#vanlife – Interior Tips for the Camper Kitchen

Today I am starting with my #vanlife series! My first post for this series is about our camper kitchen interior. I am sharing my tips and my favorite sustainable interior items from Tranquillo.

I am living in our mobile home since three weeks now and I thought it could be intersting for you to see how we live in here. This is why I am going to publish a few blog posts in the “#vanlife series” in which I am sharing interior tips, all about how we live in here, and other van life related topics.

In today’s post I want to share five tips for the camper kitchen!

As you can see my kitchen in our mobile home is pretty big and yet I think and I hope that my interior tips for the camper kitchen are helpful for everyone.

When we decided to buy a mobile home there were two things I found important: I wanted to have two big beds and a big kitchen! I am the one cooking in our family and I love spending time in the kitchen. Since I am spending quite some time in the kitchen area, I wanted it to be big enough – and beautiful!

I was really happy when we found our mobile home because it does have everything I had asked for: two big beds, a cozy “living room” area, a big kitchen, and a nice bathroom. Especially the kitchen area is really pretty and I love cooking on our gaz cooker.

But now to my five interior tips for the camper kitchen!

1. Get some nice kitchen towels

Having some nice kitchen towels makes such a difference! This little accessoire will add a pop of color if needed – or will calm down your kitchen interior with some neutral colors; all depending on what you need. As you will always have a towel in the kitchen, and hence, always see it, it is a good idea to invest in two or three towels that make you happy!

Our new home came along in very neutral colors, as you can see on the pictures. This is why I absolutely wanted to add some color. We decided to add some blue to the place, as we all really like blue, and it goes all perfectly with the beige, brown, white, and grey that the rest of our interior consists of.

I got some towels made of 100% organic cotton from tranquillo-shop.de for our camper kitchen.

By the way: cute potholders have the same effect as towels! 

2. Go for plastic free kitchen utensils

If you want to have a nice-looking camper kitchen, invest in plastic free kitchen utensils. Be it a brush made out of natural materials, a pretty little washing cloths for the dishes, wooden spoons to cook, or stainless steel boxes, just choose the plastic free alternative for whatever it is. It looks so much nice – and is much more sustainable of course!

You may think that living in camper van means that you need to have everything made out of plastic because plastic is light weight and cannot break easily!? Well, I do NOT think so! I don’t have ANY plastic in my kitchen and I will be sharing an entire blog post all about having a plastic free camper kitchen. So if you are particulary interested in that topic, make sure to register to get email-updates on new blog posts 🙂

3. Get a carpet!

Having a cute carpet in the kitchen area makes it so much cozier! It makes such a difference when you have the usual boring camper-floor compared to a colorful cotton carpet. When you go for a robust carpet made of 100% organic cotton or rattan, you don’t have to fear stains. And cleaning actually gets easier when you have a carpet. I take mine out every night and shake it outside. Like that I don’t have to sweep the floor 😀

I found my ethically made organic cotton carpet here.

4. Bring your favorite cup!

Again, don’t believe that only plastic cups are allowed in a van. No way! Bring your favorite stonewear cup if you like! Just store it carefully in the cupboard while driving.

Having your favorite cup with you to enjoy your morning coffee or your evening tea makes such a difference! It will add just the right feeling to the sunset view in the evening … a feeling that a plastic cup most probably wont give you.

I actually love a big cup of tea in the morning and in the evening and this is why I brought my favorite one.

5. Get a raffia basket

Raffia is a wonderful material for your van life! It does not weight anything, cannot break, and looks so pretty!

I got a basket for our kitchen area, to store our fruits. It sticks to the kitchen counter and does not move around while driving, adds a nice touch to the kitchen, and makes sure that fruits are always available in here 🙂

These were my five interior tips for the camper kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed them! And how do you like my kitchen? I would love to know so feel free to leave me a comment or connect with me on instagram


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