Normandy/France: My Highlights

We‘ve been spending the last two weeks in Normandy, in France, driving around in our motor home and enjoying the beauty of the area. In today’s post I am going to share my three Normandy highlights with you – plus loads of pictures.

I’ve been thinking about sharing some highlights from our trip all throughout Europe on a regular basis with you guys. That’s not only because I want to share all the beauty of the places we visit, but mainly because I would like to show you that travelling Europe is aaaaaamazing! There is no need to take an airplane every other month to hop to some fancy places in Bali or Singapor – the highlights are just next door and you can actually go by train! So I hope to inspire some of you Germans, English, French, Polish, Spanish etc. people out there to look around Europe for your next travel destination … instead of supporting global warming by booking yet another flight.

Anyway, so my first “travel highlights” post is about Normandy!

The Normandy is located in northern France, bordering Brittany and the Nord Pas de Calais (where we spent the first two weeks in France), it’s an area well known for its apples and ciders tradition, for its beautiful beaches, and because it was here that the allies arrived in 1944 to liberate France (and later Europe). I have to admit though that I didn’t know ANY of this before I went there!

Now, we aren’t really planning where we go with our motor home, we usually go with the flow. So we didn’t make any plans for Normandy either. Or well, we planned to check out some beaches in the area and that was pretty much how far we thought.

Even though we didn’t know anything about the area, we’ve been able to find some real highlights! Three of these I am going to share with you in today’post!

  1. The beach of Merville-Franceville-Plage

We went here because we read that the allies landed on this beach to liberate France (and later Europe) in 1944 and somehow we found this interesting and wanted to see the place. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful beaches we saw during our trip so far! We had a few rainy days before arriving in Merville-Franceville-Plage and when we arrived, the sun was suddenly shining; we walked up a dune to see the beach and when the beach appeared, all sunny and beautiful, I screamed “wow, are we in Portugal already?” – and we all ran down the dune to enjoy this beautiful place!

The beach is perfect; for kids because here you can find the best sand for sand castles (and there is France’s BEST playground right next to the beach – really it’s huge and amazing for kids between 3 and 7!), for adults because here you can go for long and beautiful walks, for shell lovers because here you can find the best ones, and for history-lovers because this beach has quite a history!

I have to admit though that all D-Day beaches are absolutely beautiful and worth a visit. I think I liked Merville-Franceville-Plage best because we had the best weather that day 😀

  1. The apple farms

Normandy is known for it’s apple and cider tradition and those of you who like to drink cider should give it a try while there. However, drinking cider or eating apples from the Normandy is one thing – and it’s another thing to stand in the middle of a field of apple trees and smell the scent of millions of apples! I promise that’s an experience you do not want to miss on!

As we are travelling with our motor home, we slept several nights on apple farms (we found them through our France Passion Catalogue) and loved it! One night we parked right next to the apple field and it was just so beautiful to sleep in this unforgettable scent of apples around us!

Many apple farms have guest rooms and/or apartments for rent and I can recommend spending at least one night one of those farms and going for an evening walk between the apple trees. We’ve been there in October when there were apples on the trees, however, it must be beyond stunning to go in April when all trees are blooming!

  1. Mont Saint Michel

I know that’s a classic for everyone who has been to Normandy yet but those of you who haven’t been there yet: Mont Saint Michel is yet another reason to go there! It’s a huge tourist attraction though, so you better don’t go there on a Sunday in July if possible. We’ve been there in October and we did really well; there weren’t too many tourists that day and we’ve been able to take full advantage of this magical town.

Because yes, Mont Saint Michel is a town in the ocean! It’s actually a small mountain in the ocean and on this mountain there is this tiny town and a huge cathedral. It’s so much fun to walk around the town and explore the small medieval streets! However, I personally find it even more stunning to just look at this town from a little far away. I will let the pictures talk for themselves …

That was it for today! My three hightlights from Normandy … and as I am finishing this post I am already thinking about my three highlights from Brittany, where we are right now 😀 

Really, France is so beautiful and there is so much to discover. I used to live in the Nord Pas Calais for a year, and I lived in Paris for seven months, and I travelled a bit here and there; and yet I feel like I have only seen a tiny bit of this spectacular country! So be ready for more France-content before we are finally leaving for Spain sometime in November …

Have you been to France yet? Where did you like it best? I would love to know! Leave me a comment on write me on Instagram!


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