Second Hand Outfit with IN LOVE AGAIN Shop

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What’s your take on second hand shopping? I personally love it! It is super sustainable, super afforable, and – from now on – also super easy to do!

I have been sharing some thoughts on the most sustainable ways of shopping in a recent post in which I compared fair fashion to upcycling fashion to second hand fashion. Wearing second hand items is the most sustainable in that you do not have to spend ANY new ressources to get hands on a new piece. And still you get it all! You can get all the trends, all the styles, all the fabrics, even all the labels!

So why is second hand shopping not much more popular? I personally found it too difficult for a veeery long time! We do not have a ton of second hand shops in Germany; Germany is nothing compared to the UK where you have charity shops basically everywhere. We do have some shops in the bigger cities, but even in Leipzig, where I live, we only have a small hand full of good shops – and they are spread all over the city so that it takes a like an entire day to visit them all.

For me it simply wasn’t an option to shop regulary second hand, since I cannot easily take a saturday afternoon off and just go second hand shopping. So what I tried for a long time was to rely on “online fleamarkets” such as Kleiderkreisel. The thing with online fleamarkets is that you buy from private individuals and each individual is, well, very individual. Some are not seeing the stains on a piece that you see after receiving it, some do think that 14 days shipping time is absolutely normal, and some totally forget aobut the money you transferred them, and you end up never receiving anything. This is basically why I stopped using Kleiderkreisel again.

So what do I do now? Well… read on!

Recently I came across the – as far as I know – first online shop for second hand clothes! I was sooo excited to discover this and spent like an entire evening scrolling through the huge selection of second hand items. The shop I am talking about is IN LOVE AGAIN.

IN LOVE AGAIN offers not only a great variety of actually stylish second hand pieces, but they also come with all the advantages you could ask for: free shipping within Germany, returns within 30 days, fast shipping, and all the labels you could ask for!

You have no idea for how long I’ve been waiting for something like this!

What I loved when I was scrolling through the shop is that you can actually search for labels.

And here comes one of my tips concerning second hand shopping: go for labels you know!

We all have some labels where we know that both the fit and the quality is what we, personally, are enjoying. So especially when buying second hand online it it a good advice to stick to labels you know: like I know that I like the style and the quality of COS pieces, however, I wouldn’t buy them new, ever, because it is a fast fashion label. But when looking through the different labels available at IN LOVE AGAIN I intstantly went to check out what’s there from COS because I just know I will like what I get.

And here is a fun fact: I ordered five pieces at IN LOVE AGAIN – three from COS, one from another label that I know, and one from a label that I didn’t know. I LOVE my new COS items, I like my new item from another label – and I shipped back the item from the label I didn’t know because it has the strangest fit ever.

So in case you are in doubt: stick to labels you know!

And here is another tip: choose natural fabrics!

I am repeating this over and over again on the blog: polyester will not make you happy and will not make the world happy! It is smelling easily, it is leading micro plastic into the ground water when washed, it is NEVER going to composte, it simply isn’t doing any good to anyone.

Cotton, linen, wool, and other natural materials in contrast are a whole different story. I chose a 100% wool sweater when shopping at IN LOVE AGAIN (the one I am wearing here) and I SO love it! I love wool because you basically never have to wash it and it lasts forever when you take good care of it. When you start smelling bad in a woolen sweater all you have to do is to hang it outside for a couple of hours – the wool is cleaning itself and no bad smell will be left!

I know wool is a super contradictory topic and I will  write more about it very soon – and why I love it.

So in case you are from Germany – or just Europe – make sure to hop over to IN LOVE AGAIN and check out their great collection of second hand pieces! I am SURE you will find something wonderful. I could have ordered much more than only five pieces (but hold myself back … 😀 ).

Next to the sweater here that I have been wearing like five times in the last 14 days, I also ordered an oversized dress that I’ve been wearing twice already, a simple white blouse that I was looking for in a long time (and wasn’t able to find fair and ethically made in the style I was looking for), a fall coat that I wear every day and that will make it on the blog rather sooner than later, and a beauuuuuutiful fall jacket that had the weirdest fit and that I had to ship bag (I was so frustrated because it has the coolest print…).


Now I would love to read your thoughts on second hand shopping in general, on this all second hand outfit in particular, and maybe even what you think on using wool yes or no!?


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