bottles are just not necessary and it is SO EASY to avoid them.

Please be kind to mother earth and get any kind of refillable bottle!

Glass bottles are awesome, however, when travelling to some place hot I love thermo bottles. The water stays cool all day even when exposed to sunlight for hours. I have a 750ml thermo from Qwetch that I always bring with me. My husband has one too so we are good to go with two of these. We refill them whereever we are and we are never thirsty  🙂

Next to bottles I also bring stainless lunch boxes. I usually prepare picnics when we are doing day trips during our vacation; so that we can eat somewhere at the beach or in the parc. And good lunch boxes are just key to a good picnic. I love stainless steel as it lasts a lifetime (and longer) but I also use glass jars. The cool thing about glass jars is that in case you realize you have to leave something behind when travelling back home (because you collected that many seashells that the jar is no longer fitting your luggage 😀 ) then it does not hurt that much to leave it behind and to take it to a proper glass recycling container. This is why we usually bring both glass jars and stainless steel boxes when travelling. We never bring them empty, of course. They were filled with loads of yummies on the way to Portugal and with even more yummies on the way back 🙂

My favorite places to shop for stainless steel lunch boxes is Kivanta.de

Not pictured but ALWAYS in my luggage: a tote bag! So that I do not have to use plastic bags when going grocery shopping while travelling.

4. Supplements

There are few supplements that I (try to) take every day, even when travelling. These are:

Vitamin B12

DHA/EPA fatty acids


Why do I take these every day?

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that you cannot absorb from plants. When you eat meat (what I cannot recommend) you will get B12 because the animal you eat was fed with vitamin B12 (and a ton of other vitamins and stuff). When you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet you should make sure to supplement every day. I use a vitamin B12 from innonature, which is my favorite shop for supplements. I have been talking about them a few times already, and the coupon code ROSA10 still works to get 10% off your order. When buying a vitamin B12 always try to get a methyl cobalamin as it is easier to absorb.

DHA/EPA fatty acids are fatty acids that cannot be found in plants in their active form (except for one, wait for it…) there is a pre-version of the fatty acids in linseeds and chia seeds so one could eat those every day. However, the data shows that not everyone is able to convert those fatty acids found in linseeds and chia seeds into DHA/EPA fatty acids. This is why I prefer taking algae oil. Algae oil is the only source for these fatty acids in their active form. Seaweed is where fish are getting their omega 3 from so it is the cleanest and healthiest form of getting those essential fatty acids. I started taking the capsules when I was pregnant with my little girl to make sure she is getting everything she needs for brain development – and I still take them today, not only because I want my omega 3 to omega 6 ratio to be on a healthy level but also because I am still breastfeeding my girl and I want to make sure she is getting enough through breast milk.

Spirulina is my daily multivitamin. I take spirulina every day in the morning just to have a good base of nutrients in my body every day : )

When at home I do take a few more supplements such as iodine (through seaweed), calcium (through sango coral), and curry leave extract for extra iron when I have my period.

Let me know if you are interested in more details about any of this!


Now that was it! Then I pack a few clothes, a book – and I am ready to take off! How did you like this post? Does your packing look similar? What do you always bring that I didn’t think off? I would love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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