Vegan in Berlin: Almodovar Hotel Berlin

Are you into Christmas markets? If so, Berlin is your destination for this time of the year! There you will find the most beautiful Christmas markets – and great vegan options everywhere! Not only can you be sure to find vegan friendly markets, but also restaurants, cafés, and even a hotel! The Almodovar Hotel Berlin is an all organic and all vegetarian/vegan hotel. I went there the other day, had a quick look at their rooms, and spent a beautiful evening in the hotel restaurant: Bistrot Bardot.

In this blogpost, read all about why I recommend this hotel for whenever you are looking for a place to stay in Berlin!

I first want to write a few sentences about the hotel itself before going all into how great the food is 😀

Let’s start with a few general infos; the hotel is a 4-star hotel (with a few twists though… I will let you know in a second…), it is all vegetarian/vegan, all organic, and in the heart of Berlin (Friedrichshain); and it has a roof top spa!

Now about the twist. As far as I know (a friend of mine is in the hotel business and she told me once), a 4-star hotel usually needs to have a mini bar. Which the Almovodar does NOT have. For a good reason: why not saving the energy and drinking some tap water instead? It is perfectly clean in Berlin as everywhere in Germany and much more environmently friendly. I personally love this approach to the environment!

Another thing I loved when hearing about how the rooms were designed; every room is spacious enough to do yoga in there! And there even are yoga mats for your personal use in every room! How cool is that?

But there is actually soooo much more to say: basically all furniture in the hotel is locally made in Berlin from young designers and with sustainable materials (such as wood from sustainable forestry). All towels and beddings are made from organic cotton, all cleaning products are environmently friendly, soap and shampoo in the bathroom is certified natural cosmetics, and of course, all electricity is made from renewables! I mean; wow!

When reading through all of this one could think that you will end up in a eco-hippie-place looking something like in the 80s or so, wouldn’t you? But actually the entire hotel and restaurant is super modern and has a very charming minimalist interior with beautiful and individual decoration items every here and there (the Indonesian sculptures are souvenirs from the hotel owners personal travels to the area).

Just check out these rooms… (sorry for the bad quality of pictures, I came at night and it was super dark 🙁 )

Also feel free to check out the almodovar website for more beautiful pictures: To the Rooms

I personally also really enjoyed entering into the beautiful lobby where you immediatly get to calm down, letting behind the busy and loud Boxhagener Str.

In the lobby there are organic snacks and drinks available for your to buy (in case you get to miss your minibar), plus a yummy welcome drink.

But now to the restaurant. My personal highlight.

I spent a really beautiful evening there with a good friend of mine. I think we ended up spending almost four hours in the restaurant, enjoying one delicious dish after the other, drinking local water and hot tea, and talking about highschool memories, men, and what changes in life when you turn 30 (or rather what doesn’t change). It was a perfect night!

So as written earlier, the entire restaurant is organic. 100%! The Bistrot Bardot tries their best to buy as much local and seasonal products as possible. However, they do also offer tomatoes in Winter because some customers just ask for tomatoes in Winter. No penatly point from my side for this; I can relate to that. I sometimes crave tomatoes in Winter too.

Anyway, we ordered a four course menu which started with different kinds of homemade bread and different dips. My friend asked for a gluten free option which wasn’t a problem at all. She actually said it was the best glutenfree bread she ever had! We both ate vegan, I had some gluten in my bread and also had some saitan which contains gluten (made from wheat).

The entré was followed by the most amazing starter platter ever! Oh my… we got two different platters and I tried from eeeeverything. My highlight were the lentil filled dates which were rolled in some smoked tofu. Seriously one of the best things I had in a while! However, also the homemade sausage and the mushrooms were beyond amazing.

What I really admire about the restaurant is that everything is homemade, be it the soy sausage, the seitan, the hummus, or whatsoever. EVERYTHING is homemade. And you can most definetly taste it!

Now let’s talk about the main dish. Wow! First of all there was huge and delicous salad with lettuce, spiralized zucchini, beetroot, wild herbs, seeds, and the most delicious ceasar kind off dressing (vegan of course, like everything). And then there was this eggplant lasagne with cashew cream, pine nuts, and rosmary.

I cannot even describe how good this was! Okay, for my tummy (and my usual eating habits) it had way too much fat but the taste was seriously unbelievable good. The lasagne actually did not have any lasagne sheets but in between the slices of super soft egg plant there was just cashew cream. You know the texture of eggplant when it is baked for a while, right? When it melts in your mouth? Now think of this and then add cashew cream, perfect italian tomato sauce, the taste of roasted pine nuts, fresh rosmary, and other italian spices. Is your mouth watering yet 😀 ?

My friend had another huge salad and filled zuccini. They were good too but I will be honest with you: my eggplant lasagna could not have been beaten!

In case you ever get the chance to visit the Bistrot Bardot, I do recommend ordering the eggplant lasagna. However, in case you have a hard time with loads of fat, this should not be your preferred choice. I wasn’t able to eat more than 1/3 of the delicious dish, simply because I am not used to eat a lot of fat and my tummy wasn’t happy about it.

Finally,  the dessert; I was really full by then and I couldn’t finish it, but I tasted a bit of everything. The mousse au chocolate, of course, was my highlight. It was made with silken tofu and was super creamy and yummy. I never tried making my own mousse of chocolate and since I turned vegan a little over four years ago, I never had had something that resembled a “real” mousse au chocolate. This one did. It really was absolutly perfect.

So in case you are looking for a place to stay or to eat in Berlin, make sure to check out Almodovar Hotel Berlin  and their restaurant Bistrot Bardot.

You can find the hotel and restaurant at  Boxhagener Straße 83 in 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain).


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  1. Dezember 9, 2017 / 12:19 am

    All the food looks incredible! I would eat so much if I went there!