Vegan in Prague

A little while ago, I spent an amazing and beautiful weekend in Prague. All I did was basically hopping from Café to Restaurant to Café to Restaurant. And I feel like I got a pretty good insight on how to eat vegan in Prague!

This is why I decided to finally write a new post for my “vegan in…” series! I have been posting about eating vegan in Scotland, Cork (Ireland), and others in the past but put in on hold for a while, as I was too busy enjoying the places I’ve been visiting in the past, and I wasn’t really in a mood of taking pictures. Now in Prague, I was lucky to be with my friend Cate who is a super talented photographer and she actually took these pictures here.

All picture are from my favorite vegan place in Prague… but there are other amazing options as well! Just read on!

Quick and easy options for the city center and around

It’s so easy to find a quick lunch or dinner in the city center of Prague! First of all there is this chain called Loving Hut that has several shops all over the city center. Here you can find a buffet (vietnamese inspired) and a few simply heary dishes on the menu. The food is mainly fast food but you can find healthy options well. Everone who loves meat replacements is at the right address here!

In some of the Loving Hut shops you will also be able to a huge variety of vegan cakes and even raw vegan cakes. Delicous!

Then there is the Country Life restaurant right next to the bell tower – so it can hardly get any more central. Here you can find a buffet as well. There are many options from salads, potatoe stews, dumplings, meat replacements, steamed veggies, and much more. There is also a great variety of vegan cake.

Both of the these places aren’t hyper good in quality, however, they are absolutely okay good, and definetly great and fast options for when you are around the center.

Best places for dinner

Prague has some really really good vegan restaurants to offer! For dinner we went to two different restaurants that both pretty much amazed me: Clear Head  and Plevel.

The Clear Head is in the center, whereas Plevel is in my favorite neighboorhood: Krymska!

I think it is worth to go to Krymska even if it is only for a good dinner. The neighboorhood is full of really cool cafés and restaurants and the architecture with all the pastel colored houses just worth a walk.

But now to the two restaurants…

Make sure to get a reservation for the Clear Head – there are several rooms in the restaurants that are all decorated in a rather psychadelic, crazy way. Hop over to their website to get an idea of what I mean. The food is really really good and there are both vegan an vegetarian options. We went for a mixed plate with a few Clear Head highlights such as tacos, burger, baked potatoes, homemade dips, salads …

The restaurant also serves homemade lemonade and a variety of fresh juices.

If you are looking for hearty, delicious meals that are all vegan, I think Plevel is the right address. Here you can find the typical Czech dumplings with brown sauce and cabbage but also delicious pasta dishes, burritos, currys, and more. There are even some raw vegan dishes on the menu! I think this place was actually my favorite when it comes to the quality and taste of the food!

Best Breakfast

We went out for breakfast three times, to three different places. One of them wasn’t that good, one was good but not overwhelming, and one was amaaaaazing!

The first morning with went to the Sicily Cafe – here there are two vegan options on the menu: buckwheat pancakes and bread with homemade spread. The buckwheat pancakes are delicous but rather expensive and not filling at all. The bread is not bad either, however there is only one spread which is green pea spread and I am just not a fan of green peas. I won’t say it’s not good it’s just that there are limited options and those that there are simply aren’t for everone’s taste.

The last morning we went to the Veget Bistro Cafe which is a super cute little place. They have only one vegan option (and two vegetarian options) for brekfast but that one is pretty nice: avocado toast, porridge, and a smoothie. So you get a little bit of everthing and you will for sure get enough. The place is cute, the food is good, and yet, I only give 3 out of 5 stars because there aren’t really any options. You go for the one breakfast there is – or you go for nothing.

In between these two, however, we went to the SatSang … and that one made us all crazy because it was so good 😀

I don’t even know exactly what made us love that place so much – I guess it is the mix of the cute neighboorhood (Krymska), the friendly waitress, the perfect fresh orange juice, the cool interior… and the amazing food! I had the best ever scrambled tofu of my life. And those pancakes… my oh my! All pictures in the post are from the SatSang. I highly recommend visiting this place! They also serve lunch and dinner but I didn’t get the chance to try that, unfortunatly.

By the way, you can also find locally roasted coffee beans at the SatSang – I got some to give away for Christmas 🙂

Finally, I also went to the Moment Café which is in the Krymska area as well (some ten minutes walk from SatSang and Plevel). Here I had a delicous peanut butter cake and a tea. They also serve snacks and easy meals, such as burgers and sandwiches -100% vegan! The people working there are super nice, and enjoyed hanging out there for some two hours all by myself!

Have you been to Prague? What are your favorite vegan places? I would love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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