Visiting Studio Hertzberg (Fair Fashion and Upcycling Shop)

When I went to Berlin last week, I absolutely wanted to visit Studio Hertzberg in Neukoelln. Studio Hertzberg is a fair fashion and upcycling shop where 10 young designers that want to make this world a better place, work and do business together.

I mainly went there to meet Hannah from Erie Berlin again. I got to know Hannah earlier this year and her passion fascinated me, so I wanted to make sure to get to know her better and to learn more about her fair fashion, zero waste, 100% compostable, handmade, hand-dyed clothes.

It was absolutely worth the visit! Even though we did not have as much time as planned beforehand (because I went to the wrong address in the first place) I enjoyed every minute listening to Hannah’s stories about her fair trade project in Israel, the zero waste cutting pattern, the plants she is using to dye her clothes, and much more.

I tried on a few of her clothes, had a minute to scan the other designer’s pieces, and went home with a new dress. There will be an outfit post with the dress I chose coming to the blog in a little while 🙂

Hannah is not only making fair fashion pieces that are vegan, dyed with plants (for the most part with local plants), compostable, and zero waste but she also has like a ton of other projects going on.

On the above picture you can see one of her bags from the “bags to bag” project. From old plastic bags, Hannah is making beautiful small toilet bags and more. In Germany 10.000 plastic bags are used per minute and most of them end up in landfills or are burnt. Hannah’s project may just be a small part in the fight against all that plastic waste but I think it is worth all of our support.

Another project she is currently working on is to help refugees in Israel by giving them rewarding tasks; stitching beautiful embroideries onto pieces from her collection. The women she is working with have been stitching for their whole life and as it has been part of their culture to embroider their clothes for hundreds of years, they enjoy playing around with both traditional and modern embroidery on Hannah’s pieces.

On the below picture you can see one of the shirts with an embroidery from Israel.

I tried on a few pieces from Hannah’s current collection and the blush dress and the batic shirt were my two favorites. It was hard to decide but I went for the dress in the end; partly because it is made from linen that it grown in northern Germany, where I spent most of my childhood and youth. Makes me feel even closer to that dress.

The shirt will be for sometime later 🙂

You can read more about Hannah and her philosophy on There is a webshop too where you can see her current collection.

She is also doing workshops on how to dye clothes with local plants by the way. In case you are Berlin based, make sure to check her out!

What I loved when I was visiting Studio Hertzberg was that I did not only get to meet Hannah and see the shop where she is selling her clothes, but I also got the chance to see where they were made! This was actually the first time for me that I was able to see where exactly my clothes were made. And it feels so good to know!

And it was fun, of course, to have this glimpse behind the scenes.

It really makes you have a whole different relationship to your wardrobe when you know WHO made your clothes and where they are made.

When I am thinking about those clothes of mine where I actually know that they are made by underpaid women, maybe even children, under horrible conditions, using chemicals that are destroying our planet, it makes it difficult for me to enjoy wearing them.

However, when I wear a piece where I know that it is ethically made, with only natural ressources, maybe even from someone I know, it makes me feel much much better wearing that specific piece.

Can you relate to that? I would love to know!


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2 Kommentare

  1. August 1, 2017 / 1:38 pm

    I had no idea you can dye fabric with plants! That’s such a cool technique and one that’s of course sustainable, which is awesome! The clothing looks so stylish, I love the laid back, relaxed feel of the designs. I especially love that blush colored dress and those striped pants on you! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  2. Amy Arnold
    August 1, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    Looks like such a cool shop. I like all the clothes you modeled. Neat that you got to meet the owner and learn how she makes her clothes.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style