Vegan Fair Fashion Outfit with Nine to Five

I am super excited to share today’s fair fashion outfit with you! Why? Because I am among the first, wearing the new vegan collection from the Hamburg based fair fashion label Nine to Five!

Those of reading my blog since a while, know that I am still wearing leather shoes even though I am eating an all vegan diet. That is because leather pieces simply lasts muuuuch longer and therefor they are, in my point of view, more sustainable. I have leather boots that I am wearing since six years and more, and they stsill look like new! A vegan pair of shoes in my house never made it that long. HOWEVER, I have to admit that it’s been four years since I tried some vegan shoes – but back then they only lasted one season! I got pretty angry about throwing away shoes after only one season and didn’t want to buy vegan shoes again. This simply isn’t sustainable and it is not in the sense of slow fashion either. Nevertheless, now, I am giving them another try! I will keep you updated on how things go 😉

By the way, I am not only wearing really cool shiny vegan shoes in here, but I am also wearing an all vegan backpack. My experiences with vegan bags are much better than with vegan shoes so I am optimistic about this one here lasting a long time. I actually really hope for it, because it already is my favorite bag ever and I just loooove it! I have one vegan back pack so far, one from Mat and Natt, and I wear it a lot since two years now. So far it still looks great and I really hope it will for much longer.

How do you feel about this issue? Are you more into products that are maybe more sustainable when it comes to materials (shoes made from cotton, bags made from recycled plastic bottles, etc.) but that do not last very long? Or are you more into pieces that are made from e.g. leather which isn’t vegan and not really ethically okay, but which lasts much longer? I would love to know!

Oh and yes, I  KNOW! Pleats all over my pants. I am simply not able to make a blog post perfect! Either it’s fuzz all over my shirts or it’s pleats in my pants, or whatever. Try to ignore them or just see them as what makes this look unique 😉

Talking about the pants: I found them in a sharity shop in Glasgow (have you seen my post about eating vegan in Scotland?). They are three sizes above my regular size but I still love them and wear them all the time. One of those lucky finds you sometimes have, when second hand shopping.

My shirt is from Armed Angels and I got it for my birthday last year. My mother is the best 😉

But now to the most important. All the shiny parts of this look!

So the shoes… I got them last week and I wore them every day ever since. I am wearing them right now (sitting in my favorite café having my shiny new backpack right next to me and sipping on my matcha latte – when did I become that hip :D???). They are super comfy because of the soft big sole and they just go with every outfit. I feel pretty cool walking around with them, to be honest.

You can find them online at the Nine to Five Onlineshop

And then there is the bag… which can be worn either as a backpack or as a shoulder bag! It’s really nice how you can switch around. You know when you are wearing a backpack and then you have to get something from it? You actually need a spot to place it down to, to be able to open it. Not with this bag! You can just swing it to your side and adjust the straps so that you can wear the bag over your shoulder. Really really nice idea Nine to Five!

It’s pretty big so you can easily store your water bottle, journal, purse, and snacks plus a light jacket in there. And you will be ready for a long day out 🙂

Like the shoes, the bag goes with pretty much everything you wear. I like that it goes extremely well with light rose, a color I wear a lot. But it goes with everything else as well. Today I am wearing it with a funky green and yellow sweater and black jeans and it works so well!

You can find the backpack online in the Nine to Five online shop.

Both the shoes and the bag are made from a cotton-blend. They are all vegan, produced under fair conditions in Europe, and Nine to Five is a company that is very into sustainability in general and that I can highly recommend for leather and and non-leather shoes, belts, and bags!

How do you like this outfit? And how do you like my bag and shoes? I absolutely would love to know!

Also, I really hope you are all ready for a wonderful weekend ahead! Do you have any nice plans? I will be in Berlin tomorrow, attending a plant based symposium and caaaaan’t wait for it! In case you are interested in getting to know more about the speakers and the topics, make sure to follow along my insta stories tomorrow (Saturday).

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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