What do I Pack for one Year on the Road – Part III: Clothes

Here we are, travelling for one year through different seasons from cold to hot and back again. What clothes do I pack for one year on the road? How many clothes and how do I even decide which ones to take with me? That’s what today’s post is about!

Travelling for A YEAR is a long time, especially when you do not have a washing machine and you will have to wash your clothes by hand – or wait until to get somewhere where you can find a laundry service. So how to pack for a long trip like that? This was a question I asked myself quite often before we finally left for our one-year-adventure around Europe. And so far I am pretty happy with how I packed and what I packed.

Here are eight tips for how to pack for one year of travel:

1. Find your color-code

Decide for a few colors that all work with each other and pack only the clothes that come in your beforehand chosen colors. This will make deciding which clothes to bring SO much easier and also lateron, during your travels, you will have a much easier time. Why? Because you won’t be able to wash clothes as often as you do at home, so it is a good idea to make sure every shirt your pack works with every pants you pack – just in case there is only one shirt and one pants available at some point during your trip.

I packed mainly blue and pink clothes as those are my favorite colors. Also, they work well with the coats that I decided to bring (which is another important point to consider) 🙂  2. Go for loads of basics

When you travel for a year you won’t be able to wash every week, so make sure you pack a good amount of basics that you can combine easily and that work for more or less every occasion.

I packed mainly jeans and easy shirts/sweaters so that I have something proper to wear every day, without having to think a lot about what kind of “outfit” I am putting together.

 3. Bring plenty underwear!

Again: what if you wont be able to wash you clothes for several weeks? Yes, you can handwash every now and then but after at least three times of handwashing your panties you will want to wash them in a washing machine, believe me. So make sure you bring all the underwear that fits into your luggage so that you can rotate for a while.

I brought all the underwear I own, including my period panties (more on those soon).

4. Pack at least one pretty dress

When you are like me, travelling nature most of the time, and spending your nights somewhere on farms around the area, then you may want to dress up a little when you get the occasion. So bring that pretty dress… or two… and enjoy wearing it when you arrive in a small town after weeks of wilderness 🙂

I actually brought four pretty dresses as we do have enough space in our mobile home. One with long sleevesnd three with short sleeves.

5. Pack big socks and a warm PJ!

Even when you are travelling south, always make sure to pack some big socks and a warm pyjama. You may end up without heater in a cold night and when you suddenly realize that your blankets are made for summer, you will thank yourself for having packed that pyjama and those big warm socks! 

I packed all my warm socks and two pyjama pants.

6.  Bring a raincoat!

A raincoat is a MUST. Really, the most important piece of everything you pack is the raincoat. If you only want to pack one coat, then make sure it is a raincoat. You can always wear three sweaters underneath a raincoat and be warm and dry – but you can’t wear a waterproof layer on top of your big woolen coat. Being wet when you are travelling is not the most comfortable thing. Please bring that coat 🙂

I brought a raincoat, a warm woolencoat, and a pretty coat for the occasion with me on our journey.

7. Bring pieces made from high quality natural fiber

When you travel for a year you will most certainly end up hand washing your clothes every now and then – so make sure to pack those pieces that can be handwashed easily and that won’t be destroyed by you rubbing soap on them. Cotton pieces are a great option and so are woolen pieces. Woolen clothes basically do not need to get washed at all, so you can just wear them day in and day out 😀

(please make sure to only buy woolen pieces made from fair and ethical comanpies that do not hurt their animals and that do support organic farming)

8. Leave everything at home that you need to iron

When you travel the road for a year you really want to do EVERYTHING … except for ironing your clothes 😀 So just leave those pieces at home that needs to get ironed. They wont make you happy during your adventure, believe me.

These were my eight tips for what to pack for one year of the road and I hope they have been helpful to you!

By the way, here on the pictures, I am wearing a basic sweater made off 100% organic cotton from ThokkThokk, some organic and ethical jeans from DAWN Denim, and my golden vegan sneakers from Nine to Five. All favorites of mine that made it into my “travel capsule” 🙂


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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