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  • Meine neue Hautpflege-Routine mit Skinlovers

    Meine neue Hautpflege-Routine mit Skinlovers
  • Im Herbst Aktiv und Frisch bleiben – mit Natural Aktiv von Speick

    Im Herbst Aktiv und Frisch bleiben – mit Natural Aktiv von Speick
  • Hochsensible Kinder und Aromatherapie

    Hochsensible Kinder und Aromatherapie

Around A.

Here are some more pictures from my exploration walk on saturday around A. Many of you commented on my last pictures from A. that it seems to be such a quiet place. Somehow, this is true but yet, it is not entirely true. On the main street there are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, bars etc. and the campus is huge. There are people everywhere. However, I prefer the quiet places and this is why A. looks like a… Beitrag ansehen

Happy MLK day!

Today was my first Martin Luther King Day!   I went to a Martin Luther King brunch which i really enjoyed! The food was great and the speech by B. Jones was just amazing. How did you celebrate the MLK day? I know we do not celebrate it in Europe, but what about my readers from the US? Have you been to a MLK brunch too? Or to a silent march? I think this holiday is so great and it… Beitrag ansehen

Exploration in A. Ohio

Since I did not post in the last days, I think it is time for an update 🙂 Today, I’ve been on a small exploration trip around an old psychiatric clinic and a house which is said to be haunted. It did not seem that haunted to me, but people told me that there was a girl burned inside the house and her body was never found. So since, the ghost of the girl is wandering around the house.I didn’t… Beitrag ansehen

From A., Ohio

I arrived in Ohio on Sunday… I am quite busy getting things done for uni and getting to know my new home. Sorry for not posting much these days. However, here some impressions from how a German girl sees A., Ohio 🙂       Beitrag ansehen

From Maysville, Kentucky

So, this is my first post from the other side of the ocean! I really enjoyed my first days in the US, I had a great time in Maysville, Kentucky and I am now in Ohio getting to know my new home. So far, I like it a lot! So this is what a German girl notices when walking around Maysville, Kentucky 🙂 Beitrag ansehen