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  • Meine neue Hautpflege-Routine mit Skinlovers

    Meine neue Hautpflege-Routine mit Skinlovers
  • Im Herbst Aktiv und Frisch bleiben – mit Natural Aktiv von Speick

    Im Herbst Aktiv und Frisch bleiben – mit Natural Aktiv von Speick
  • Hochsensible Kinder und Aromatherapie

    Hochsensible Kinder und Aromatherapie

When the day is grey, make it pink!

This week is once again driving me crazy… the weather is unpreditacble, I have so much to do for uni (both uni here and my home uni in Germany which is asking for when I am going to present my thesis… and I cannot give them any answer to this question) and since my fiancé is here I really want to spend some time with him too. Unfortunatly that’s almost not possible. Yesterday I was really in a bad mood because… Beitrag ansehen

This Ohio-weather…

  Since I live here in the US, I experience the whole Global Warming issue in a new way… One day it’s minus 10°C, the next day it is plus 10°C, one day it is snowing, the next it is super sunny, then it is storming and raining… and slowly it is driving me crazy 😉 Or maybe this is normal here in the mid-west? Today it was freezing again and I spend most of the day in the lib… Beitrag ansehen

This Green blouse

 Another one of my favorite blouses… My fiancé arrived on saturday and we went for a nice walk in the sunshine this morning. It is freezing but really beautiful outside so I took him down to the river. Yesterday I showed him around the town and I am happy that he really seems to like it here. We will prepare a German Dinner for my international friends this weekend and I am really looking forward to it! I will keep… Beitrag ansehen

Becoming a Laos- Lady

At the Indonesian night… … my friend at I wanted to dress up indonesian- style… but we did not have any constumes so we went for the traditional clothing of Laos instead. My best friend here in the US is from Laos and she brought several outfits from her country. We had a really good time and my Lao-sister and I got lots of compliments 😉 There were lots of great performances (dances, singing, traditional way of fighting…) and the… Beitrag ansehen

Around the old factory…

Another small exploration trip that we did the other day 🙂 The sun was shining, it felt like spring and we were soooo hapy to find this old factory where we were able to wander around and take lots of pictures!     Happy friday to all of you! I hope you will have a wonderful weekend! I am super exited as I will go to get my fiancé from the airport tomorrow! And before that I will go to… Beitrag ansehen