Vegan in Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh)

Who would have thought that Scotland is vegan paradise? I would not! Eating vegan in Scotland seems to be even easier than it is in Germany. I went to both Glasgow and Edinburgh and checked out a few great and delicious spots to share with you.

I haven’t been to the countryside yet so I cannot say anything about eating vegan out there. However, I think on the countryside it is always more difficult, no matter in which country. So I personally like to bring my own food when going hiking, and I like staying in Air BnB’s to be able to cook my own food.

I want to start with Edinburgh. Even though I spent more time in Glasgow, I know that most people visit Edinburg. It is a beautiful city and absolutely worth a visit! Not only because of the food 😉

I checked online for vegan options and decided to go to Holy Cow first. I ended up not going anywhere else but rather come back here twice 😀

Holy Cow is close to the main train station and around 15 minutes walk from the castle/old town. It is a really small restaurant and café with a cozy interior. It is mainly known for it’s burgers and cakes and both are beyond amazing! I usually eat a very healthy vegan diet but every now and then I really enjoy a burger and fresh made fries. Holy Cow made me one of the best burgers I have ever had! They make everything themselves, so they actually bake the buns, they make the patties, all of it. The fries are super fresh and  delicious and I find 10 pounds are absolutely okay for a meal like this.

What I enjoyed a lot at Holy Cow were the drinks; turmeric latte, different smoothies, homemade fresh teas, etc. just for the turmeric latte it is worth a visit! And for the cocoa-peanutbutter-shake …

I saw actually quite a few other vegan places, when exploring the city. One that I liked a lot just from looking at the menu is the Pumpkin Brown. It is not as cozy as the Holy Cow and it is a really small place with only few seats, but the menu seems fantastic and I am sure it is worth a try!

Pumpkin Brown is a health food restaurant so you will not find anything containing refined sugar and not even gluten. The Holy Cow however, offers amazing vegan cakes with gluten and sugar – some of the most beautiful I have ever seen actually (I didn’t eat them though since I usually do not eat refined sugar).

In Edinburg you will have a hard time NOT to find a good vegan spot so I am sure you will enjoy your trip there food wise 🙂

Glasgow is Edinburg’s little ugly sister, as some locals told me. I actually liked Glasgow a lot and didn’t find it that ugly, rather charming and with just the right amount of dirty spots here and there 😉

Glasgow has approximately the same amount as inhabitants as the city I live in (Leipzig) but it feels much smaller. It is a really cozy city and you can easily walk almost everywhere. I spend most of my time in West End where there are the coolest vintage shops and the best vegan cafés. The city center is pretty for sure, but like in most city centers you will find the same shops as everywhere and I am not that much into them anyway. Other places I REALLY enjoyed in Glasgow was the botanical garden und of course the university campus. Anyway, where did I eat?

I had a delicious lunch at the Grassroots café and restaurant which also is an organic and health shop. I spent around an hour looking at all the products (some of them you cannot find here in Germany) and being amazed 😀

The Grass Roots offers a variety of sandwiches, vegan pizza, wraps, and pasta aaaaaand a ton of different raw vegan cakes. Best I have ever had!

The owners actually own quite a few restaurants all around Glasgow, they are a family company and whereas the parents take care of most restaurants, their children get their own “playgrounds”. So one of the son’s opened the Grassroots and he did pretty well, I think.

The place is rather new from what I understood and I think it is perfect for either a lunch break or a afternoon tea and cake.

I had a soup, a “meatball” wrap (all vegan of course), and raw vegan snickers cake. The cake really was the best I have ever had!

The café is halfway between university and city center and you can easily walk there both from West End and from the center:

20 Woodlands Road, Glasgow

As I only spent 1 1/2 days in Glasgow and only a couple of hours in Edinburgh I missed on SOOOO much and yet I still got the chance to visit another great place in Glasgow: the V&V cafe. So our plan was to go to the Serentity Now café, which is supposed to be awesome. However it is closing a 4pm (why????) and we were late so we didn’t manage to go.

So instead we went to the V&V café which was a great choice too. Both cafés are on Great Western Road, in the heart of West End.

The V&V has a vegan minimarket and a cozy little sitting area on the first floor. They have the BEST matcha I have ever had (no joking!) and delicious baked goods and raw vegan cake. The people working there are super friendly and nice and I think this would be the place I would sit and work every other day, when I would live in Glasgow 😀

So to sum up I can absolutely recommend both Glasgow and Edinburg if you are up for exploring new vegan places in new countries. I think both cities are worth a visit, just for the food. It depends of course where you come from, but coming from Leipzig where you hardly find a raw vegan cake or a matcha latte ANYWHERE I just so enjoyed being able to eat and drink what I love in not only ONE place but several places.

Have you ever been to Glasgow and or Edinburgh? I would love to know how you liked it!


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    Oh wow, everything looks so good! It would be so hard to choose what to get. And I love the little sheep on the mug!!