Three Easy Cosmetic DIYs with Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender Face Oil, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Face Mask)

Today I have three easy DIYs for you! I am sharing the recipe for a lavender face oil, a lavender body scrub, and a lavender face mask. All three recipes are perfect for any skin type, but especially for aging skin and skin with acne and /or impurities. The lavender in all three recipes comes from natural and organic lavender essential oil.

I personally love the scent of lavender and especially since I went to visit the lavender fields in Detmold (find the post about it here), I am a huge fan of lavender. I carry a little bottle of lavender essential oil with me everywhere. I use it directly on my skin, when I get burned, when I get bitten by an insect, when I cut myself, when I need something good to scent…

The three lavender recipes are really easy to make, they are among my favorites, and especially the face mask and the face oil are used on a very regular basis over here.

I will start with the lavender body scrub. It is an intensive scrub that can also be used for the feet and other parts of the body that have thicker skin. However, I also love it using it for my arm pits, my legs, and basically every part of my body. The oil that is part of the recipe will leave you with the softest skin ever!

Here is what you need:

2 Tbs Salt
1 Ts Sugar
1-2 Tbs Almond Oil
5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

All you have to do is to blend the ingredients together and apply them to your wet skin. Use around once a week fof best resulsts.

Now to the face mask. I loooove this one! I actually used it tonight just before writing this post and my skin just feels so clean and soft right now. The healing earth/clay in the mask helps detoxing and cleaning on a deep level, the lavender essential oils is great for any kind for impurities aswell and calms the skin, and the base oil nurtures the skin perfectly.  I like to use rose hip oil as a base oil for this recipe but you can also use almond oil, jojoba oil, or any other base oil you like.

Here is what you need for the mask:

1 Ts Healing Earth/Clay
1 Tbs Rosehip Oil or Almond Oil/Jojoba Oil
1 Tbs Lavender Hydrolat (if you cannot get hand on this use water instead)
2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

Blend all ingredients together and apply to your face and decoltee (spare your eyes and lips). Leave the mask for around 15 minutes and wash off carefully with warm water.

And now finally to one of my favorite face oil recipes… to be honest, I have like a million favorite face oil recipes because I just love most homemade face oils. As soon as you know which base oil works good for you (I like rosehip and almond best), then you can just play around with different essential oils and take advantage of their super powers 😉

The ingredients in this face oil have a regenerative and anti aging effect on your skin.

Here is what you need:

5 Tbs base oil of your choice (I like to use almond, rosehip, or a blend of almond and jojoba)
1 Drop Ylang Ylang essential oil
4 Drops Lavender essential oil
5 Drops Benzoin essential oil

Blend all ingredients together. I use this face oil as a night care.

In this recipe, the lavender essential oil helps to regenerate skin cells, so it is great for mature skin, sun spots, and scarring, the ylang ylang helps to control oil production and minimize breakouts. It also helps regenerate skin cells, smoothing fine lines and improving skin elasticity, and finally the benzoin helps to get rid of acne and irritable and itching skin, while at the same time improving elasticity.

I hope you enjoy these three easy recipes as much as I do! These recipes are all inspired by my weekend with Taosis back in July, and all essential oils and all my base oils are from Taoasis aswell! I highly recommend using best quality organic and natural oils when making your own cosmetics!

I would love to know how you like this post and the recipes shared here and I am looking forward reading from you!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. September 24, 2018 / 1:25 pm

    Great post Rosa! I just started using DIY cleaning products with lavender essential oil and they are amazing! So I’m super excited to try these out! ❤