Spring Favorites (+ Stainless Steel To-Go Teamug GIVEAWAY)

It is officially Spring! Huge YAY for that! And as it is Spring, it is time for my Spring Favorites! I have collected quite a lot this time. Aaaaand I have a really nice giveaway for you guys!

In case you are intersted in seing my Summer favorites from last year, or my Fall favorites, feel free to check them out.

Maybe you have noticed my NEW DESIGN? To celebrate my new design and to celebrate Spring, I have a really nice giveaway for you at the very end of this post.

And now, be ready for my SPRING favorites… let’s begin with some of my favorite beauty products for the season.

beauty garden peeling

Beauty Garden: Face scrub

This organic nut & chamomile scrub is exfoliating in a super soft way. The crushed walnut shell grain allows exfoliation for all skin types and the chamomile oil brings a comforting effect. You are left with a really soft and perfectly cleaned skin. Just what you will need the spring glow to your face’s skin.

Another reason for why this product is part of my spring favorites is the super sustainable packaging that comes without any plastic and the whole philosophy behind the brand; Beauty Garden is only working with ressources that are found in France. No imports from far away and hence, a really small carbon footprint.

bergland hautoel straffend

Bergland: Firming Skin Oil

This firming skin oil is a high-quality composition of selected herbal ingredients such as almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, St. John’s Wort oil and wheat germ oil. An added algae extract stimulates the skin cells and positively influences the skin’s elasticity. The oils stabilize the barrier function of the skin, regulate the moisture content and promote the elasticity.

This is just what I need to get my body spring ready.

earth minerals powder

Earth Mineral – Mineral Make Up

The mineral make up from Earth Minerals contains only the best and purest mineral powders and pigments. The powders offer a natural light protection through finest mineral pigments with light-reflecting characteristic. Not only that, they are actually also anti-inflammatory. The skin is not loaded but can breathe freely which is just perfect for my spring skin :). As all products from Earth Minerals and Provida, the mineral powders are vegan, free of any additives and hypo-allergenic and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

These light powders will most probably not only be part of my spring favorites but will be my favorites all throughout summer too, where a light and natural make up is even more important to me (the hotter it gets, the less make up I wear and the more light it needs to be). The blush is addding the most soft and natural touch to my cheeks and it is actually my favorite blush EVER.

eco tan face water

Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water

The self tan water from Eco Tan is all about getting this beautiful gradual, natural looking tan over the face and decolletage to get ready for summer and spring. It is made with all natural, certified organic ingredients including aloe vera to lightly hydrate, orange peel, and rose geranium. I really like this face tan water, because not only does it give my a summer glow, but also is it all natural and organic; it contains nothing artificial and is free from any synthetic ingredients. Plus, it is vegan and cruelty free! It definetly feels great on the skin, is super lightweight and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

In case you are not a huge fan of foundation or are just a lazy person (like me) but you still like to look a little sun tanned in early spring, I think you should give this face tan water a try. I can absolutely recommend it.

zoya goes pretty shea butter

Zoya Goes Pretty Shea Butter with Rosehip Oil

This is a product that I got to know at the Vivaness trade fair earlier this year. The cold-pressed shea butter is combined with jojoba oil and essential rose oil. The Bulgarian rose oil acts as a natural skin tonic, while cold-pressed Shea Butter provides deep hydration. The butter has an amazing smell and it super rich and nourishing without feeling thick or uncomfortable on the skin.

I also love the cute packaging and like to keep this cream in my handbag/backpack to use it when I feel like my skin/hands need a little hydration or I feel like I need a little smell of rosehip around me 🙂

veg up terracotta powder

Veg Up Terracotta Powder

I really like the fact that there are more and more all vegan natural cosmetics lines popping up all over the world. Veg Up is from Italy and they have beautiful make up and skin care products. The terracotta powder contains protective and antioxidants ingredients that minimize imperfections and eliminate the shiny effect.

I like this one mainly for when I like to put on a little more make up, when I go out or when I just feel like putting an extra extra summer glow to my face.

gewuerzsalz sonnentor fruehling

Sonnentor Easter Herbs Salt and Spring Kiss Tea

Let us continue with some food items that I LOVE this Spring!

There are two products from Sonnentor that I really enjoy at the moment and that fit so well with Easter season.

The Easter Herbs Salt comes with different herbs and flowers such as cornflower and mallow. I love the cute packaging and I love it on my avocado sandwich.

The Spring Kiss Tea is with cornflower too, with rose, peppermint, and lemon grass. It is super fresh and aromatic. By the way, I learned from sweet Maria from Sonnentor that when using loose tea (instead of tea bags) you are supposed to crush and grind the tea a little in between your fingers, before putting it to your tea strainer. Only this way the aroma is able to fully develop.

By the way – looking for a new tea mug to go? Check out my giveaway below 😀

sonnentor fruehlingstee

Ridiculously Good Chocolate

Oh my. I have been writing about this chocolate back here already and I can just repeat what I said back then: this raw chocolate is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I mean I never really thought about ever going back to unhealthy sugar loaden chocolate, but this one here is like the very last proof which shows that you can eat healthy without missing on anything.

You want to eat a healthy diet but you cannot live without chocolate? Me neither! Try Ridiculously Good… or try my homemade choclate.

ridiculously good raw chocolate

Primrose’s Kitchen Goji, Black Pepper and Lemon Granola

I know, granola and rawnola and anything nola is all over social media and the food shops since a while already. But as I sometime seem to live under a rock, I never really tried any of it and never really understood why granola is so much better than my usual muesli or oatmeal. Until I tried this one. I mean, goji, black pepper and lemon – how can this not be absolutely amazing? It is! And my oatmeal seems to be so boring without it now.

I definetly have to try to make this at home… in case I manage to come up with a good recipe, I will make sure to share it here on the blog.

primrose granola

Primavera Yoga Flow Essential Oils

Okay, now to some lifestyle items that I got to know recently and that I really want to share with you (yes, I know this post is sooooo long already!).

One is the yoga flow series from one of my favorite brands; Primavera. I love their natural cosmetics line but they do actually have an entire series for aroma therapy (they actually started back in the days with essential oils and the cosmetics came later on). Anyway, the yoga flow series smells absolutely amazing. It has this super soft and yet fresh and yet calming and relaxing scent that I love to carry around with me. I have the roll-on close to me at any time, and whenever I feel stressed, I add a little to my wrist. Definetly a recommendation!

primavera yoga edition

And finally: QWETCH Stainless Steel Teamug to go


Qwetch is a French brand that makes on-the-go, sustainable and reusable containers. The companies goal is to simplify food and water consumption on a daily basis, by proposing eating and drinking containers. All containers from Qwetch are healthy, really high quality and suitable to keep hot and cold for several hours. Furthermore, all products are BPA-free and are made of stainless steel (or glass).

The insolated teamug here is leakproof guaranteed, comes with 2 filters, keeps cool and warm, internal and external made from stainless steel, has a great resistance to corrosion and impacts, and does not alter flavours and taste.

It is worth 39,90€



The giveaway is open internationally. Duration: until April 6 2017

To win the teamug, all you have to do is:

–          Follow my Instagram and the one from Qwetch

In case you do not use instagram, you can also follow my blog and just let me know about it in the comments.

–          Comment here and/or on instagram which color you would like (you have 9 different colors to choose from!)

–          Invite 2 friends to participate on instagram

qwetch teamug stainless steelQwetch teamug to goqwetch teamug

Once again:

You can win this teamug in a color of your choice!

The giveaway is open internationally. Duration: until April 6 2017

To win the teamug, all you have to do is:

–          Follow my Instagram and the one from Qwetch

In case you do not use instagram, you can also follow my blog and just let me know about it in the comments.

–          Comment here and/or on instagram which color you would like (you have 9 different colors to choose from!)

–          Invite 2 friends to participate on instagram


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    The earth minerals line sounds great and so does the chocolate!

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    Liebe Rosa Larissa Klara

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    Das Design! Es passt so gut zu dir 🙂 Die Farbwahl gefällt mir richtig gut 🙂

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