Natural Perfume – Why to Choose Them and Which Ones to Choose

I know some of you have been waiting for this post for a while now and I am so happy that I am finally able to share it with you! Natural perfume is such an important topic – especially when looking at all the nasties in synthetic fragnances! So in today’s post I want to let you kno all about WHY to choose natural fragnance over conventional one and are few options on which ones there are (on the European market).

Before jumping into the topic I want to address that fragnance is not only an ingredient in eau de parfume or eau de cologne but also in MOST conventional beauty products (and detergents etc.). No matter if perfume, day cream or washing agent; the harmful ingredients stay the same everywhere, so even though this post is focusing on perfumes, all information counts for ALL products containing fragnance.

So why did I decide to stop using conventional fragnance? Well, conventional products – and perfumes especially – are often loaded with pretty nasty ingredients including parabens, allergens and neurotoxins. If you, like most people do, spray the perfume directly onto your skin all of these nasties get absorbed into the body. The skin absorbes everything! And since there is no liver to filter what you put on your skin, everything does directly in the blood stream. When you eat nasties, you are lucky enough to have your liver filtering it, but when you put something on your skin, unfortunatly, you do not.

Many perfumes also contain multiple sensitizers that can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, headaches and contact dermatitis. I am sure you have experienced getting a headache when being in a room with a lot of people using alot of fragnance!? I experienced this a million times and I always wondered why!

Further, the nasties in fragnance are linked to hormone disruption that mimic oestrogen and are associated with thyroid effects. Synthetic perfumes are actually some of the most toxic beauty products out there!

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins; be it in the food we eat, when walking in a street next to cars running, when drinking alcohol, when wearing clothes from conventional brands, etc. And our bodies work so hard to detoxify (thank you wonderful body!). However, when we always add more and more, then our bodies simply do not have the capacity to remove all of these toxins.

Sometimes people tell me “why should I avoid toxins in food or beauty products, they are all over the place anyway, so I can’t avoid them anyway!?” But this IS exactly why you should avoid them wherever you can! I cannot control the air I am breathing but at least I can control what I put IN my body and ON my body!

Finally, I want to copy one quote that I found on :

“Only 800 of the approximately 4,000 chemicals used as fragrances have been tested for toxicity, either alone or in combination with others. These chemicals are so bad that “the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has grouped fragrances with insecticides, heavy metals, and solvents as categories of chemicals that should be given high priority for neurotoxicity testing.” (There’s Lead In Your Lipstick, Gill Deacon).

Okay, now that you know why it isn’t the best idea to use synthetic fragnance you may wonder what natural perfume is made of!?

All natural fragrances are actually made from essential oils! These are originally derived from a plant or flower. The scent is then combined with a naturally occurring oil or alcohol to dilute it. This does not only smell divine but even has health benefits! You may have heard about how essential oils are used for aroma therapy because of their healing powers!?

It is true that natural perfume is different in scent compared to synthetic ones. Of course they are, because they are not containing all the nasties that make a conventional perfume smell the way it does. I heard from a lot of people that they do not like natural perfumes and that they prefer sticking to the perfume they used for years. And I can absolutely understand! When you are used to a certain smell then this is the one you like. However, as with your taste buds you can also change your perception of “a good scent”. When you are used to eat a lot of salt, everthing without salt with taste boring to you. When you use a lot of perfume everything without perfume will smell boring to you… in the first place! Because when you avoid salt for a week and then eat a salty meal again, you will most probably find it extremly salty. Same for perfume!

So what you could do is to slowly change your sense of smell. You could try not to wear ANY fragnance for a week or so – and then use your natural perfume. The effect will be much more satisfactory then when directly switching from years of synthetic perfume to a natural, essential oil based one.

Which natural perfumes are there?

Not that many! At least here in Germany it is not that easy to find natural parfumes. I found three brands that I like and that I want to share with you.

The first one is Farfalla.

I am currently using two perfumes from Farfalla.

Essence Divine is a blend of blossom scents of tuberose, champaca, neroli, jasmine and osmanthus. I actually use this perfume in more than a year, as it was part of a goodie bag at an event last year. I really like it for it’s “blooming” very “female” scent 🙂

Another Eau de Cologne from Farfalla is Frangipani. As they state on their website: “Its floral magic, soft and warm, carries you away to a dream world of the sunny South Seas.” And I agree. It is one of my favorite summer perfumes and it really gives me this tropical feeling… I always have to think back of my vacation in the Phillipines when wearing it.

At Farfalla you can order all scents in both small and big sizes so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on something you aren’t sure about yet. You can also find trial sets in case you do not know at all what you want 🙂

Another brand that I can highly recommend is Taoasis!

The most sensual of all the natural perfumes I have tried so far is the MYTAO SEVEN. I LOVE this one! This is the one I would wear when going on a date night with my husband. I actually sometimes put it on in the evening after a busy day – and immediatly I feel like a super attractive superwomen – instead of a tired mother 😀

Taoasis also offers a Mini Set which could be great for everyone who wants to try a few different scents.

Oh and by the way, both Farfalla and Taoasis also offers scents for HIM! I got to try the one from Taoasis and my husband is now using it. We both enjoy it a lot!

Talking about Taoasis… I get the chance to visit the company in July and participate in the lavender harvest and destilation! I can’t wait for it and I will probably know much more about natural scents when coming back from that little adventure.

Finally, I also want to point out to the option of perfume sticks. I found much more natural perfume sticks or creams that actual eau de parfume or eau de cologne. One that I like to use in the one from Amo Como Soy. However, I can’t find it on their website yet… I will check with the founder Schareska where you can get it 🙂


That’s it! I would love to know how you feel about natural perfumes! Have you tried them yet? Do you have any favorite brands?

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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4 Kommentare

  1. Mai 9, 2018 / 11:56 pm

    Wow I had no idea about this! How scary!! I was just thinking of buying some new perfume because mine is running out, but I will definitely be choosing a natural perfume this time!

    • Mai 11, 2018 / 1:59 pm

      So good to hear! Thanks for your comment :)! You are definetly doing something great for your body by choosing a natural one next!

  2. Evelin
    Mai 10, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    My recommendation is Korres – I am currently using Velvet Orris/Violet/White Pepper, and have hunted down Vanilla/Freesia/Lychee on ebay because this one is no longer available in the shops and is my favourite one!
    Korres also make the best nail polish in my opinion….
    Love your blog btw!

    • Mai 11, 2018 / 2:01 pm

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love Korres too even though I have only tried a blush stick and a shower gel so far. I will make sure to try their other products as well 🙂 I had no idea they make nail polish… now you made me super curious about that one 😀