Pregnancy without Maternity – Clothes: A Recap

I was 41 weeks and six days pregnant – and I didn’t wear any maternity clothes during the entire time! That’s possible? Yes, and it was actually so much easier than I thought!

So why did I not wear maternity clothes? Do I think they are ugly? No! There are loads of beautiful options for pregnant women out there and it’s easy to get an entire new wardrobe for the time with the baby bump – however, I personally do not find it very sustainable to buy an entire new wardrobe for those few months.

It’s been out of reasons of sustainability that I decided to try to go through pregnancy without buying clothes that I cannot wear after pregnancy as well. During my first pregnancy, I bought maternity clothes second hand (which is sustainable as well, of course!), but after pregnancy they were left under my bed for quite a few years… after two years I decided to sell a few of them and then after three years, I sold almost all of them. Some, however, haven’t been in a good enough shape anymore, so they went to waste. Which is somehow sad as well.

Anyway, so this time around I wanted to keep all the clothes that entered my wardrobe during pregnancy; to wear them after pregnancy as well. Today, my little baby boy is five weeks old so I got the chance to wear a few of the pieces that I loved during pregnancy – without the baby bump. And I still love them! I will do my very best to shoot most of the outfits that I have been sharing on the blog in the past few months of pregnancy without the baby bump and show you what they look like now. But that’s for a differnt post…

Another reason for why I decided to wear only normal clothes is the fact that there aren’t many fair fashion options for maternity wear out there. I didn’t want to buy any fast fashion pieces and even though I could have gone for second hand pieces again, I preferred not to do so. This may sound weird to some of you but I do not feel comfortable in a t-shirt that is made under the most horrible conditions by a girl that is only a little older than my daugther! I know second hand is pretty much the most sustainable you can buy (I actually wrote a blog post on what is most sustainable…) , but I feel more and more uncomfortable in pieces made under unfair conditions, no matter if second hand or not: I wear a fast fashion shirt, I look at my girl – and I have to think of the girl that made that shirt; and it makes me feel all terrible. So I do prefer supporting wonderful fair fashion labels instead, but since there aren’t many out there focusing on maternity wear, I decided to just go for regular clothes then.

So today is all about my tips and tricks for wearing normal clothes during pregnancy and a little recap of what I liked to wear.

1. Jumpsuits!

I never wore jumpsuits before pregnancy but then I found this one here from Isabella Oliver (which is a maternity brand but it has loads of options for after pregnancy as well!) and I loooooved it so much in my last trimester… and it is my most worn piece right now! It looks great, it is the most comfy piece of clothing I own, and I just LOVE it. So much! So invest in a good jumpsuit that leaves enough space around the belly and enjoy it with and without baby bump! Go for a fabric that is a little elastic (mine is 95% viscose and 5% elasthane) for maximum comfort 🙂

2. Wrap dresses

Wrap them around your belly – and you are done! Like with the jumpsuit, I have to admit that I never wore wrap dresses before pregnancy, I started to love them during pregnancy, and now I still do! The cool thing about wrap dresses is that you do not have to fear that the fabric becomes stretched when the belly is growing 🙂

3. Long blouses

I’ve been wearing blouses all throughout pregnancy and styled them differently depending on the size of my belly. I wore them loose, tucked into my pencil skirts, over my pencil skirts, knotted under the belly … just be creative!

4. Stretchy Dresses and tights/leggings!

I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses, especially in the first half of pregnancy, when it was still cold. I was able to wear my regular tights all throughout pregnancy (yay for stretch!) and I combined them with all the dresses I had in my closet anyway. So this here is a woolen dress that I have since four years and that I loved wearing every winter – no matter if pregnant or not.

In case you prefer leggings over tights, they are an option as well, of course!

5. Sweatpants – styled the nice way!

Yes, in my first trimester I actually wore sweatpants most of the time 😀 I styled them with some pretty shirts, golden sneakers and a few fancy accessoires and then they didn’t look bad at all – quite in contrast, I think they can look pretty cool! And they really are so comfy in the first trimester, when you do not want to squeeze your little belly into jeans.

6. Wide cotton dresses

And yes, more dresses. Just go for dresses – they are perfect for pregnancy and beyond! This cute dress here was perfect for winter (worn with tights and a woolen cardigan) and for summer (worn just like it is). And when the belly was really big, I tucked it in my pencil skirt because it got too short, but that worked wonderful as well! And of course, I can still wear it now. 

7. Pencil skirts

I wrote it a few times already: pencil skirts! I was able to wear all of my pencil skirts all throughout pregnancy. Okay, that’s becacuse I only have pencil skirts that come with some elasthane and are a little stretchy anyway. I LOVED adding extra attention to my bump by putting it into a stretchy pencil skirt and tucking a blouse or shirt into the skirt.

And for the colder days again: tights or leggings usually go for all throughout pregnancy and beyond!

It was SO fun being pregnant and styling my bump. But you know what? I am SOOOO happy right now to have my normal body back 😀 And I cannot wait to share more wonderful fair fashion inspiration with you in the next few months!

What do you think about my tips for pregnancy without maternity clothes? Are you inspired or did you miss anything? I would love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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2 Kommentare

  1. Juli 21, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    I applaud your choice and ingenuity! There’s no reason to buy new clothes when you can use what’s already in your closet, especially when those maternity garments can’t be used after birth. Like with other things, businesses simply want to sell us new stuff whether we need it or not. Great post.

    • Juli 23, 2019 / 8:21 am

      Thank you so much! Yes, unfortunatly it is so true – it’s all about getting as many sales as possible 🙁 It’s good though that more and more people are making more conscious choices 🙂