What do I Pack for one Year on the Road – Part II: Make Up

Recently I shared which books I pack for one year on the road – today I want to continue this little series with a post on which and how much make up I pack.

Since I am only using natural and organic make up, I decided to bring everything I need for one year with me. I just don’t want to get in a situation where I cannot find an organic mascara that I really like, while I’m somewhere in the mountains in Albania. And since make up doesn’t take up much space anyway, I just brought a little bag with my must haves with me.

But what are my must haves, how MUCH do I need for year and which brand did I choose to take with me through 16 european countries? That is what today’s post is about…

So first of all: which brand did I choose and why?

I actually went for Couleur Caramel to accompany me on my little vanlife adventure. Couleur Caramel has proved in the past that the products are very long lasting and that I don’t need much product to get a really nice result. Some of my all time favorite natural make up up products are from Couleur Caramel – like the backstage mascara or their eyebrow gel (which was a limited edition, unfortunatly). Since I know that their products will last me a long time, it was easier for me to calculate how much I’m going to need.

So here is to which products I packed for one year on the road:

2 bb creams

2 mascaras

2 eyebrow pencils

1 concealer

1 compact bronzer

1 sun powder

1 lipstick

I added the links to the exact products I chose, just in case you are curios 😉

How much do I need?

And yes, that’s it. I do hope and I believe that this will last me an entire year. And in case you want to know how it goes, make sure to follow along my journey in my insta stories (find me here on instagram)

I do wear make up almost every day, however, I do not wear much and this is why I think these products will last me for a year. My must have is ALWAYS an eye brow pencil because my eyebrows are veeeery light and I do not like the way I look when I basically don’t have eyebrows. So an eyebrow pencil was my first priority. Then the second most important to me is the teint; I like bb creams as they make me look all natural and still add some evenness to my skin; so that’s been my second priority. A rouge or sun-powder to add glow to my cheeks is the third most important product in my toilet bag.

These three are my absolute must haves that I usually wear every day!

My fourth priority is a good concealer. And those of you using only natural and organic cosmetics know that it is difficult to find a really good all natural concealer. I tried probably a million and I’ve never been truely satisfied. However, the one from Couleur Caramel is unbeatable great! Even from back in the days when I was still using conventional cosmetics (which was more than ten years ago), I can’t remember that I ever had a concealer better than the one from Couleur Caramel!

It truely is perfect! I use the same concealer for my eyes (I actually apply it under the eye and under the eyebrow as well!) and to even out impurities around my chin.

And then finally, when I am done with my teint and my eyebrows, I like to put on some mascara and some lipstick. Some days it’s only mascara, some days it’s only lipstick, and often it’s both 😀

I’ve been writing about the mascara from Couleur Caramel back in this post here more than a year ago – and I still think that it is the best out there! I have been using other mascaras that I also liked, absolutely, but this one is still unbeaten.

The lipsticks from Couleur Caramel are very soft and nourishing and this is what I love about them; I don’t think I will need any lip balm during our trip, as my pretty rosewood-colored lipstick is so rich already!

From all the products I chose I found it most difficult to choose which lipstick color to bring with me. At home I actually have around ten different lip sticks and I like them all. But for this trip I decided to keep it minimal and bring only one … or maybe three (don’t tell anyone! 😉 . In the end I went for this pretty rosewood color that is just perfectly in between “simple and modest” and “enough even for a date night”.

Now, I am curious myself to see how things will go during one year on the road. Maybe it turns out that I will be using much less make up travelling the countryside of 16 different countries. Maybe it will turn out I wear more than I do at home…. we will see. But in any case, I am confident that I will look great with the products I’ve chosen to come with me on this adventure!

What do you think; will I be doing fine with those products? Which products would you have chosen to bring for a one year road trip? And why? I would love to know!




This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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