Sustainable Yoga Wear (Brands and Fabrics)

Do you do yoga? Or any other sports? If so, I am sure that you are having some kind of yoga or sports wear!? I do too, obviously, and when I started being more conscious about what kind of clothes to wear, I also had to think of yoga wear. I wonder why it took me so long to write a post like this one here today, even though I actually believe that wearing “clean” clothes while doing sports is actually even more important than in every day life. Why? Because when you are sweating, your pores are opening up, and whatever chemicals there are in the colors your clothes are dyed in, whatever pesticides there are in the cotton your clothes are made off, whatever basically there is in the clothes you are wearing; when your pores are open and you are sweating, your skin is absorbing everything.

If you want to switch to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle and you do not really know where to start when it comes to sustainable clothes; start with your yoga wear and/or your sports wear!

In this post here, I put together a few of my favorite brands when it comes to yoga clothes, and just comfy clothes in general. Also, I gathered just a little bit of information on different fabrics that I personally like to wear when doing sports (and in general) and also some thoughts on why I do prefer natural fabrics over synthetical ones.

Here we go!


Cotton is my preferred material when it comes to yoga wear or sports wear in general. Cotton fabrics are hypoallergenic, durable, and have moisture control properties. Make sure to choose organic and fair trade cotton!

You can find beautiful yoga leggings and different kinds of tops and long sleeve at one of my favorite fair fashion shop ThokkThokk (pr sample). They make beautiful basics that can be worn both in everyday life and for sports. All their products are organic and fair trade and you will for sure look great in them. The above leggings and the light blue top are both from ThokkThokk. The leggings is soooo super comfy and has a wide waistband which makes it great both for yoga and for chilling on the couch.

Below I am wearing a jumpsuit from Yoiqi (pr sample). Yoiqi is a German label, producing yoga and leisure wear. Comfort is their priority; no seam should rub and no elastic band should dig in. The jumpsuit that I have really is one of the most comfy piece of clothes I own.

What I found really cool about Yoiqi is that they are actutually working with SEKEM in Egypt. Do you guys know SEKEM? Here in Germany you can find food, mainly date spreads and bliss balls made from dates which all come from the SEKEM initiave. I copy from the Yoiqui website: “SEKEM is an ecological manufacturing project in Egypt, founded on the principal of establishing a sustainable, reliable, fair and ethical economy for all. The entire production process – from plant cultivation to manufacturing to distribution – is evolved under one umbrella so all of our products are fully traceable and reliably ethical.”

It is always a good idea to check where the cotton your favorite labels are using, is coming from. A good fair fashion label will be able to answer all your questions about where the cotton is coming from, about the working conditions on the fields, and of course they will only use organic cotton that has not been in contact with potentially harming pesticides.


Especially in the colder seasons, I actually love to wear wool when doing yoga. Wool is a 100% natural product and hence biodegradable (like cotton by the way). When wool fibres are tightly packed together, they form millions of tiny pockets of air. This allows it to absorb and release moisture, without compromising it’s thermal efficiency. It is extremely breathable and wool constantly reacts to changes in body temperature; therefore it is perfect for any kind of sports and yoga.

Also, wool is pretty resistant to staining and it is actually far more efficient than other textiles at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before bacteria has a chance to develop and produce unpleasant body odour. You hardly ever have to wash wool, but hanging it outside for a litle while after wearing it, usually is enough to have the feeling of wearing something fresh and clean. This too, is one of the reasons why I like wool; the fact that you do not have to wash it often makes it really long lasting. As the fibers are not affected by hot water and laundry detergent as much as other materials are. I actually have wool pieces from my mother that are 40 years old and still look like new!

I am wearing a wool leggins from Hess Natur here on the pictures. It is said to be a jogger leggings but I wear it a lot for yoga too. (Not sponsored)

Viscose/ Rayon

Rayon is said to be the most absorbent of all celluse fibers (like cotton or linen)! Hence, rayon is a great choice for everyone easily sweating. I like the soft and light weight touch of the fiber and wear it mostly in summer. It has a little bit of a cooling effect as I find.

Viscose is a natural fabric and biodegradable. However, a lot of water is used in the production process, and depending on who is making it, a whole lot of chemicals are used too. So even though it is biodegradable it is not the most sustainable one. Hence, when wearing Viscose it is especially important to choose fair fashion brands you trust; the process to make viscose or rayon fiber can be very polluting unless it is carefully controlled.

Here on the pictures, I am wearing a Viscose long sleeve from KOKOworld which has a super cute detail on the back 🙂 (pr sample)


Finally there is polyester. Polyester is actually one of the most common used fabrics for sports and yoga wear and one of the most popular; something I can not really relate too. It is not my favorite fabric of choice, because polyester is a synthetic fiber that cannot be composted. Also, stains are difficult to remove from polyester and since I sweat easily in polyester clothes, I realized that I never enjoy a polyester piece for a long time (because of unpleasant stains in the armpits). Finally, polyester isn’t the best for the skin and many people react allergic or at least sensitive to it.

There are differences in polyester and you can find higher quality and lower quality, as with everything. I know many people like wearing polyester because of it’s elasticity; when choosing polyester, make sure to choose a product that is made from recycled polyester! Mandala is making beautiful and fun yoga leggings from recycled plastic bottles. That is a pretty cool project and something I think is worth supporting. (pr sample)

However, when you choose to wear a polyster piece, you still have to be careful about how to wash your polyester pieces as microplastic is lead into the ground water every time a polyester piece is washed (some companies just started selling small wipes that you can wash with your polyester clothes and that abosrb the microplastic).

Wow, another long blog post! I hope you enjoyed it!

What are your favorite yoga wear labels? And what kind of fabrics do you like to wear when doing sports? I would love to know!


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