Natural and Organic Powder Blush/ Rouge Powder

A new natural and organic cosmetics review is up! Today is all about blush or rouge – how do you prefer calling it? I never really know!? I guess rouge is more European and Blush American!?

Anyway, like with all cosmetics and all make up I use, I only use natural blush powders. I am very careful about what I allow to be absorbed by my skin. As you know, the skin is the biggest organ we have, and everything we put onto it, will be absorbed directly into our blood. That basically means that it would be healthier to eat something “toxic” compared to putting it on your skin; because when you eat something at least it is filtered through your liver before entering the blood stream.

In many, many, many make up and cosmetic products there are tons if toxins, chemicals, microplastic and so on. This is why I only use natural and organic products. Even when it comes to natural cosmetics you will find huge differences in quality, and ingredients of different quality; but in general natural products are much safer to use.

For this rouge powder post, I collected a few blushes that are all safe to use and that work perfectly well. Enjoy my little overview and review 🙂

Veg Up Blush Duo

Veg Up from Italy is a brand that I just got to know earlier this year. They have an all vegan natural cosmetics line with a high percentage of organic ingredients. I really love their terracotta powder that I have been writing about back HERE and I also really love their blush duo. The blush contains a blend of pure, plant active ingredients that are rich in antioxidants; such as roseroot extract, organic apricot oil, and organic zea mays.

The rouge has a very fine texture which gives your skin a natural look. It also makes it very is easy to apply. The blush does not dry your skin and lasts long. It has a matte finish.

It is 17.50€ in the Vep Up Onlineshop

Benecos Natural Trio Blush

I think trio blushes are always a fun thing to have. This one here from Benecos is super silky and contains three matching colours that can be used single of blended. A little bit of  peach for freshness, a light rose to set highlights, and a slightly more robust tone of rosewood to contour.

The blush is slightly shimmering, yet not much. It is pretty long lasting (for me it lasts the entire day) and easy to apply (even though you may want to use more than one coat).

It costs around 3,99€

Couleur Caramel Blush Powder

Couleur Caramel is another brand that I just got to know recently. I tried their Twist & Lips lipstick a while ago, absolutely fell in love and enjoy getting to know the brand and their produts ever since. I know this blog post is about rouge, but seriously, the lipstick is the best one I have ever had. And I tried many. Okay, but that is a different story.

So back to the blush.

The micronized pigments garanty for an unbelievable density and only very little of the product is needed. This somehow evens out the rather high price of the product. I think mine will last forever, even though I use it a lot. The powder feels super nice on the skin, as vegetable oils treat and soften the skin. The blush contains grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, shea butter, and apricot powder.

It costs around 25€

Earth Mineral Luminous Shimmer Blush

Since a while know I trust in the high quality of Earth Minerals products. Whereas I was a little afraid of trying them in the first place (I did not have much experience with loose powders at the time), I learned to love and use them a lot.

Earth Minerals has both matte and slightly shimmering blushes to choose from. I prefer the shimmering in summer and the matte ones in winter.

The blush has a very intensive pigmentation so you only need a little bit of product to get a whole lot of effect. When applying several times, you will get an intense radiance which I sometimes enjoy when getting ready for a night out.

It costs around 20€

Lavera Mineral Rouge Powder

I am soooo in love with this color!

This silky mineral blush is made with organic jojoba oil, organic blossom butter, and organic liquorice root. It is easy to apply, gives a natural glow when applied once, and a more intense touch when applied several times, and I love its soft shimmer. Especially during the warmer months of the year, I just love to have some shimmer on my face. In the colder months, however, I prefer matte blushes.

How about you?

Lavera Mineral Rouge Poweder is around 7€

Logona Duo Blush

The last one, and yet one of my favorites. I just love its super soft and fine texture. The really exceptionally fine consistency makes it super easy to apply and the two colors are perfect for greater variety and possibilites. I like to use the lighter shade for a subtle understated makeup, and the darker shade for more dramatic effects in the evening. On most days however, I just blend the two shades.

The blush contains natural anti-aging ingredients such as cranberry, apple seed and brown algae extract.

It costs around 13€


I hope you enjoyed this little overview! Did you? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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  1. Juli 30, 2017 / 8:51 am

    Danke für die super Tipps, liebe Rosa. Das Rouge von Benecos klingt für mich perfekt. Kaufst du deine Produkte online oder hast du einen Tipp für einen Laden in Leipzig? Beim Biomare gibt es ja auch viele Naturkosmetik-Marken.

    P.S. Falls du Lust hast, mal über ein Deo ohne Aluminium und Gedöns zu schreiben, das für dich funktioniert, fänd ich das ja super (: