Spring Picknick (Vegan Picknick Inspiration…)

One great thing about the warmer weather most definetly is picknicks! I love Spring picknicks, enjoying the first really warm days of the year, not yet being afraid of the sun burning too hot, being able to eat the first homegrown, fresh veggies and salads and so on. You get the idea. So when we had out first picknick of the year the other day, I brought my camera and took a few pictures to share with you.

There is a little bit of vegan food inspiration, some inspiration for how to bring your food (never ever in plastic containers 😉 ), and some inspiration for some nice drinks. I hope you enjoy!

So even though many like to bring sandwiches for picknicks, I love salads! Somehow I find there is nothing nicer than to enjoy a nice pasta or potatoe salad out in the park or garden. For the first picknick of the year, I made an easy potatoe salad.

I usally just boil some potatoes, cut some raw veggies, such as bell pepper, cucumer, tomatoes, and loads of fresh herbs and mix it all up. I bring (homegrown) salad and kale in a seperate container to blend just before eating. Like that the greens will stay fresh and crisp. For the dressing it’s the same: I bring it in a seperate container to add when I am ready to eat.

I usually use containers made from stainless steel (most of the ones I have are from Kivanta.de) and for the dressing I use glass jars leftover from almond butter, tomatoe paste or similar, which I just wash carefully and then reuse.

For the dressing I either blend up in my highspeed blender some spring onion with lemon juice, cashews or tahini, some water, fresh herbs, and salt and pepper or I use plain vinegar. My favorite vinegar is coconut nectar vinegar. It has a rather sweet taste and goes so well with potatoe salad. If ever you come across coconut nectar vinegar, make sure to give it a try.

I usually also bring some extra herbal salt to make sure everyone is able to season the salad to taste (currently I love the herbal salts from Sonnentor)

As a snack I usually bring fruits, nuts and seeds or dried fruit. But sometimes I also like to bring something like green smoothies (like the ones pictured here from Voelkel).

I perceive smoothies rather as a snack than a drink and ecpecially when it is getting really warm, I like to “eat” a smoothie instead of something “real” 😀

Of course I always bring water and I make sure to bring it either in a stainless steel container or in a glass bottle. Plastic bottles are no option for me because I just do not want to drink that extra plastic. And as there are so many beautiful options for glass bottles out there, I really cannot come up with any reason for why not to choose glass over plastic.

My favorite bottle since couple of months now, which is always in my bag, is the one pictured here from Druckdurst.

Water is always with me, of course. However, I do have another favorite drink: coconut water. I know coconut water is everywhere right now and it is not much of a secret that it tastes good and is healthy on plus and I am all in when it comes to this trend. I love coconut water mixed with fruit juice, pure, with coconut pieces in the water, the one from Thailand and the from the Phillipines AND I love sparkling coconut water!

Did you know Germany is like the country drinking the most apple fizz of like all countries? Well, apple fizz is so yesterday when you can have coconut fizz instead! So far Kopfnuss is the only company I am familiar with that is making sparkling coconut water. It tastes absolutely amazing and I am slightly addicted to it.

Okay, and now finally to the most important topic: dessert! I like to bring cookies, cakes or cupcakes when out for a picknick. There are tons of options out there for vegan, healthy and sugarfree cakes but my favorite ones are actually not only vegan but also raw. For our little Spring picknick I made a raw blueberry cake which did taste good, however, the consistency was not quite right (it’s been too soft and melted in the sun…) so I am not able to share the recipe with you yet. I will work on it and let you know as soon as I found it working.

I have been playing around with coconut meat, blueberries, and dates and added some agaragar to make it all stick together. However, so far it is not yet convincing. If you have any tips or similar recipes to share, make sure to let me know 🙂

One final little sidenote: the best ever food is the one you grow yourself! We have been harvesting a whole bunch of radishes from our garden so far, some kale, and some salad and nothing ever tasted better.

The radishes here are the very first ones we harvested this year and we were like sooo proud about them 🙂

What are your favorite treats when going out for a picknick? And which are your favorites recipes? I would love to know!

By the way, in a sidenote: this Sunday (May 21) there is a blogger fleamarket going on here in Leipzig and I am selling a few really cool pieces – also there is a DJ, food, and drinks, flowers, balloons, and the chance to win a goodie bag worth more than 1000euro! Plus, of course, the chance to meet a bunch of really nice blogger from Leipzig. So in case you are around, make sure to join the FASHION SUNDAY 🙂


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4 Kommentare

  1. Straight A Style
    Mai 19, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    I need to have more picnics. This looks like so much fun! The food all looks great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Mai 20, 2017 / 8:33 am

    Wow, you have such a lovely picnic basket! I also love potato salads, they are my favourite and I’m making a spaghetti pasta salad for today dinner☺ Today I finelly got the time to cook, cos my schedule lately is so crazy plys I’m havibg snother problrms with my throat, too much talking i guess! So today I’m planning some relax on the kitchen,some homemade pizza and rhubarb cheesecake later on. We also got our first radishes from our garden, we planted a whole variety in different colors, but we couldnt pick them yet, cos I was so busy. Our parents did it for us and hopefully we get them tomorrow☺ And is it a dandelion flower on your pics?I have picked some leaves, cos apparently they are soo good for you, but they are incredibly bitter!I decided to dry them out and add a bit to my smoothies. Have a lovely week, hugs☺☺☺

  3. Mai 21, 2017 / 4:01 am

    Omgosh this looks all so delicious! You make me want to go on a picnic now! I love that you packed very colorful items that look so refreshing! I’ve also never had apple or coconut fiz but they both so amazing!


  4. Mai 22, 2017 / 4:38 am

    It’s been ages since I last went on a picnic and it was even way back when I was in highschool. I remember going to a park with my family and bringing the usual Filipino dishes – Adobo, Lumpiang Shangai, rice… Oh I miss those days. Oh and I’m quite curious about the coconut fizz. I don’t think I’ve seen one around before. 🙂