Natural Spring Make Up with BENECOS

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Spring is here with all its beauty – and with beautiful make up! I hope you are ready for a very natural spring make up with benecos!

Last week, I spent a morning in my favorite next door cafe with my good friend Nicole. We’ve been having a wonderful girls-morning; sipping on cappuccino (with oat milk and decaf for me – pregnant lady), having some raw vegan cake, chatting, and taking the opportunity to shoot a a few pictures of our favorite nail polish colors for spring, and our all natural cosmetics make up.

It’s not that we talk about cosmetics all the time, for sure not (we mainly talk about food 😀 ), but I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy theses typical girl’s talks! Can anyone relate?

What are your favorite colors for Spring?

When it comes to clothes, I love to wear pastels and white, but I also really like wearing some more bright and colorful pieces! When it comes to make up though, I love everything peachy! I have no idea why, but peach is my Spring make up color 😀

I do not wear much make up, no matter if Winter or Summer. However, I tend to wear some more bronzer and lighter colors during the warmer months of the year, whereas I would wear a good, thick black eyeliner rather in Fall than Spring. Light peachy colors and pastels are just perfect for my kind of Spring make up.

Whereas I am not wearing much make up and most people probably won’t be able to see much of a difference between my Spring/Summer make up and my Fall/Winter make up, one can tell which season it is, by looking at my nails! I wear only dark nail polish colors during the cold months, and only light and bright colors during the warmer months !

Nicole is doing similiar, however on her nails she prefers a nice and bright summerly red for Spring instead of the peach color that I currently prefer. Which nail polish one would you choose?

Whenever it comes to putting some color on my nails, I absolutely make sure to use a nail polish that I can trust in! Benecos guarntees for a nail polish that is made of up to 90% natural ingredients and comes without any toluol, colophonium, campher, phthalates or parabenes. And all polishes are vegan!

They come in a variety of colors and I have to admit that (since I am using their nail polishes since five years now…) I have almost all of them 😀

You can find out more about their nail polishes right here.

But let’s talk a little bit more about make up! I am even more conscious about what I put on my skin, compared to what I put on my nails (in the end, I am just very conscious about it all – what I put into my body and onto my body). All benecos make up products are certified natural cosmetics and most of them are vegan as well!

I got to know the brand some five years ago when I was looking for natural make up that’s afforable. I was a student back in the days and I wasn’t able to spend a furtune on a mascara – and yet I wanted to make sure I buy certified natural cosmetics and to get a good result. Benecos saved me from buying conventional cosmetics as they met all my demands!

For years now I’ve been using their blush powder, their eyebrow pencil, and their mascara. And I still not getting tired of it 😀

For my Spring make up I love the sassy salmon blush powder; and the toasted toffee one for when I got a liiiitle bit of summer teint.

By the way – I always apply some blush powder to the tip of my nose as well! That’s for that extra little bit of freshness! It also makes the teint look more natural … or at least it does so as long as you do not exaggerate and as long as you choose a blush powder that goes well with the natural color of your skin 😀

On a sidenote: benecos does also have a variety of all vegan brushes available in their online shop! I use them since a couple of months now and I’m very happy with them!

You can check them out here

Now, how do you like my natural Spring look? I am wearing a little bit of foundation, concealer under my eyes, some mineral powder (always my fav!), blush, my all times fav eyebrow pencil in “blonde”, some mascara, and a little bit of a very natural eyeshadow; a vanilla kind of color that I like a lot.

Can you tell from the pictures that I’m 8 months pregnant 😀 ? One could almost think I just had a little too much food 😀

Nicole here chose the benecos BB cream that we both use a lot (instead of a foundation) and went for pretty much the same other products that I used: a blush, an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and the vanilla eyeshadow. Doesn’t she just look absolutely amazing? I think she is the prettiest girl in town!

Now, in case you are looking for some all natural make up that doesn’t cost a furtune I can highly recommend checking out benecos. You can find their products online but they do also have a store locator on their website, so feel free to check that out here!

Do you have any questions about benecos or my favorite products? Make sure to leave a comment and let me know!


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