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  • Meine drei Favoriten von Speick Naturkosmetik

    Meine drei Favoriten von Speick Naturkosmetik
  • Nachhaltige und biologisch abbaubare Handyhüllen von Mmore

    Nachhaltige und biologisch abbaubare Handyhüllen von Mmore
  • Die besten Fair Fashion Kleider 2022

    Die besten Fair Fashion Kleider 2022

On the road

SPRING BREAK!I am off to the East Coast; Connecticut today and tomorrow, then New York City and then Boston!Yippieyay!Have a great time lovely people!

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Feeling American

We decided that even though it is raining all the time, we want to go for a walk every day. Yesterday we went to the sports- campus and wandered around the baseball fields and all those other fields where we didn’t know for what they are. At night we went to see a basketball match which was really really cool (even though Ohio lost) and we felt quite American after that day 😉Oh and yes, I’ve got my hair cut 🙂

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Nature Walk

On Sunday my finace and I went for a really nice 4-hours hiking trip. It was a most beautiful day and for me it was the first time really exploring the nature around my little town here. I had no idea how beautiful it is! Now I am waiting for spring to come so that I can make the hike again… but than with green trees ans green grass all over 🙂

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Some German Food

As I told you the other day, we were planning a German Dinner for my friends here in Ohio… I’ve been a little nervous about it during the week because I thought maybe the people will not like the food. We wanted to prepare something simple, that we eat in our daily life in Germany, not something fancy. So we went for a soup and a stew. For desert we had the famous Rote Grütze, a red fruit pudding that…

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When the day is grey, make it pink!

This week is once again driving me crazy… the weather is unpreditacble, I have so much to do for uni (both uni here and my home uni in Germany which is asking for when I am going to present my thesis… and I cannot give them any answer to this question) and since my fiancé is here I really want to spend some time with him too. Unfortunatly that’s almost not possible. Yesterday I was really in a bad mood because…

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