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It’s July and of course it is time for another sunscreen post. Sunscreen has been a topic on my blog in the past few years already. With the arrival of our little one, I began researching a “healthy” sunscreen for my baby and while doing my research I came across a whole bunch of information about the toxic ingredients in conventional sunscreen.

On the blog I have been sharing a recipe for a homemade sunscreen back HERE and I have been sharing some different alternatives to conventional sunscreen (homeemade, coconut oil, organic…) back HERE. (Edit: seems like some problems occured to the blog and the pictures in the two posts are currently not available which is absolutely too bad. Will work on it!).

So why would I not use conventional sunscreen? Conventional sunscreens use one or more chemicals including oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. Most common are oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate, and PABA which are estrogenic chemicals and are all linked to cancer. All these chemicals are absorbed by our skin and are able to enter into our bloodstream where they can easily harm our cells. Whenever you buy a sunscreen watch out for those toxic chemicals. They are in around 97% of all conventional sunscreens.

Mineral sunscreens, like the ones shown here, are considered a safer option but you should take a closer look to make sure that the zinc used in the sunscreen is a non-nano zinc oxide. In the EU it has to be written on the label if there is nano in the product. I do not know about the US or other countries, unfortunatly.

You can also just rely on your favorite bloggers – I did the research for you and all sunscreens in this post are non-nano 🙂

Alga Maris – Spray Solaire and Creme Solaire Visage

The Spray Solaire is most probably one of the best natural and organic sun sprays on the market right now. What makes it so special? It is basically the only one that does not make you look like a zombie 😀

So the thing with mineral protection is that you will have this white film on your skin which comes from the (non nano) zinc that basically stays on your skin to protect it. It’s very useful in protecting but it is also very white and most women do not fancy to have a super white skin while chilling at the pool. Anyway. The Spray Solaire from Alga Maris does not!

It is not sticky on the skin, it is not whitening your skin, it smells good, it has plenty of coconut oil and shea butter and, hence, really is a perfect sun care and skin care product. It does not contain water (the base is coconut oil and sunflower seed oil), no alcohol, no nano, and no parfume; which makes it a perfect sunscreen not only for me but also for my little one.

The Creme Solaire Visage is equally good, not leaving you sitting by the pool with a white face, super nurturing, and it is water resistent (which is the spray too by the way!).

You can find both products online.

Bio Solis – Sun Milk

This sun milk from Bio Solis is both for body and face which I personally find very useful. I really do not love to carry a ton of products with me when going to the beach or lake. Also, Bio Solis claims to have made the first ever 100% organic sunscreen. I cannot say if that is true but I can say that I really like this sunscreen and that it is one that I would also put on my daughter’s skin. The ingredients are absolutely safe; it does not have a like super long list of ingredients, no water, no alcohol, and of course no nano.

Instead of water, this sunscreen has a base of aloe vera and contains precious karanja oil which both nurtures the skin and calms it. You will see a whitening effekt when using this sunscreen, however, it really is absolutely minimal. On my face it was absorbed within a few minutes and my skin felt great and not sticky or anything. Concerning the whitening effect this sun milk ranks number 2 in my rating 😉

You can find Bio Solis natural cosmetics online shop

Lavera – Sunscreen and Sunspray

From Lavera both a sunscreen and a sunspray is available. In Germany you can find the products in most drugstores and they definetly are much cheaper than the other producs reviewed here. Both the  sunscreen and the sunspray are 100% organic and water resistant. The products are great when it comes to the ingredients and can absolutely be used both by children and by adults. Hoooowever, there is quite some whitening going on when used the sunscreen or spray.

So Lavera? Yes! Especially when you are on a budget. When you want to avoid a whitening effect however, rather use Bio Solis or Alga Maris.

You can find Lavera products in drugstores or online

Butterbean Organics

Butterbean Organics is actually my favorite brand when it comes to taking care of my little girl’s skin. I have been using their sunscreens in more than a year now and it was our life saver when we went to the Phillipines last year. I have been blogging about the sunscreen back HERE.

So what I love about Butterbean Organics is that their products come without any plastic! You may know that I try to avoid plastic (but to be honest, I am doing a really bad job at it these days… 🙁 ) and that was actually a huge criteria for me to choose this brand. Also, the ingredients are super safe and I felt good putting it on my baby’s skin. However, the whitening effect may be a problem for some of you, as it is for me. I do not really like to look super white but I do when using this product. For my girl that’s just fine, like that I can actually see where I put sunscreen and where not 😉

In Germany you can find Butterbean Organics in the plastic free online shop which I love a lot.

I hope you enjoyed this little overview of the sunscreens that I tested and recommend. What is your favorite sunscreen brand by the way?

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juli 7, 2017 / 4:07 am

    Natural products are the best!

    xo, Joling

  2. Juli 7, 2017 / 11:23 am

    This is such a lovely post and I love products that are natural so this is a great way for people to start – we don’t think about what we put on our skin so it’s nice to see more and more bloggers featuring products like this.

    Hope you’re well and wishing you a great weekend ahead.

    Layla xx