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This week is all about the postpartum period or the puerperium (Wochenbett in German)! Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe for a postpartum belly oil that will help your womb recover after giving birth, and that will give you and your partner the possibility to carefully massage your belly and give thanks for what it has done for you in the past ten months!

Many women have a hard time accepting their belly right after having given birth: it’s wobbly and so empty, it does not really look good (in the view of many) and it still hurts with the womb retracting. I remember that I felt sooooo empty after my first daughter was born – I felt like something is missing. Giving your belly a loving massage with some healing essential oils may help you accept your belly, no matter what it looks or feels like; and to give special thanks to all it has done and is still doing for you!

As always, when I am sharing recipes with essential oils I want to say as a disclaimer that essential oils may work differently for different people! If you have allergies, test the oils before using them on your belly! Always start with small dosages; more is not always good! Also, if this oil does not make you feel good, just leave it!

Also, PLEASE make sure to always use only 100% natural and organic essential oils! A artificial oil which is blended up with parfumes will NEVER do anything good to you! And pesticides in conventional essential oils are not quite helpful for you either.

Post contractions are inevitable since your uterus has grown and expanded for the past nine months! So for the first four to six weeks postpartum, you’ll feel it contracting back down to it’s normal size. During that time this postpartum belly oil may help you recovering and feeling more at ease.

Before jumping into the recipe, I would like to share a little bit of information on the oils I’ve been using:


Yarrow essential oil is said to increase circulation to the uterus, and to promote it’s overall health and function. However, it’s also cramp-soothing and helps with improving digestion (which is a topic for some women after giving birth…). Yarrow is actually said to be a “women’s oil” as it has so many healing properties when it comes to anything from menstruation to bladder infections. However, it is also a wonderful help with any kind of skin problems such as acne prone or irritated skin. 

Important to know: yarrow essential oil can incite labor, so it should not be used during pregnancy!


Cypress is especially strong in treating cramps as it is improving circulation and it has pain-relieving properties. It also tightens up loose skin and muscles, something most women would like their bellys to do after giving birth 😉

At the same time, cypress has a calming, relaxing, and sedative effect on both the mind and body which can be especially helpful in pacifying people who have suffered from a not so nice birth experience.

Rose Geranium

This essential oil is used in many recipes because of it’s nice smell and healing properties on the skin. For postportum it’s especially intersting to know that rose geranium is antispasmotic; the reason for why this essential oil is also used for many period-crap-oil-blends!

Furthermore, rose geranium acts balancing, harmonizing, and calming on the mind. 

As carrier oils I’ve been choosing St. John’s Worth oil, Jojoba oil, and Almond oil.

St. John’s Worth oil has a soothing and warming effect on the skin, whereas jojoba oil is especially firming and toning. The alomnd oil is just as classic carrier oil that I like to use in almost all my recipes, because my skin just likes it. You can also play around with your favorite carrier oils here; or just use what you have!

Now for the postpartum belly oil start blending your carrier oils together; I’ve been using 1/3 of each, ending up with a total of 50ml. So that means approximately:

15ml St. John’s Worth Oil

15ml Jojoba Oil

20ml Almond Oil

However, you can also change these to your personal preference!

When it comes to the essential oils, I’ve been using:

5 drops yarrow essential oil

5 drops cypress essential oil 

10 drops rose geranium essential oil 

Make sure to start with just a few drops and see how you like the scent of the oil blend! Never put too much of any essential oil into your belly oil because your skin and body may react to it!

For everyone who is now looking into the essential oils and is shocked about the price of yarrow essential oil; I’ve got you covered! 

Yarrow is quite expensive here in Germany and yet I personally think it is worth spending a little extra, especially since the oil will last you for a long time and will also help you with other issues like bladder infections or period cramps, or even digestive issues. However, I can totally understand when someone says that the essential oil is too expensive. So in case you are looking for an alternative to yarrow which is cheaper, I do recommend juniper berry.

Juniper berry is, like yarrow, cramp-soothing and helps with digestion issues. It is also used as a natural pain relief. So just use juniper berry, if you find yarrow too expensive.

Now, I hope you found this post helpful and of course I am wishing you the most wonderful postpartum time! Enjoy it, and take good care of yourself 🙂

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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