Spring Favorites 2018

It is time for my Spring favorites of 2018! I have been sharing my Spring favorites since a couple of years now and I won’t miss out this time. Spring favorites are always among my favorites to write, because I usual get to visit the biofach and vivaness trade fair in February. Those are fairs for organic food and cosmetics and I get to know aaalll the news on the market so that I have a ton of products to try and test and then to share my favorites with you.

So here we go!

I made a small mix of food and cosmetics, like in my former favorites post. I tried to concentrate on only a few products this year; I tend to include way too much into those kind of posts, to be honest. I hope this post here is not overwhelming but with just the right amount of new products!?

I want to start with the yummiest of all of them: the best ever raw vegan chocolate I have ever tried!

I know, I say this all the time right!? And I even shared a post about a whole lot of different vegan chocolate back in december. But I didn’t know COCOA back then! I tried their chocolate for the first time on the biofach trade fair in February and I am in love ever since.

This chocolate is the creamiest I have had in my life! No joke. They make “white” raw vegan chocolate with cocoa butter, coconut flour, coconut palm sugar, and different toppings. It’s so good you guys! My favorite one is the “white” (it is not actually white, because they use palm sugar which has a brown color) with salt and pistazios. From all chocolates I had in my life, that one is the absolutely best. In case you get your hands on COCOA I really recommend trying. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Face and body care favorites!

I have a few products for you right here. Provida is a natural cosmetics brand that made it on my blog quite a few times already. I really like their products. They’ve got a brand new vitamin C serum that I am currently using and enjoying, and I really like their super fruits body lotion. The serum adds a beautiful glow to my face’s skin and is just the right product to get it Spring and Summer ready.

Besides a few favorites, I really enjoy using very simple products for my daily care. For my face I completely stopped using creams and switched to oils which work SO much better for me. Also, when it comes to my hair I am very minimalist (I have been sharing my hair care routine back HERE). One product I love using for both face, body and hair is shea butter. I use it mainly as a foot cream, on other very dry areas, and for my hair. I got the one pictured here at the vivaness trade fair and use it a lot ever since (it is almost empty, to be exact).

And finally there is this toner that I want to draw your attention towards to. I love toners and I am always keen getting to know new good ones. I completely stopped using toners that contain alcool as they are making my skin feel dry. So I was curios about the cleansing toner from Dr. Scheller which does not contain any alcool. It turned out that it is one of my favorite toner ever. When I apply it at night and I leave my skin over night with nothing but the toner, I have a soft and clean skin the next morning. It doesn’t feel too dry, it doesn’t feel rough or anything. It feels super soft and good. And that is the only feeling I accept when it comes to my face care 😀

Now just a few beauty products.

It was pretty difficult to choose only a few, actually. But since I have so much great make up stuff that I discovered recently, I just decided to make two seperate posts on them sometime soon. So here only a few products in a nut shell.

First there is the parfume stick from Amo Como Soy . It has this super decent and nice scent of exotic nuts and it makes me feel all warm inside when smelling it. I do not wear any conventional parfume anymore but I like a little bit of natural scent every now and then. Talking about it; I am thinking about making a blog post on natural parfume. Would you be intersted in that?

Further, there are three new nail polishes from benecos and there is this one pictured here that I am wearing all the time, ever since I got a sample at the vivanes trade fair. I LOVE that color. Maybe you have seen it in my insta stories or even on some other blog pictures already!? I wore it when taking the pictures for my easter eggs 🙂

And finally there a two bb creams that I love. The one from Provida is, strictly speaking, a make up but it is so soft and light that it rather feels like a bb cream. It has a natural sun protection which makes it great for sunny days.

The bb cream from Weleda is pretty new on the market and really light and soft too. I love the smell of it, actually. For right now the nude tone works really good for my skin but I think it will be a different story later in summer when I get some tan. Unfortunatly there are only two tones available and the darker tone is way too dark for me. However, in case you have a very light skin, I think you will like this one!

Beetroot latte!

Maybe you have seen this in my stories already!? I LOVE beetroot latte. I got to try the beet root latte and the cardamom latte from Sonnentor early this year and I like both of them, but beet root is my favorite. The perfect blend of spicy and sweet and special. I am sure you can somehow make your own blend but I rely on this one here for the moment 😉

By the way, the pink powder can also be used for bliss balls, baking, or even for your oatmeal. I currently love making pink oatmeal and the spices from the blend go along so well with it!

And last but not least there is the new Feelglueck series from Baldini/Taoasis. I got a sample back at the vivaness trade fair and when I had my miscarriage only two weeks later, I used the air spray several times every day. I was staying in bed to recover and this scent was all around me – and made me so happy! It really is an uplifting smell that instantly makes you feel better and brightens your mood. Huge recommendation of mine!


That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my Spring favorites!? Make sure to let me know if you are intersted in a blog post about natural parfumes sometime soon!? And let me know if you know any of these products and what you think of them!?


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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