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  • Meine drei Favoriten von Speick Naturkosmetik

    Meine drei Favoriten von Speick Naturkosmetik
  • Nachhaltige und biologisch abbaubare Handyhüllen von Mmore

    Nachhaltige und biologisch abbaubare Handyhüllen von Mmore
  • Die besten Fair Fashion Kleider 2022

    Die besten Fair Fashion Kleider 2022

Chinese New Year

Have you celebrated the Chinese New Year? I’ve been to a Gala Show tonight and before I start stuyding for my exam for tomorrow and I want to share this with you 🙂  

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Another walk, some more exploration

I wanted to show you some of the pictures from when I want to explore and abandoned house…  most of them are quite boring as the inside of the house looks more or less like every other house. So here are just a few. As you can see on the pictures, there was a lot of snow that day that we went into the house. So, when we went out of the house again and wanted to sneak away without…

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Uniqlo blouse

I have totally forgotten about Uniqlo!  When I lived in Paris I went to shop there quite often as it was on the way to my university but when I moved back from Paris to Germany, I somehow forgot about it. Now I am living in this small town here in Ohio, where I have to get back to online shopping because there are no shops around here. So while I was looking for some nice online shops I found…

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On sunday I’ve been on a long walk with one of my roommates… I love to go on those sunday- walks with my roommate, ’cause we always find the most amazing places (at least I think there are the most amazing places and that may have something to do with the fact that I am in the US and I think almost everything is amazing as long as it is somehow new ;)). So this sunday we found an abandoned…

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More from A., Ohio

As I did mostly post pictures of the nature and of the rural area of A., Ohio, I thought it is time for some pictures of urban places now.  Do you watch the Superbowl tonight?  For me it is the first time ever, watching a Superbowl and I am looking forward to it. I will go to a friends place and watch it together with other friends and lots of snacks and drinks. I hope I will be able to…

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