Natural and Organic Eyeliner Review

Ready for a new natural cosmetisc review? In today’s post I am sharing a few natural and organic eyeliner with you!

I tried a whole bunch of different all natural companies to get you a nice overview. All products in this post are pr samples. At the end of the post you will find swatches of all the eyeliners reviewed here. Enjoy 🙂

Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner

€ 4,49 – 3 ml

The eyeliner from benecos is the cheapest in ths review and yet it works really well for it’s price. It does not have the best coverage, but it is easy to apply (just slightly wet) and has a deep black color. When applied (you may need two or three coats) it is okay long lasting and lasts for around 8-10 hours for me. Check the last picture in this post for a swap of the eyeliner.

This eyeliner does contain (organic) palmoil and it is not vegan. All other ingredients are safe ( says).

The eyeliner does only contain 3 ml which I personally find ok, because my eyeliner tend to dry and the quality changes when I do not finish them in around 6-10 months (which I hardly ever make when they contain more than 4 ml)

Couleur Caramel Eyeliner

€ 22,50 – 10ml

This eyeliner has the highest price in this review, however it does contain 10 ml which is much more compared to the others. It has a pretty perfect coverage and you will only need one coat for a perfect black finish (which evens out the price I guess!?). It is drying really fast and lasts for a day plus night out when I apply it in the morning.

This eyeliner could easily have been my favorite by far, however, it contains sodium hydroxymethylglycinate which is potentially carcinogenic.

The product is vegan!

Logona Eyeliner

€ 12,85 – 4 ml

This eyeliner has a high coverage and is very long lasting. It is easy to apply and dries pretty quick. I wear this one almost every day at the moment.

This eyeliner is not vegan but also does not contain any potentially harming ingredients which makes it one of my favorites in this lillte series.

Earth Minerals Eyeliner

€ 12, 95 – 2g

The Earth Minerals eyeliner are super silky and highly pigmented. It is a little bit of a challenge to me to apply powdered eyeliner. You can, however also apply it wet, for a more intense emphasis on the eyes. In the swatches below I only swatched the dry version. Sorry for that!

This one here really is the perfect eyeliner for a no make up make up because it is so soft and matte.

The eyeliner is vegan and does not contain any harming ingredients. This makes it one of my favorites, even though I find it challenging to apply.

SANTE Naturkosmetik Eyeliner

€ 10,45 -4 ml

This one I find most easy to apply because of the big brush which is nice and soft. It is highly pigmented, covers perfectly, and is long lasting. Overall it is my number 1 favorite because to me it is most important that a product is easy to apply all while being healthy for my skin.

Not only does it work perfectly fine but also it does not contain any harming ingredients and SANTE is very much into animal protection and fighting against animal tests. The eyeliner is not vegan however (isn’t that a little bit of contradiction, SANTE?)

Veg Up Liquid Eye Pencil

€ 14,49 -3,5 ml

Okay so this one is the only colored eyeliner I tested. But you know what? Veg Up does not have black eyeliner! And as I wanted to try their eyeliner anyway, I chose a blue one to get an impression at least.

This one is super easy to apply (perfect brush!) and super long lasting. I do somehow like the bright blue color even though it is most definetly nothing I would wear on a normal week day. I really hope that Veg Up will come up with a black version as I think this one in black would win my review.

EDIT: turns out they do have a black one! For some reason I just wasn’t able it in their web shop 😀

All Veg Up products are vegan!

Lavera Liquid Eyeliner

7,99 – 4 ml

The eyeliner from lavera dries super quick and leaves you with a nice matt finish. It has a big brush which is a little hard and therefore not super easy to apply. It will last for the day but not for the night out afterwards. You may need to apply a few more coats during the day when you want a high opacity. However, when considering the really low price compared to other products in this review, I find it worth a buy.

I am actually not sure about if it is vegan or not but at least it does not contain any harming substances.

Conclusion: When it comes to natural eyeliner money makes the difference! The cheapest products in this review (lavera and benecos) are the least long lasting and you will need to apply them several times when you are out for 10 hours or longer. The more expensive ones however, are high in opactiy and long lasting. So in the end you may get the same out of your money when buying one expensive one that will last you for 6-12 months instead of buying several cheap ones that will last you 3-6 months.

However, the cheaper ones are free of any cancer causing or otherwise harming ingredients whereas the most expensive in this review (couleur caramel) actually is not!

Logona and Sante and the two eyeliners that I use most often these days but that’s only because I find Earth Minerals difficult to apply and Veg Up does just not have a black eyeliner. Otherwise I think Earth Minerals and veg Up could have won this little comparision too 🙂

Only the colorful Veg Up eyeliner and the powdered eyeliner by Earth Minerals are vegan. That’s too bad actually, isn’t it?

What is your favorite eyeliner? Are you checking ingredients for being harming to your body and skin before buying a product? I would love to know!


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