One Week Ireland with Hand Luggage only – What’s in my Bag

Have you ever travelled with hand luggage only for like more than a weekend? If yes, you know that packing is not thaaat easy under these circumstances. Especially when you go to a place where you do not know what the weather will be like!

I went to Ireland for a week and the weather was supposed to be anything between thunderstorm and sunshine and 15°C and 25°C. So it was a little bit of a challenge to pack. In today’s post I am sharing what I packed in my hand luggage only.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired for your next vacation with a minimal wardrobe 🙂


Let’s begin with the downs.

I was wearing the boyfriend jeans in the middle of this picture here during the flight. It is super comfy and looks cool and stylish enough for the average vacation day. I also packed a skinny jeans in black and some wide cotton pants for warmer days. Like that I was able to dress both a little edgy, slightly chic, and a little hippie-summer-like.

I thought about packing a pencil skirt too but ended up not doing it. For nicer occasions I could have dressed the cotton pants up so they would have looked elegant enough. But you could easily exchange the cotton pants with a skirt if you plan to go to some nice restaurants or events during your stay.


I brought six basic shirts that go with any of the downs I chose. As I spent six days, six shirts were just what I needed. On warmer days I could wear just the shirt and on colder days, I wore my blazer (further down) on top, or I just added a scarf.

As all shirts go with all downs I was free to choose spontanously, depending on my mood which shirt when to wear. I like this better than to plan outfits; which in the end may not reflect my mood on the day I “have” to wear it.

Sweaters/ Blouses

I knew the Irish Summer can be pretty cold so I made sure to pack one slightly bigger sweater. I also packed one long sleeve and one blouse. Like that I was ready for all temperatures and with the blouse I was able to dress up a little for special occasions.

As I brought a blazer that goes with ALL shirts, sweaters and the blouse, I was free to combine the different tops and downs depending on what I felt like on every particular day (wearing the blazer or not on a warmer day, wearing the long sleeve only, wearing a t-shirt with the blazer, wearing both sweater and blazer on a very cold day…)


When packing a minimal wardrobe, accessoires are like soooo important. I would have looked pretty boring wearing nothing but a jeans and a shirt every day during my vacation (which is okay too, by the way. Boring is totally fine with me on many days 😀 ) but the accessoires helped me looking different and stylish every day; some days more relaxed and some days more hip.

I brought my oversized blush blazer which I got back in 2013 and which is like my favorite pieces of all time. I love it! I have a scarf in the exact same color which I also brought. On some days I wore shirt and scarf, on other days shirt and blazer, on again other days neither nor and on many days both scarf and blazer (yes it was pretty cold).

I brought two pairs of shoes; metallic loafers and sneaker. They helped me a lot dressing up and down.

I brought a whole lot of different earrings and necklaces. Simple and yet beautiful jewellery make every look more interesting. I chose a few basic pieces, some slighty larger earrings, and some in between 🙂

Most of the jewellery is from Belle et la Bete a small company from my city; Leipzig. The lady behind the brand is absolutely super nice and definetly got talent to create both simple and fashionable pieces. I had a wonderful talk with her about what it is like to have an own company and all those small challenges we women entrepreneurs face in our daily work routine.

Only the necklace with small R nametag is from another brand, namely the Danish label Jane König. I will most certainly share more about them soon 🙂

I also wore my golden watch (gift from my husband a few years back) every day and my Nine to Five belt on almost every day.

What else…

I always bring an empty glass bottle with me so that I can refill it whereever I am. I hate buying plastic bottles when on vacation and with a little bit of preparation I hardly ever have to do so. My favorite glass bottle since a while already is the pretty one pictured here, from Druckdurst

Also, I always bring my DHA and EPA fatty acids aka algae oil from Testa. In case you follow my blog since a while, you already know about that. As a nursing mother my DHA and EPA fatty acids are super important to me and to my little one (I am glad she loves the algae oil and actually eats it).

Also, as I am a little bit of a superfood addict, I like to bring superfoods with me when travelling. As I never know if there is a smoohthie maker in the Airbnb we are staying at, I love to bring my barley grass as well. These, I can easily swallow in the morning and I’ve got my greens in even before the day even starts for real. Especially when travelling I think this is the easiest way to make sure you get all the nutrients you need to stay energized during your trip. I actually use barley grass since a couple of years already and it helped me through my first pregnancy and nursing time with perfect blood levels.


Finally of course, the beauty products. As you know, you are only allowed a certain amount of liquids when travelling with hand luggage. So I kept it easy with my beauty products as well. Actually, I always take it easy with my beauty products, but anyway. For this trip I chose a few sample sizes but also a bunch of original sizes as I had enough left over space.

The most important product for me is coconut oil! Dr. Goerg has sample sizes of coconut oil which are just perfect when travelling. One sample size like that is enough for me for one week of body care. For my face I brought cleansing make up removal tissues from Natracare. I usually never ever use anything like that because I do not like the idea of producing that much trash. However, these ones have been send to me and I thought why not to give them a try and ended up loving them. I checked them on codecheck (an app where you can check the ingredients of beauty products for hazradous substances – do you know it? If not you have to get it) and they are perfectly fine with nothing harming in there.

I used a simple BB cream for the day and a sample size of my Amo Como Soy face oil for the night. Nothing more needed.

I also brought a deodorant from We Love the Planet, a brand that I got to know at the Vivaness trade fair in February this year. They make all natural deodorant in pretty boxes which are just the right size for travelling.

For my make up I never need much anyway; a rouge, a mascara, an eyebrow pencil, and an eyeliner and I am all done. Okay, plus a lipstick for those special occasions 😉

By the way, both eyeliner and lipstick are from the natural cosmetics brands Couleur Caramel which I just got to know recently. I will share more about them soon.

Finally, there was one more thing in my toilet bag; a sanitizers. So here is my thing with sanitizers: especially when travelling I like to have some when using the toilet, during the flight etc. however, I always have such a hard time using all those chemical loaden products which are super harming both for your skin and the environment. So I never really was happy using sanitizers and often didn’t use it anyway. BUT NOW there actually is a 100% natural and biodegradable sanitizer available which is suitable for babys and children and people like me 😀 so happy to have found Solvid!

SO. Now that’s it! This is what I packed for one week in Ireland. Okay, underwear not included but I think that’s something we do not need that much of an inspiration for.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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3 Kommentare

  1. Juni 20, 2017 / 5:47 am

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve packed on your trip to Ireland, Larissa! Even though I’m sort of a makeup junkie, I also do pack light when travelling. I haven’t been outside of South East Asia so no need to pack coats and such since weather would be pretty much the same. Speaking of… I’m off to Cambodia on September for a week-long trip. Yey for vacations. Finally got the time to take a leave from work and relax. 🙂


  2. Juni 22, 2017 / 10:54 pm

    I know that Ireland can be much like England in its weather, so it sounds as though you had everything you needed to be stylish and practical. I’ve never been to Ireland before, but want to go so bad, my grandfather was born and raised there and came later on in life to the States; he’s from County Cork 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  3. Juni 23, 2017 / 9:27 am

    Wow! Also ich war letztes Jahr im Juni eine Woche in Irland und ich wäre definitiv nicht mit Handgepäck ausgekommen… gut, wir waren halt auch wandern usw. Aber da musste dann halt noch Regenzeug mit und ein Navi für’s Auto und ach. So viele Kleinigkeiten.
    Respekt, das sieht mir sehr organisiert aus!