Veggie World Berlin (and Keimling Breakfast Club)

Last weekend I have been visitng the Veggie World in Berlin and attended a really nice breakfast which was organized by Keimling and Vebu. Today I want to share a few impressions from the breakfast and the trade fair with you.

The Veggie World is Europes largest exhibition for vegan lifestyle and can be visited all over Europe – from Barcelona to Zurich and from Hanover to London. In Germany it usually comes together with the Heldenmarkt which is a market for sustainable companies. I have been to the Veggie World and the Heldenmarkt quite a few times already, but never really thought about taking you with me. I will make up for that today 🙂

The blogger breakfast by Keimling was really nice. Not only did we get to enjoy a whole lot of really nice raw, vegan food, but, most importantly did we get the chance to chat and connect. I was really happy to meet a few bloggers – some I knew before and some I did not know before. My highlight definetely was to finally meet sweet Kati from Almost Stylish who was among my very first followers when I started blogging back in 2011 (or so…). I have been “knowing” her for years and now finally got the chance to meet her in real life.

My food related highlight from the breakfast was the raw vegan muesli (I am talking about this one here – why does it have to be sooo expensive :D???) with homemade almond milk… and a sweet matcha latte (with raw coconut sugar) with the same homemade almond milk. Soooo yummy! However, most of the time I was too busy chatting so I did not get to try too much of the food.

On the exhibition and the market, what I found most inspiring was my(fair) My(fair)product is an online platform where everyone can ask questions about fairness to different companies. The my(fair)product team is sending the question asked to the respected company and uploads the answer afterwards on their website. Like this everyone is able to read what a brand like H&M has to say about fair working conditions in Bangladesh.

I really want to support this initiative and I think you should all have a look at their website 🙂

Remember I made a post about plastic free dental care a while ago? In that post I wrote that I do not like the feeling of wood in the mouth and I have a hard time using those sustainable toothbrushes made from bamboo. On the Heldenmarkt I got to know SWAK which could be a nice alternative for me. They have biodegradable toothbrushes with exchangable attachments. I have not tried them yet but I think I might…

I will keep you updated 🙂

What I also found really fun (even though they are not plastic free) is this little company here that is offering DIY cosmetic classes and kits. You can either attend a seminar or order a small box of DIY essentials to make body butter, bath pearls, shampoo etc.

I really like the idea to promote DIYs and to make people understand that often there is no need to invest in body lotions from big brands which are loaded with chemicals – because it actually is easy to make some yourself (and know what is inside).

Have you ever attended a seminar in DIY cosmetics? I would love to try that!

Those were my impressions from the Veggie World, the Heldenmarkt and the Keimling Breakfast Club. I did not really manage to take any food pictures… because I actually was pretty busy working. I went to the trade fair for work but of course I also wanted to attend the breakfast and have a little bit of fun with some blogger friends. In the end I was getting slightly stressed because I had to get all my work-talkings done in only 3 hours (instead of 6 as I planned in the first place). Anyway, it was all good in the end 🙂

I hope you had a lovely weekend and I wish you a great week ahead!


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  1. Nataly KireiKana
    Dezember 5, 2016 / 12:48 am

    wow! I bet there are a lot of tasty meals **
    looks very original)

  2. Dezember 5, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    Yummy! It is delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dezember 5, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    This looks like such a fun and informative event, girlie! The food looks so delicious and it’s great that you’re able to connect with other like minded bloggers, especially in such a niche like vegan. It seems to be even more popular in Europe, though the movement is gaining huge momentum in the States, too, which means more delicious vegan options! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  4. Dezember 6, 2016 / 11:49 am

    DiY Kosmetik finde ich ein interessantes Thema. Ist sicherlich witzig so was mal auszuprobieren. 🙂
    Und schön, dass du bei der Gelegenheit endlich mal einen so langjährigen Follower getroffen hast.

  5. Dezember 7, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    What a great event, I really wish I could take part in that! Everything looks so healthy and yummy:) I’m already ok now and answering your question about post-antibiotics diet: have you heard about Polish red borscht? The essential ingredient is fermented beetroot with their fermeted liquid and it actually extremely powerful probiotic. So I’m planning to make it and actually drink it more often, like 4 times a week, even after I’m completely healthy. Its really healthy in general:) And of course other fermented veggies I’ve made (I got big jars filled with cucumbers and also fermented bell peppers and carrots) and my homemade apple cider vinegar. Hope it will help. have a lovely weekend, hugs:)))

  6. Dezember 7, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    Liebe Rosa Larissa Klara,
    das scheint ja wirklich eine spannende Messe zu sein und das Frühstück hätte ich auch genommen 🙂
    Ich finde es immer wieder faszinierend zu lesen und zu sehen, was Du besuchst – denn das sind jedes Mal neue und sehr überraschene Einblicke. Danke dafür und noch eine schöne Adventswoche!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena