Ethical Fashion Pregnancy Outfit for Spring with Hess Natur and BOOB Design

I’m in week 36 and I begin to wonder how many pregnancy outfits I will be able to share before our little baby is here… at least this one here, that is for sure!

I really love this simple maternity look for many reasons, one is the fact that the blouse I am wearing is 100% dyed with plants only! Another one is the endless comfort of these pants… but read more below 🙂

In case you have read my blog post on how to wear non-maternity blouses during pregnancy, you already now how much I love to style blouses with a baby bump. This blouse here is especially perfect for everyone before, after, and during pregnancy. Why? Because of the long fit!

You can actually wear it loose with some skinny pants, or you can knot it. For my baby bump I sometimes knot it under the belly and sometimes over the belly (like with a high waist pencil skirt). I think all three styles look super cute.

And blouses are so perfect for after pregnancy – they make breastfeeding super easy :)!

The blouse I am wearing here is from the German fair fashion label Hess Natur – a label that I am wearing since I was born! My mother used to order aaaaall my clothes from there 😀

But there is more to this blouse! It’s not only the long fit and the perfect colors (looooving the combination of yellow and pink!) but the fact that it is 100% plant dyed!

This is actually a world premiere that a piece of a collection is 100% plant dyed and I am really happy to be able to share this special piece here on the blog!

The yellow is from the plant “dyer’s rocket”, the rosé from the berries of the Rhamnus cathartica, and pink from dried madder roots.

The project of dying clothes with plants only has actually been initiated by the hessnatur foundation and was funded by the Federal Ministry for food and agriculture.

You can learn more about the project and the blouse on the Hess Natur website (in German).

I’ve been wearing this blouse with pretty much every down that I have in my wardrobe (and that stills fits) but my two favorite combinations are either a pencil skirt or these pants here.

The pants are from BOOB design – a label that designs clothes for women to wear before, during, and after pregancy. I love their pieces and wear them A LOT. The pants are the “once on never off cropped pants” and they seriously are the most comfy pants I have!

By the way, since it’s Fashion Revolution Week right now, I would like to draw your attention to a few videos on the Hess Natur website. They are in German though, but in case you know German and are intersted in learning more about what Fair Fashion is about, make sure to check out the videos here.

I hope you enjoy this little maternity outfit!

I am taking it easy today, trying my best to slow down, just a couple of days or weeks before giving birth.

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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