Ethical Christmas Gift Guide – Part III: Gifts for HER

This one here is going to be my last sustainable Christmas gift guide. There will follow one or two last minute DIYs next week and then… well then it’s Christmas!

Anyway, today is all about the perfect sustainable Christmas gift for HER. Why sustainable gifts? Well… because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Yes, you can make a difference this year by saying no to supporting brands which are exploiting their employees and being responsible for employees getting cancer and other diseases because of all the chemicals used in the production chain, which drain tons of chemicals in our environment, which are indirectly deforesting the last rain forests on our planet etc. Shop your christmas gifts this year from sustainable brands. Brands that want to make a difference, that produce fair, that produce ethical, that produce without hurting other humans and/or our planet.

Here we go with some ideas and inspiration for women:

Natural Cosmetic Gift Sets

There are soooo many beautiful gift sets from natural cosmetics brands. There are so many options that I sometimes find it hard to decide.

One that I find really nice is the Christmas gift set from Spa Vivent which comes in a wooden box. The box can be reused and hence, there is not much trash coming with this set. A lot of gift sets come wrapped in a bunch of plastic and foil and whenever you’ve got the choice, I would always go for the one which comes with the least plastic wrapping.

In the Christmas gift set from Spa Vivent, you will find black soap (which I looooove and use every single day!), shea butter, and the wonderful hibiscus bath salt that I have been reviewing for you back in this post.

Other gift sets that I really love to give away are those from Primavera. I have been writing about Primavera quite a bit and this isn’t without a reason. I truly love their products, no matter if essential oils, face care, bath oils, body oils, whatsoever. The products are really high quality, they smell amazing and the Christmast gift sets come in a beautiful paper packaging.

The two sets that I will give away this year for Christmas are A Celebration for the Senses and Me Time.

Me Time is a bath salt which comes with two essential oils so that you can make your bath smell just the way you like it. I tried this one already and I am totally in love with the smell of both essential oils (Ylang Ylang and Litsea). This set makes such a great gift for your mother, sister in law, aunt or grand ma.

A Celebration for the Senses is a set of four wonderful body oils with different fragnances, some to calm down and some to refresh. My mother in law is getting this one for Christmas this year… however, I really wanted to keep it for myself 😀

I personally find these Primavera gift sets really nice but you can for sure look out for local options! Shopping local always is the most sustainable so give it a try this year and look out for some local cosmetics producer and see if you can find some nice gift sets there.

Fair Fashion

Fair fashion makes such a great gift! And it can inspire your best friend, sister or cousin to shop more ethically in the future. When she will make the experience of feeling a high quality fair fashion item on her skin, she will probably want more of it in the future – and maybe buy less from all those brands that are exploiting their workers and the environment.

One fair fashion brand that I got to know recently is erlich textil. Erlich is making the most comfy underwear EVER. It never happend before in my LIFE that I went to bed with my bra on without noticing. Well, it did happen when I was wearing my erlich textil bra.

You can also find cozy homewear and yoga wear in their online shop (which also makes great gifts!).

I think cozy pieces make the best Christmas gifts when it comes to fashion. Check out all the awesome fair fashion options out there – go ahead and have a look at ThokkThokk, GARY MASH, and Funktionsschnitt for high quality basics and cozy home wear.

Also check out your local fair fashion options, shop there and support the small companys and start ups all around your area. You will have a great gift for someone loved which is everything but the boring, average H&M shirt, and you will make an impact on our society with your choice for shopping ethical.

Sustainable Accessoires

Fair fashion is one thing, accessoires another. All women love accessoires, don’t they? On my personal Christmas wish list this year, you can find a scarf, some earrings, and gloves – and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who loves to get some accessoires for Christmas.

Since there are a whole lot of fair trade and sustainable accessoires out there, it is an easy job to find a gift your best friend or sister will LOVE and which supports a brand worth supporting.

I personally fell in love with this NINE TO FIVE belt which comes in various colors and which is on my christmas wish list in black too. It really is a high quality belt with a timeless design that for sure will last you a few decades. I wear mine every day and the nude color definetly goes with every outfit (so be ready to see it one the blog a loooot….).

All products from NINE TO FIVE are manufactured in small quantities in carefully selected family businesses near Porto in Northern Portugal. Fair trade par excellence. No humans harmed.

Fair Trade Home Decor

Every women loves home decor, right? So why not give some fair trade home decor this year? There are soooo many awesome projects all around the world, supporting locals in Asia, Africa, and South America through producing beautiful decoration items.

Wild Tussah is producing in Vietnam, working with local ethnic weaving villages who are under pressure and need support. They make absolutely stunning hand bags and home decor items, like this pillow case pictured here.

I would love to meet Danica, Wild Tussah’s founder, one day, to interview her for you guys; because she truely is an inspiration.

Check out Wild Tussah’s beautiful webshop – I am sure you will be able to find an unique gift, for yourself or for a loved one.

And I promise you: it feels soooo good to give away something good!

Cosmetics, fair fashion, accessoires, and home decor. The list of things I like to give away for Christmas is not really new in that sense. However, what I want to show in this post is that you can get all of the “normal gifts” from sustainable, fair trade, organic brands who do actually CARE about the world and are not only intersted in higher stock market prices.

It is SO EASY to make a difference and to support local, sustainable, ethical companies. So why support those who are exploiting our environment through tons of chemicals and exploiting their workers? I cannot come up with one single reason.


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  1. Nataly KireiKana
    Dezember 15, 2016 / 2:47 pm

    aww, that’s a great gifts set!

  2. Dezember 15, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    Agree with your opinion and this year I bought hand made gifts from local market. Actually I meet some sweet families that are supporting each other working on this.

  3. Amy Arnold
    Dezember 15, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    That first one is such a great idea. I personally love premade gift sets! All great ideas.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. thestyletune
    Dezember 16, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    i am so proud of you rosa for embracing and advocating sustainability at such levels! these sets are great!

  5. Dezember 16, 2016 / 5:36 pm

    Everything looks amazing! I really love that pillow, so pretty, it would be perfect for my living room:) Actually I ordered shea butter and also coca butter online for myself and now I’m waiting for the box. I’m proud to say that my bathroom is 90% natural/homemade/organic:) About baking: now my flat smells like I would literally live in a gingerbread house, cos finally I’ve baked this long-resting gingerbread, that I’ve told you about. Smells like Christmas heaven, but the worst thing is, I cant slice it yet. I have to wait for few days and then fill it with jam and cover with chocolate. So basically I have to wait for Christmmas to finally eat it:( But I hope it will be worth waiting:) Tomorrow we are decorating out Christmas tree and going Christmas shopping, have a lovely weekend, hugs:)))

  6. Dezember 16, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    These are all such great gift ideas and I love the explanation you gave as to why you suggest we opt for sustainable products. I think all natural and organic makeup is a fantastic gift idea especially! I mostly wear such makeup, specifically the brand Mineral Fusion sold at Whole Foods and I love it! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!