What I eat in a Day on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It has been a very long time this my last “What I eat in a Day” post. My last post was actually one of the most read posts ever on my blog and I had planned to make another one in a long time now. But you how things go, right!? New ideas pop up every other day and old ideas have to wait a little longer. You can find my last post on the topic back here.

ANYWAY! Here we go with another post all about what I eat in a day on a whole food plant based diet. A what? A diet free of any animal products, refined sugar, white flour, or any kind of articificial ingredients; a diet consisting of only whole foods. Sounds super extreme and difficult and everything? Well, some might think so but actually it is much easier to prepare food without tons of artificial stuff in there. And eating this way actually has more advantages than the simple fact that it is the healthiest way of eating: you can eat tons and tons of food and still look and feel great in your body 😀

This is the real reason for why I choose to go on a whole food plant based diet three years ago: I just love to eat, and when I eat only healthy whole foods and no oils, well I can eat all day long and still be in good shape and feel energized instead of having a constant food-coma 😉

Just kidding. I chose this diet because of health reasons. But before starting a huge excursus about why a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest diet, I am just going to start sharing what I eat. Get inspired!


I always start my day with a jar of warm water with apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I also use lemon juice instead of the vinegar. Vinegar helps me tremendously with my digestion and a clearer skin. When you are interested in the how and why, just google it and you will find loads of information.

When I have loads of cellery in the house I sometimes prefer starting my day with a glass of pure freshly juiced cellery juice. Cellery is extremely healthy for the acid-base-balance in the tummy.

Usually after my glass of apple cider vinegar with water, I make tea and prepare breakfast while drinking my first cup of tea (this could be turmeric tea, lemon grass tea, green tea, or roibos tea).

Breakfast is always either a smoothie or oatmeal. In Summer it is mostly smoothie or smoothie bowls.

I usually make green smoothies and add some extra barley grass and some calcium-algae.

So do I take supplements? Well not really, because both are actually real plants. So the calcium algae is an alage that has an enormous amount of calcium and often when you buy fortified soy milk you will see it as an ingredient for extra calcium. As I do not like to take supplements (especially when it comes to minerals I do no recommend taking extracted supplements – because whenever you take a lot of one mineral you may not get enough of another because they are sharing the same carriers in your blodd stream. So when taking calcium you may get a problem with your magnesium intake).

However, I do like to take plants that help me making sure that I get enough of everything I need. This basically means I like to eat some so-called “superfoods” that are very high in nutrients.

You can find the calcium algae here.

About the barley grass: I take barley grass since several years now and posted about it between others back here . I really feel a difference when I take it compared to when I do not. So I have the “normal barley grass”, I have some superfoods blends with spirulina , barley grass and other superfoods, I have barley grass pellets for when I am on the go (I posted about those back here) and, since a little while now, I also have barley grass juice powder. This is basically the juice of the barley grass (hence, nutrients only, nothing else) which is then dried into a super fine powder. You will hardly find a barley grass powder with more nutrients!

The only “real” supplement I take is methylcobalamin (vitamin b12). I add a drop to my morning smoothie every day. It’s easy like that.

The ingredients for my smoothies vary with seasons but I do have around 3-6 bananas every day, no matter if summer or winter. In summer I like to add mango and papaya, in winter it is often just bananas and dates. I also like to add cocoa to my smoothies and sometimes I even make smoothie bowls with banana, dates, cocoa, almonds or tahina, which then turn out much more like a sweet chocolate pudding than a smoothie 🙂

When I make oatmeal it’s always with homemade almond-date milk, raisins, and some spices such a cardamon and cinnamon and a ton of topping.

I usually top with my homemade granola, goji berries or mulberries, ground linseeds, fresh apple, cocoa nibs, or just whatever I have in the house.

The granola gives the right crunch to it and the almond-and-date-mylk gives just the right sweetness 🙂


I always have a cooked lunch. We are not really bread eaters, no matter if lunch or dinner. A sandwich every now and then is okay, but it is mostly cooked foods for us.

Often I cook a lot in the evening so that I do not have to prepare something new for lunch the next day. I always cook super simply dishes which are both heathly, nutritious, and taste great.

On normal week days I usually have either a stew, or pasta, rice or poatoes with a veggie sauce on the side.

I eat pulses almost every day (usually chickpeas or lentils) in stews or in my sauces. I eat something green with every dish (this can be spinach in a stew, green peas next to mashed potaoes, broccoli in pasta sauce, or lettuce wraps. And, you may be surprised, I actually hardly ever eat salads. I eat lettuce a lot, but I hardly ever make salads with it. I prefer to make lettuce wraps (I posted about those back here), just cut some into my stew or soup, or to have it in my green smoothies.

Also, I have some algae oil with lunch every day. Algae oil is the perfect source for omega 3 fatty acids (since fish oil is extremely unhealthy because of all the toxins, mineral oils, etc. in there) and for DHA and EPA fatty acids. I started taking algae oil when I was pregnant and do it every since. My little girl get’s algae oil too so that I can be sure she is getting enough EPA and DHA fatty acids which are important for brain development and other.

Read more about why to take alage oil on the website from TESTA. I get my algae oil since 2015 from there.

These are my secret tips for eating super healthy without any effort 😉


Dinner is pretty much like lunch. Cooked food like whole grain pasta, potaoes, or rice with a veggie sauce and raw veggies on the side. This is usually lettuce and snack tomatoes or slices of bell pepper, celery and cucumber.

Dinner is the meal that we enjoy most and we like to sit together for a little longer than usual, munching on bell peppers, talking about our day, and just enjoying the moment and the food. I find it more cozy to have raw foods to snack on and to share, instead of making a salad for each. I guess that is why I rarely ever eat salads 😀

In between and sweets  

I have a really bad sweet tooth. I love sweets and I make loads of them. All healty, vegan, without refined sugar of course. I bake a lot of cookies and cakes sweetend with dates, but I also love homemade ice cream, made from frozen mangoes or bananas.

My current favorite is homemade chocolate cake made with whole grain spelt flour and dates as sweetener, topped with banana nicecream (nothing but bananas) and my homemade granola. This is SO good! And it is healty. Isn’t life beautiful :D?

Other snacks we like in my family are bliss balls made from dates and almonds, whole grain crackers with sesame, homemade trail mix (find my favorite recipe here), fresh fruit or slices of raw veggies.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post!? By the way, I am sharing a lot of what I eat in my instagram stories, so if you are intersted in seing more of what I eat then make sure to follow my instagram (conscious_lifestyle_of_mine) and check my stories every now and then 🙂


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  1. September 6, 2017 / 12:56 am

    These meals look so delicious and healthy. They’re very inspiring! I tend to eat small snacks throughout the day, usually fruits veggies and nuts, then we’ll cook a bigger meal for dinner. I am always am the lookout for new healthy recipes!