Pregnancy Update and Recap – My second Baby is about to be Born!

I am about to give birth any day now – but before this pregnancy comes to an end, I want to share a little update and recap with you guys! How was my second pregnancy, compared to my first one? How did I feel overall? How did it go with eating vegan? These are some of the questions that I got in the past few weeks and months.

Since I got quite a few questions, I decided to make this post a q&a post, where I write down some of the questions I got in the past months. In case I miss on anything that you are interested in, please make sure to let me know and I will answer you for sure!

I’m in week 39 now and I feel great. That being said, let’s start with answering some questions…

1. Did you find it difficult to eat vegan throughout the entire pregnancy? Did you have any non-vegan cravings?

One of the most asked questions 😀

No, I did not find it difficult to eat vegan all throughout pregnancy and YES I did have some non vegan cravings between week 8 and 12! I was craving the most unhealthy food, including loads of unhealthy animal based food. Like even the kind of food, I didn’t even eat when I was still eating meat! The really bad stuff 😀

But I didn’t have any of it. I did, however, have somehow healthier and vegan alternatives. Like, I had a lot of pizza with vegan cheese in the first few weeks of pregnancy, I had overall quite a lot of vegan cheese (something I rarely ever eat under normal circumstances) and other very fat and rather processed vegan foods.

Because there are so many vegan options out there, I didn’t find it difficult to stick to a vegan diet. Also, I have to say that eating something non-vegan is actually not at all an option to me. Like, I just can’t eat piece of dead animal or milk that is taken away from a poor little baby cow. I just can’t. It makes me all sick and heavy in my stomach just to think about it.

2. How are you iron levels? What did you do to get enough iron?

Another question that I got asked alot!

So my iron levels have been very good and actually surprisingly high during the first half of pregnancy (I say surprinsingly high because they were much higher than during my first pregnancy) and they dropped in the second half. It is absolutely normal that iron levels drop during pregnancy and especially in the second half, when the baby is growing in a tremendous pace.

When my iron levels dropped, I started taking clorella algae and curry leaf extract. Both are natural sources of iron (there will be more on clorella in another blog post soon!). My body seems to be able to absorb them well, because I didn’t have any issues with too low levels ever since. I also made sure to eat loads of nuts and dates throughout the entire pregnancy. It would have been perfect to eat loads of dark leefy greens and legumes too, and I did – however, not as much as I maybe should have 😀

So overall, my iron levels have been good all throughout pregnancy and I did NOT take any artificial iron as a supplement.

3. How do you do to keep your energy levels up and be so active?

It’s true, I’ve been quite busy this pregnancy – I’ve been travelling at least one weekend per month throughout the first seven months, I’ve been working, taking care of my big girl, selling my company, working on my blog etc. etc. etc.

It’s been busy: and its been wonderful! I loved everything I’ve been doing and there is nothing giving you as much energy as doing something you love!

So I guess this is the main reason for why I found it so easy to get everything done that I wanted to do.

However, now that the due date is getting closer, I’m slowing down a lot. Last week (week 38) I still had a few work appointments, but this week I am not planning anything anymore; I am working as much as I feel like and want like, I spend some time with my girl on the playground, all calm and easy, I go for loads of walks, and have good rests at night. Doing this, I feel very good and I do not have any pains or other issues that make me enjoy my days less. 


4. Why do you go to the osteopath during pregnancy?

Talking about pain: I did have some serious back pains around week 28 or so. Like really serious back pains. I wasn’t able to enjoy working/sitting, I wasn’t really able to lay down, all I wanted was to slowly walk around to get rid of that pain.

However, NOTHING of that is left by now!

How’s that possible? I went to see a very good osteopath! And that lady figured out that my back pain was connected to my hip which is rotated inwards. So she worked on that hip and suddenly everything was gone. I feel actually SO good in my body and with my body these days, all thanks to the osteopath!

She told me that no pregnant woman should experience any pain during pregnancy! Pain always is a sign for that something is wrong and is worth looking at. So when you have back pain or whatever other pain during pregnancy, please know that you do not HAVE to have it!

But even for everyone who is not experiencing pains, going to the osteopath can be so helpful! Many women have somewhat rotated hips or hips that are “closed” and an osteopath can help prepare your body for labor, opening your hips, and making it easier in the end, to give birth!

5. In which way is this pregnancy different from your first one? Is it true that a second pregnancy is more challenging?

I can’t say that my second pregnancy is more difficult or challenging compared to my first one. Especially when it comes to back pain and sleep quality, this pregnancy is so much better!

In my first pregnancy I had the same back pain that I had during this pregnancy, but I didn’t go to the osteopath and the pain pretty much stayed all throughout pregnancy. I therefore had quite a few sleepless nights and was in need of several pillows every night, to somehow comfort my back and belly.

Since I do not have any pains this time around, I sleep very well and I feel very well overall.

However, I had more issues with my circulatory system, mainly in the morning. I think that is because I had to take care of my little girl in the morning which always means a lot of up and downs with my head … and then lead to dizziness.

6. Why did you decide to give birth at home and why did you have your check ups with the midwife instead of the doctor?

This is just what I personally feel best with. I wanted to have the check ups with a midwife because a midwife takes actually time to talk with you, see how YOU are doing (and not only the baby), builds up a relationship with the baby in the womb, includes the husband (and the other children) in the entire process, etc. etc. So whereas I’m five to ten minutes in the doctor’s office for a check up, my midwife takes 60 to 90 minutes every time we meet!

And about giving birth at home: it’s where I feel most safe and good. Here, I know I will be able to relax, even during labor. And relaxing is the most important in the end. When you are able to relax your muscles, your baby will be able to come out easily. I know I feel best here in my space, so here is where I want to give birth.

That’s it for today! I hope you found this helpful and please ask me anything, if you have any other questions coming up! I will be so happy to help!

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