#vanlife: My Plastic Free Camper Kitchen

When people think about going on camping vacation or about living in a van they often believe that all the kitchen utensils must be plastic! Because plastic doesn’t break, right!? But guess what: it’s easy to have a plastic free camper kitchen! But it’s not only that it’s easy; it’s also prettier and it’s so much better for the environment to go the plastic free way!

In today’s post I am sharing my six tips and tricks for a plastic free camper kitchen!

By the way: these tips do work for any kitchen, not only the one in the camper! However, most people use stoneware and glass anyway in their homes: but not in their vans!

1. Get plastic free plates and bowls!

You do not need plastic plates! There are other options out there that are unbreakable AND lightweight!

When we decided to move into a motor home we knew that we do not want to eat from plastic plates for a year or more. So we did our research and after we decided that enamel isn’t quite the right option for us (enamel is a wonderful alternative to plastic, however, it get’s really hot and as we have two small children we didn’t want to take the risk) we found glass plates! Yes!

There is this US company called Corelle that came up with an unbreakable and very lightweight glass. We got our set with four big plates, four smaller ones, four very small ones, and four bowls – and we love it! It almost feels like stoneware and really is unbreakable (we tried it). You can find youtube videos of people trying to break it; and they can’t 😀

Glass dishes are the perfect choice for us and we are very happy with them!

2. Get stainless steel boxes

Stainless steel is amazing! It’s lightweight as well, it’s unbreakable, you can put it on your stove if you have to, and it can be used for everything. We brought stainless steel boxes in all sizes and shapes and we use them for everything: as mixing bowls for cake, as salad bowls, as lunch boxes, as store-in-leftovers-boxes, as dish-washing bowls (when we have to save on water), as collecting-berries-boxes, eeeeverything.

We have regular sandwich-size-boxes and really big ones (which I use as mixing and salad bowls) and we use them all. We have five round boxes that all come with a leakproof cover (perfect for soups!) and that we can store on in the other, so that they don’t take up any space in the kitchen cabinet.

We’ve got them through kivanta.de  and I can highly recommend them!

3. Use glass!

Now everyone will scream “whaaaat?” 😀

But I mean it: use glass. Glass is great. Yes it can break but you know what? Just bring glass to your van that isn’t of huge value for you; it doesn’t matter if it breaks (which it most probabyl won’t do anyway)! We are using old honey-jars as drinking glasses and old peanut butter bars to store nuts, raisins, nutrional yeast, and other. So far not a single glass broke but it in case it will: it doesn’t matter! We will take it to the recycle bin, it will become new glass again, and we just take another empty honey glass and use it.

4. Get cleaning utensils made from natural materials

Here it really is easy to avoid plastic; just go to any organic shop and get a wood wash brush and an organic cotton cloth to clean.

There is no need to get those cheap 100% plastic brushes and sponges from the supermarket. It’s so easy to do this little change and yet it will have a HUGE impact on the world!

5. Get glass straws

Do you like to drink your smoothie with a straw? That’s fine! Just get some glass straws! Many companies offer them in travel-bags so that it’s impossible for the straws to break while driving the van; they a super protected in there.

Using glass straws is another small difference with a huge impact!

6. Bring your favorite stoneware cup

I’ve been sharing this one in another blogpost already: bring your favorite cup with you! Don’t give up on that feeling only your favorite stoneware cup can give you when sipping on your morning coffee or afternoon tea 😀

Plastic really isn’t an option when it comes to hot drinks and enamel isn’t really either (because it’s getting so hot) so why don’t you just bring the cup you have anyway? While driving you can just wrap a dishtowel around and it won’t get hurt.

Now, before coming to an end you might say: why so complicated; just use those bamboo dishes and cups that you can nowadays find all over the place and in each and every supermarket!? Yes, I know they are trending but from my research they aren’t safe at all – it’s been actually shown that there are more pollutants in there than in most plastic dishes.


These have been my six tips for a plastic free camper kitchen for today! can you come up with others? Feel free to share here and/or on instagram! I am looking forward to meet you 🙂


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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