My Zero Waste Shower Routine

It’s been forever since I’ve been sharing something on going less waste or even zero waste. So today it’s time to share a little bit on my pretty much zero waste shower routine. Or let’s call it less waste, because some waste is always included in whatever it is.

Recently I got a lots of questions on instagram regarding my shower routine, my hair care routine, and how I shave. So I decided to make a little post on that!

As a disclaimer I want to say that I am not at all living a zero waste lifestyle! That is partly, because I personally find it too difficult, and partly also because my job as a blogger makes it in some areas difficult. Like, I know all of my readers are somewhat intersted in a more conscious lifestyle overall. However, I also know that for many of my readers it is quite a challenge to change their habits! This is why I like to give inspiration for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle – in different degrees! Meaning that I like to share both information on natural cosmetics that are somewhat cheaper and that come wrapped in plastic, as well as on rather expensive zero waste cosmetics. Because I am convinced that the change from “cheap” conventional cosmetics to rather cheap natural cosmetics is easier for most people – and yet it is an important and wonderful step that has a true impact on the world overall! Giving a person the opportunity to change gradually, is – at least that’s what I believe – very important. So many people out there feel overwhelmed by everything one CAN do; so they end up doing nothing because it’s simply too much. And yet every small step is an important one and worth to be supported!

So today I am sharing how I usually shower – which is super minimal, zero waste, and probably rather boring for many out there 😀

However, this does NOT mean that I am not enjoying testing a new (plastic packed) shampoo, body scrub, or bathing oil to be able to share my opinion on it on the blog later on – and hopefully inspire someone to change their routine from conventional cosmetics to natural ones! This does not mean that I do not enjoy a hot bath every now and then, using aaaaall the fancy products and spoiling myself! This is just what my everyday looks like…

Here is what I use when I take a shower in the morning:


Okay, that’s it, end of the post.

Haha, no I will say a little more on that piece of soap; even though it’s actually true. It’s all I use.

I am using a shampoo soap which I apply to my wet hair and then foam all over my hair. With the foam I have on my hair, I wash my armpits, and let it then all flush down all over my body. That’s it. As I said: pretty boring.

The soap that I am currently using comes from Liebevoll Naturkosmetik and I am very happy with it. I mainly need volume for my hair and the shampoo bar works really well for me.

Sometimes I shave my arm pits and my legs. In that case I apply the same soap to my arm pits and shave with my stainless steel razor. I had a friend buying it for me in New York last fall, because back then it was difficult to find in Germany. Today, however, I believe there are some shops selling it in Germany as well. I do not know for other European countries though. The razor is from Leaf Shave, will last a lifetime, comes with all the comfort of a modern plastic razor but looks so much nicer – and comes without the waste!

The razor has three blades and a movable head which makes it super easy to use. I didn’t cut myself even once with that razor ever since I’ve got it!

You can easily change the blades when needed and you can use any regular (and pretty cheap) razor blends for it.

I’ve been using it since November now and I cannot come up with anything bad about it. It works perfectly well for me and I am sure I will stick to it.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Leaf-Shave-zero-waste-razor-3-1-1440x953.jpg

And yes, except for that soap and that razor I’m not really using anything when I take my shower in the morning!

However, I’ve been washing my hair with rye flour for more than two years – I wrote about how that is done back here. It’s not that I do not like the rye flour any longer (and my husband ONLY washes with rye flour, he is never using anything else), quite in contrast, I’m still convinced that it gives my hair the most volume and treats my scalp better than ANY soap out there. It’s just out of laziness that I am back to soap. It’s simply easier in the morning to grab the soap instead of blending up rye flour with water. So I am still a huge fan of rye flour instead of shampoo… just too lazy at the moment.

What does your shower routine look like? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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