Unoa – Organic Cotton Leisure Wear: For a Fair and Cozy Year 2020

Happy new year everyone! Are you ready to totally switch to fair and sustainble fashion this year! Say YES! And let me continue to inspire you – today with some organic cotton leisure wear for a cozy year ahead of you!

The fast-fashion industry is destroying our planet due to widespread unethical and harmful production practices – most of you know this by now. However, there are still TOO many people out there directly supporting the exploitation of humans and environment in order to wear cheap clothes. This is why I am continously sharing inspiration on fair and ethical alternatives to the fast fashion industry here on the blog! Today I am presenting the UK based label Unoa which is known for leisure and active wear made out of 100% organic cotton.

Unoa is the young label behind Aamena Hamid. Aamena and her team source sustainable organic cotton and take good care to ensure that the entire supply chain is as transparent as possible and that the workers behind their garments are treated with respect and dignity. In fact, this isn’t only because of general goodwill but has personal reasons as well! Aamenas parents are from Pakistan and since Pakistan is one of the world’s leading cotton producers, Aamena is sourcing all fibers for her collection from her parents homecountry; thereby supporting organic farming and women working in the garment industry!

Aamena and her team work closely with a factory in Pakistan that is visited on a regular basis by the Unoa team. Supported by the UNDP’s (United Nations Development Programme) ‘Master Trainer’ scheme, aimed at gender promotion, the factory houses a fully female run and led production floor, where all areas of production from stitching to quality control are implemented.

The Unoa collection consists of active and leisure wear for both men and women: all pieces are made out of organic cotton and are perfect to be combined with other Unoa pieces or your personal wardrobe. Many pieces are basics that we all need every now and then: tops and shirts made from a super soft cotton fiber. I often get asked where to buy organic and fair basics and Unoa is definetly one option for you!

The sweat pants and sweater that I am wearing here are made from a medium thick cotton fabric that is perfect for leisure and/or for a yoga work out. The white longsleeve that I am wearing is from Unoa as well. I love the color of the sweat pants and sweater and wear both of them paired with other pieces as well – not only for leisure or yoga but also in daily life. 

I know I’ve been writing about this on the blog a million times already, but I HAVE to emphasize it again and again: if you want this planet to live conventional cotton is NOT an option!

Allow me to quickly remind you why:

  1. Conventional cotton is one of the top GMO crops in the world!
  2. Cotton is the DIRTIEST CROP on earth! It is sprayed with some of the worst pesticides the pharmaindustry has to offer, including glyphosate and aldicarb.
  3. It takes enormous amounts of water (8000 l of water to produce enough cotton for a pair of jeans)

Organic cotton uses far less water (72% less!!!), no pesticides are used, and GMOs are of course forbidden as well.  And yet, less than one percent of all cotton grown is organic!

However, we can change this! You can take the decision today to only buy new garments that are made of organic cotton – and thereby directly support organic cotton farmers in Pakistan and all over the world!

Can I count you in?

Have you clothes made of organic cotton in your wardrobe? How about conventional cotton? Feel free to share with me here in the comments or on instagram!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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