Slow, Fair, and Sustainable Fashion from Turkey: Atolye Ren

It’s been a while since my last fair fashion post and even though my current life is more about travel and vanlife than about fashion, I still want to share some inspiring labels with you guys every now and then!

Today is about a Turkish slow and sustainable fashion label that I find absolutely worth spreading the news about: Atolye Ren!

Atolye Ren is not just another fair fashion brand, but an eco-conscious, size-inclusive clothing brand that creates minimal, comfortable and timeless wardrobe staples. The brand’s main goal is to create compassionate, responsible and collaborative relationship between women and their own body, other women and the Mother Earth. When I first read this I thought that this is a label I have to dive a little deeper into.

I’ve been touched and amazed when I first read the founder’s story of how she felt “ugly” as a kid, because everyone in school told her that her nose is too big – and how she lateron learned to love herself just the way she is: as beautiful as every human being!

Later on in her life she decided to create clothes in which every women, no matter the size, can feel comfortable and beautiful in – so she created Ren, her label. All clothes from Ren are size inclusive, which basically means to respect the unique differences of women. It does NOT mean to create oversized pieces that are made to “hide” something: no, the pieces from Atolye Ren are made to show the beauty of every-body!

This alone has been a reason for me to write and share about this label. However, there is – of course – even more to it!

Being a sustainable and social responsible company, all pieces are delicately sewn by hand in Atolye Ren’s small studios, always collaborating with local manufacturers and artisans for a carbon footprint as low as possible.

All fibers used are natural; and not only that; they are also made in Turkey (where the entire production takes place). At Ren you can find upcycled denim pieces, cotton, wool, tencel, and viscose. As all these fibers are natural, they are biodegradable as well. 

This is fair fashion at it’s best, I would argue!

So what do I wear here?

I am wearing the Vandana Pants  made out of cotton twill, which is a somehow thick and yet light cotton. The pants are high waist, as you can see on the pictures, and they wrap nicely around waist and hip. They show a bit of ankle and come with a clear, minimal cut. I love them!

They are super versatile to style and to wear and I lik to pair them both with bigger sweaters or with a blouse like here on the pictures. The blouse is not from Ren by the way, but it’s an old one from the German brand Deerberg, which you maybe have seen on my blog already!?

I have to admit that I didn’t fit these pants the first two months after pregnancy, as I still had a little bit of an after-baby-belly. Now that my little baby boy is four months already, the pants fit perfectly and I am happy to be able to wear them here in the rather warm weather in southern France.

For those of you who don’t know: I am living in a motor home and we are currently travelling France on our way down to Portugal. We are on the road since two months now and we will travel for at least 1 1/2 years… currently we love our vanlife that much that we consider living in a camper forever 😀

You can follow our adventures in my insta stories which I update almost every day.

In my motor home I didn’t bring a ton of clothes, obviously. However, I did bring these pants as I really love them and because they are among the few pants I own that make me look nicely dressed even when wearing “just” some pants and a t-shirt. With these pants every combination of clothes becomes a nice outfit!

Now, I hope you like them as much as I do – and I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about and inspiring and wonderful fair fashion label. No matter how many fair fashion labels I get to know, it always makes me so happy to read and listen to the stories of each and every of them. They all have their own story, the people behind the pieces of fabric have their very good reasons for why they do what they do: and those reasons aren’t money and fame in many cases!

I love finding labels like that: labels that think further than just money, labels that have a TRUE story and a philosophy that comes from their hearts. Atolye Ren is one of them, here on the blog I am sharing the stories of many others as well here on the blog … 

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. November 5, 2019 / 3:11 am

    Pretty pants. I’ve never heard of the brand before so thanks for steering me there. Hope your travels are fun!