Provida Organics 12 Healers Face Care Review

Today I want to share another natural and organic cosmetics review with you; the 12 Healers Series from Provida Organics.

I’ve known Provida Organics since the end of last year when I was researching 100% organic nail polish (and it was the only one I found at the time). Ever since I got to know the brand, I was amazed about how strict they are in their criteria concerning ingredients and production methods.

In February I was lucky enough to meet the owner of the company at a trade fair and she was really the nicest, sweetest, and down to earth person ever. Which, obviously, made me like the brand even more. I have been trying a bunch of different products from Provida in the past 8 months; both nail polish, blush powder, mineral make up, and face care products. Today will be all about face care.

What makes this skin care series so special?

Not only are all products 100% natural and organic and even demeter certified, but they all contain the “12 healers”, a blend of Bach Flower essences which take care of your skins’s harmony and balance.

The mix of 12 different herbs offers the most natural way of keeping your skin gently in balance and protects against irritation and damaging environmental influences. It also protects the skin against moisture loss and premature skin aging.

The products are all made in Germany and the 12 Healers are herbs that can be found in Germany too. I love when effective skin care is not only organic but even regional and thereby even more sustainbable in the production process.

A little more in detail about the different products from the 12 Healers serie:

The mild cleansing milk helps to remove dirt, make-up, powder, and cream residues without disturbing the acid mantle or the pH of your skin. I used this product every night and every morning, followed by the face tonic. It was the first product I finished and I was a little sad when it was gone 😉

The day and night cream in this series, has a rich formula with canola and olive oil. It offers intensive care and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. When I first tried the cream, I was convinced that it will be way too thick and heavy for my face’s skin and I was surprised how easily it was absorbed and what a perfect feeling it left on my skin.

I use the day cream every morning, however in Summer I hardly ever feel like using night cream and usually just go to bed after cleaning my skin and applying a little bit of tonic (which is moisturizing enough for my skin).

Talking about the tonic… my favorite! Really, they are. Both toners are my absoluty favorite products from this series!

The series both includes a tonic and a spray toner and both are just the best! They are perfect for the final touch when cleaning the skin at night, but they also moisture, protect, and refresh on hot summer days. Thanks to the precious ingredients, the regenerative capacity of the skin is supported when applied regularly.

The spray toner did’nt last long in my bathroom because I just loved to apply it several times a day, during those really hot summer days. It was part of my Summer favorites this year, by the way. I love the smell, I love the effect, I love the high quality ingredients.

In case you are interested in high quality organic (and not only natural!) cosmetic products, make sure to visit

Next to some really good face care products, they offer a huge variety of mineral make up and all organic and even demeter certified nail polish! As far as I know, the only demeter certified nail care world wide (correct me if I am wrong). Provida Organics is a family business, run by a daughter and her parents and all three of them are just very much into producing in the most sustainable way possible, high quality organic products that are not harming our planet and that are doing their best on your skin.

As I am writing again and again in every of my posts on natural cosmetics; I do not believe that there is any need to harm your skin and our precious planet with toxins, micro plastics and chemicals which can be found in many convential products; all while there are thousands of great organic and natural beauty products out there, waiting to spoil you and your skin 🙂


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  1. Kelsey&Kenecha
    August 14, 2017 / 3:38 pm

    I love hearing about new products! I haven’t seen this one where I live but it sounds great 🙂


  2. August 14, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    I grew with my dad mixing up various bach flower remedy concoctions. This was before you could buy “rescue remedy” already mixed up and he would make mix up his own things for us. I’m so intrigued by a skincare line with this in it. I’ll check them out! xx