The Easiest and yet the Best Raisin and Oat Cookies (vegan, refined sugar free, oil free)

You are looking for the perfect little treat to bring for a long day in the office? Or a hiking trip? Or a day spent in the park? Do no longer worry about it! I have the easiest and yet the best raisin and oat cookies ready for you. They have only five ingredients, they are super easy to make, and they will fill you in a good way. Of course they are vegan, like all my recipes, they are free of refined sugar, and they are free of any added oils (they do contain almond butter, however).

I try to make a batch at least once a week to have something to snack on during the day when I am on the go.

Here is what you need for around 20 cookies:

2 Cups Oats
1/2 Cup Raisins
3 Bananas
5 Tbs Almondbutter
4 Tbs Maple syrup or Coconut syrup

Optional: Cinnamon to taste

Preheat oven to 200°C, mush the bananas and blend all ingredients together. Spread the dough on a baking tin with baking paper. Then bake for around 20 minutes (make a first check after 15 minutes – I like them mushy, my husband prefers them a little more crunchy, so just check how you like them best :)). Cut into small cookies when cooled.


You can also cut these into bars and eat them instead of the store bought musli-bars. Or make really small pieces, melt some chocolate and cover the pieces in melted chocolate to have a almost super healthy candy 😉

I hope you enjoyed this little easy recipe!? It took me forever to finally publish, even though it has been waiting here quite a while already. Since I was in Zurich for a long weekend (where I didn’t work on the blog), it took a little bit to finally hit the publish button 😀

Anyway, this means at the same time that the next blog post will be here even faster! So be ready for that… it will be food related too.

So stay tuned and have a wonderful day everyone!

Oh and I am just thinking about – so many of you wrote me that they are not able to comment on my posts because the publish button isn’t there. Since you are here right now, would you mind to take a second and check if this occurs to you too? I can see that publish button on my laptop and my husband’s laptop and I get some comments from people so I wonder why some cannot see the button!?!? Any ideas?

THANK YOU for your help!


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  1. Februar 3, 2018 / 9:19 pm

    These look so good! They look perfect to snack on while you work 🙂