On Gifting and Giving

How do you choose your Christmas gifts? How do you decide which ones to buy and which ones not to buy?

I today’s post I want to share a few thoughts on how I choose Christmas gifts, or rather gifts in general … or actually all purchases in general 😀

So there is this thing with buying stuff: the thing is that whenever we buy something, we give money to someone. This means that whenever we gift someone a present, we also give money to someone else. Maybe we give a lot of money to one single person, maybe we give a tiny bit of money to maaaany people; but whatever we buy, we do give money to someone.

When we buy something we cannot decide on if we want to give the money or not, when we buy a gift we cannot decide on if we want to give money to someone else or not – we have to give the money in order to buy!

However, we can choose WHO to give our money to! This is the power we have and this power is enormous!

We can choose to give our money to peole who are letting children work for them under unfair conditions. We can choose to give our money to people who are allowing their employees to lead chemicals in rivers and lakes. We can choose to give our money to people who are turturing animals.

But we do not have to!

We can also choose to give our money to people who are trying to change the world to a better place. We can choose to give our money to people who are paying fair salaries to people in need. We can choose to give our money to people who are supporting organic farming, and a sustainable lifestyle.

The choice is always ours – also when it comes to Christmas gifts!

So what could we gift and be giving at the same time?

There are soooo many options – look out for small labels from your region that you would like to support! Search for fair trade products!

Or get inspired by the following three examples for how we can gift a beautitful present to someone – and at the same time give to others!

1. underwear from the #fairtomyself campaign from Comazo

This underwear is not only made from organic cotton under fair trade conditions (which provides farmers and producers with a fair salary) but also 50 cents of every piece sold are given to a charity project which goal is to strenghten the self confindence of young girls. The entire collection of underwear has been born from the idea of being #fairtomyself: the thought behind the collection is selflove. No matter your body type or your style, you are beautiful, can love yourself and be loved!

The collection is supported by the Spanish artist Cinta Tort Cartró alias Zinteta who decorated the bodies of the models for the campaign. The collection and the whole idea behind is truely beautiful and I recommend checking out comazo.de  for more information and beautiful pictures..

2. Beauty products that give back

At Kahina Giving Beauty people take action for rural women in Morroco. For the Berber women who inhabit the argan forest in the Southwest of Morocco, the hard work of extracting argan oil offers them their only means of financial and social independence. Kahina Giving Beauty is paying fair wages and donates 1% of its annual revenue to organizations that directly benefit the women in the South of Morocco and their families. Two of those organizations are Education for All, Morocco and the High Atlas Foundation.

Their beauty products are suitable for both men and women which makes them a great gift for eveyone! The products come with a brochure and information on Argan Oil and the Berber women so that you get all the information on who you’ve been giving too through buying the products.

I found their products at the Amazingy.com online shop which offers a variety of wonderful products from companies with great stories worth supporting!

3. Fair Trade Jewellery

At Mirabelle jewellery almost the entire collection is made under fair conditions in Indonesia. Fair Trade means that producers receive a minimum set price for their goods, financial and technical support, healthy and safe working conditions, economic development of their communities, and educational oportunities for their children. Furthermore, all precious stones all ethically sourced and the glass parts are made from recycled glass.

This is the kind of jewellery where you give back all while buying! I don’t know if you about this, but most precious stones, gold, and silver are sourced under very inhumane ways by children and even slaves. This is just nothing we should support with our money!

How do you choose which Christmas gifts to buy and which ones not to? Are you aware of child labor, slavery, and explotation of humans and the environment when you are selecting the companies you decide to support with your money? I would love to know 🙂

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Dezember 17, 2018 / 8:40 am

    These are great ideas! I try to give less and less physical gifts, but when I do I always look for something ethically made! ❤