My Three Favorite Salad Dressings (Vegan and Oilfree)

With Summer around the corner, salads start to appear more and more on tables and social media. I actually love to eat salads and I usually keep it very simple when preparing them. I have three favorite vegan salad dressings that I use again and again and again. They go with lettuce, with mixed salads, with potatoe and pasta salad and even with rice salads.

One is super fresh, one is super creamy, and one is just perfectly hearty. Make sure to try all three and let me know which one you like best!

First of all; what kind of salads do I like to make? I will be honest with you; I rarely ever have the time to chop a ton of different veggies. So moore often than not, my salad consists of… lettuce! And that’s it. Well not always only lettuce, but just some kind of leafy greens; kale, spinach, lettuce, wild herbs, gout weed, dandelion, rocket, etc.

I actually really like to top a little fruit on my greens, I even prefer that to the typical veggies, such as bell pepper, cucumber, etc. So here I just added some frozen mango and a few hemp seeds to my lettuce and it was quite perfect for my taste.

When it is not only leafy greens, it is usually something starchy: potatoes, pasta, beans, lentils, rice… I like to just blend up the greens with something filling and eat it all together with one of my three favorite vegan dressings.

So here we go with the recipes!

Super creamy Tahini Dressing

This one of soooo creamy! And so easy to make, you do not even need a blender for this one!

All you need for one person is:

1 heaped tablespoon tahini (choose a high quality organic one, for best taste!)

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 pitted date (or if you do not want to use your blender just use a teaspoon of honey, maple syrup or agave)

A pinch of salt and pepper

Depending on how thick you like your dressing, you may want to add a little bit of water to the dressing. But that’s up to you – and the consistency of your tahini! Because it seems like some tahinis are much more firm than others.

Just blend together all ingredients and enjoy!

This dressing also goes very well with a baked sweet potatoe by the way 🙂

Cashew and Herbs Dressing

This one is super creamy, and yet very refreshing! You can use both fresh herbs and frozen ones and you can play around with your favorite herbs.

For one portion you need:

1 handfull of cashews

1 pitted date

Juice of one lemon

A Pinch of salt and pepper

A whole lot of herbs of your choice

For this one you need a high speed blender; add all ingredients to your blende and blend until smoothie. You have to add some water, depending on how much juice you got out of your lemon and depending on how creamy you like it this can be only a tablespoon or up to five.

You can either add all ingredients at once to the blender to get a nice green dressing OR you want with the herbs until everything else is ready, and then add the herbs in the end. Like that the dressing with be white with green dots all over 🙂

This is the perfect summer dressing and it also goes SO well with oven baked golden potatoes!

Yogurt and Mustard Dressing

For this one I use soy yogurt but you can use any yogurt of your choice.

For one portion you need:

2 tablespoons yogurt of choice

1 tablespoon mustard of choice (I like to use a sweet one with some balsamico vinegar)

1 pitted date (or a teaspoon honey, maple syrup or agave

A pinch of salt and pepper

Blend all ingredients together in a bowl – of when using a pitted date then use your high speed blender.

This one is really hearty because of the mustard and I love it with basically everything 😀


All three dressings are not only vegan but also oil free. I usually do not include oil in my cooking as I try to avoid any empty calories. Oil has a lot of energy (1 tablespoon equals 100 kalories) but basically no nutrients. So I rather eat the fats in their natural way (nuts, avocado, seeds, kernels, etc.). Like this is can make sure I actually get nutrients with every bite I take. In case you are in doubt is dressings without oil are able to taste good, I encourage you to try any of these three and judge only after trying 😉


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