Vegan in Zurich – Roots Restaurant

Who would have thought that Zurich is that vegan friendly!? I didn’t expect much to be honest, when I arrived some three weeks ago in this beautiful city in Switzerland. In my opinion Switzerland is all about cheese and in general rather conservative, so I wasn’t really thinking about going out for food. I was all ready to cook for myself, especially since prices are rather high in Switzerland anyway, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on food.

But guess what? Things came differently, and once again, I got pretty much surprised by a city!

Not only do basically all cafés have soy milk or even oat milk (it’s not as easy to find oat milk in most German cities as it was in Zurich!) but there are also quite a few all vegan or vegan/vegetarian restaurants. When researching the different options we decided to try the “roots” which is not only vegan but pretty much whole food plant based; clean ingredients, loads of fresh greens, fresh juices, smoothies, and delicious bowls …

From the outside the restaurant does not look like much and I would never have thought of going in there, if I wouldn’t have researched it on the internet before. From the inside it has a clean interior, nothing super fancy, nothing super cozy, but good enough to enjoy an hour or two with a green bowl and a fresh juice.

I had a green bowl with rice, spinach, pomegranate, edamame, ginger, and green papaya. It was my first time eating green papaya and the whole composition of the bowl was just pure perfection. For 20€ the bowl would have been expensive for German standards, however, for Switzerland it was actually rather cheap for a good lunch.

My friend Cate (blogging on chose the lentil daal with rice which was delicious too!

So they have a small variety of both cold and hot bowls, but you can also go for a wrap or for a salad. They have healthy deserts and different shakes, smoothies, and juices – which all sound soooo good. It’s been too bad I wasn’t able to try more different delicacies.

In case you are from Zurich or you plan to go there, I think having a stop at “roots” is absolutely worth it. You can make sure to get a healthy vegan meal that isn’t going to ruin you (from what I heard, other restaurants are much more expensive). Also, the restaurant is located in a quiet street, close to the city center. The perfect place to slow down in the middle of a busy day of sightseeing.

The address is:

Lintheschergasse 15
8001 Zürich

Have you ever been to Zurich? Do you have any favorite vegan places to go? I would love to know!

By the way, my next “vegan in…” post will be from Glasgow and I cannot wait to go there and share my favorite finds with you!


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