#vanlife: Our Fourth Months on the Road – a Recap!

It’s been four months since we left Germany with our motor home! Wow! What happened in our fourth month on the road, where have we been and what did we learn? That’s what I’m going to share today’s blogpost!

When we started into our fourth month, we had just left our new van life friends and took off south to enjoy even warmer weather and even nicer beaches. It was still our goal to just go further and further south and we didn’t really have any plan except for going further south. After a few days around Valencia (we never entered Valencia, we never enter any big cities during this trip) we found a beach some 50km south of Valencia which was located in between two villages, both around 1km away. This beach became our home for the next two weeks. We parked behind the dune and only left once, to refill water and empty the toilet. As we’ve been all alone in the area (most of the time) we peed in the sand and therefor the toilet lasted us much longer than usual. We loved (and still love) the place!

In our fourth month on the road we celebrated my 32nd birthday: I started into this new year of life, sitting at the beach and watching the sunrise, later on meditating on the beach, and otherwise sitting in the sun in my bath suit and talking with family and friends on the phone. I also went for a swim on my birthday, which was a wonderful fresh start into the new year of life! Two days after my birthday we celebrated Christmas in the camper van: we tried our best to get a Christmassy feeling and even bought some last minute Christmas decorations to make things nice for our four year old girl whowas so overexcited for Christmas. However, we didn’t really get that Christmas feeling: we swam in the sea during the day (we had 25°C that day) and the sun was still shining when we began celebrating (we usually start celebrating around 5pm and in Germany it’s dark at this time, but here in Spain it is still light). My girl was very happy anyway and we made the best out of the evening. We unpacked a few gifts, played games until 10pm and had loads of Christmas cookies. But we all missed the “real” Christmas and we missed our families that day and the following two days. In my family we always celebrate Christmas with the family on December 26 whereas in my husband’s family it’s December 24. So for a few days we’ve been missing Germany even though we had the absolutely perfect spot, warm weather and dips into the sea every day. As we missed family, we decided pretty spontaneously to drive some 300km south to see some friends over New Year’s and took off on the 30th to arrive on the 31st. We had a really fun New Year’s party at the beach and all felt very happy. At midnight, the kids were sleeping already and my husband and I sat in front of our motor home watching seven shooting stars and we somehow knew that this new year will be wonderful.

After New year’s we took off again, further south, looking for a nice spot where we could stay for another week or two. We were really travel-tired at the time and just wanted to find a spot where we could just stay and relax and enjoy and get our work done and have other kids to play. We did find a few nice spots alongside the beach, but there were so crowded with other motor homes and as most of the people in those motor homes were retired Germans that like watching other people all day long, we didn’t really feel like staying in any of those places. Instead we went to the mountains and for a few days we absolutely enjoyed the quietness of a small mountain village. We were the only motor home around, we got to know the locals, had a wonderful time just sitting in front of our camper van and watching the mountains around, got to know the local sheep, goats, and poneys and we could have stayed there forever on this mountain top … but it was too cold up there! So after three days, we went back to the beach – and now we finally arrived at the place we’ve been looking for: a nice parking with grass and palm trees in front of our motor home, other families around, the beach close enough to hear the sound of the waves at night, and even a very cute little beach bar to hang out when in need of a little bit of a change of scenery. Other families showed us where we could (half-legally) empty the toilet and where to get water.

And so we stayed. And here we still are. Since a week now. Our baby can finally crawl around all day because of the grass in front of our camper van, our girl has other kids to play with, I’m able to get some time off in the cute little beach bar, we go grocery shopping by bicycle, and life is just good! We don’t think we will move away from here anytime soon and that’s okay. The beach isn’t the prettiest, the view from the motor home isn’t the most spectacular – but we are happy. Very happy! We have friends here who came to join us (friends from Leipzig and friends we met on the road) and we feel just wonderful surrounded by nice people, just enjoying our little plot of grass, the quietness and the beach bar. Life is good!

This month the slow life really got us back. Instead of moving from one place to the other every three days or so, we just stopped and enjoyed life. We are here now, we don’t wanna leave, we are happy, and we are beyond grateful. This month we learned that after all, we love the slow life. Yes, we love all those adventures as well, but in the end, we can only enjoy them, we have a loooot of pause in between! We will recharge here now and then – for the first time – we will actually go north! In mid-February my mother will come to Barcelone and we will go all the way up there again to spend some two weeks with her. We pretty much cancelled all our plans for the trip: we just go with the flow now and if we won’t make it any further than Portugal in these 12 (or 18 or whatever) months then that’s what it is. We don’t mind. We are happy and that is all that counts right now!      


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