The Easiest and Best ever Date Sweets (Raw, Vegan, Sugar free)

These little raw, vegan date sweets are that easy to make that I almost think that it is not worth a blog post. However, when I shared them in my insta stories I got more messages than ever before, asking for the recipe. So I thought it could be a good idea sharing it anyway.

You basically only need two ingredients and some decoration if you like (but they taste as good without the decoration so don’t worry too much about that 😀 ) and they will for sure be loved by everyone. This is the ideal little sweet to bring to a movie night with friends or as a sweet little extra on the coffee table. No matter if vegan, raw, meateater, whatever, you will love these!

So the two ingredients you will need are:




I use the regular deglet nour dates but I am sure this treat will taste even better when using medjoul dates. I just cannot afford them 😀

The chocolate should be a high quality, preferable raw one. I like to use either a 100% (not raw) kind or a 93% raw chocolate. It should have at least 70% chocolate, better 90% oder 100% because it will be way too sweet otherwise. What makes these little pieces of gold so delicious is the contrast between the bitter chocolate and the super sweet dates. Using a sweet chocolate will make you end up with a super sweet and rather boring praline. Trust me 😉

And here is what you do:

You need to make a date mush. There are several ways to make this. I love to use my juicer because it is the easiest way and the date mush comes out of the juice in perfect thick stripes that I just have to cut into small pieces. So when you have a juicer with option to make confectionary, use that.

If not you can use a food processor or even hand blender (you may have to add a tiny little bit of water) to get your dates get all mushy.

Make sure you do not have too many pieces left. You wil get the best taste experience when you get a completety fine mush with no pieces. The mush you end up with should be a little tenacious and firm.

When you have a date mush you just form it into squares (you can make balls too if you prefer) and lay them on a piece of baking paper.

Carefully melt your chocolate and dip every date square into the melted chocolate. Decorate to your own taste.

Let sit for a little so that the chocolate can harden. Enjoy!

You can of course change around this recipe easily. I made one batch of date only sweets and another one where I added some dried mangoe. You can also use dried pineapple, cranberries, or whatever fruit you like. You can also play around with a little bit of salt as a topping (gives another nice contrast in taste – I just currently try to eat less salt so I made mine without) or even spices such as chili or turmeric. Endless possiblities to play around with!

I hope you enjoy! If so, make sure to let me know 🙂


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  1. Januar 10, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    These sound amazing!! I love dates. I usually eat them with peanut butter, sounds kind of weird but it’s pretty good!