My Spirituality Journey

I recently asked you in my insta stories if you are intersted in getting to know more about my spiritual practices and beliefs and I loved the feedback I got! So much interest! I was thinking back and forth on how to start and what to share and eventually I decided to share a little bit of my own spirituality journey with you.

So here it is.

I grew up as the daughter of a shaman and a hypnosis-therapist  – so spiritual practices have always been part of my life; even though I didn’t really see it that way most of the time. It was normal to me that my father was able to see elves and travel into other worlds when in shamanic meditation but I didn’t really understand any of this – or at least I did not think this is part of MY story as well. I somehow thought that spirituality is something reserved for those people who are shamans or gurus or whatever. And the fact that I didn’t really understand what was going on there and the fact that I believed that this has nothing to do with me made me afraid.

I was actually afraid of spirituality for most of my youth. On the one hand I KNEW I was a spiritual being (as we all are) but on the other hand I was afraid of EXPERIENCING it. I was so afraid that whenever I felt something “crazy” going on, I was closing my eyes to it and asking, or rather begging, the universe to let me not see it. I know, it’s weird, but I was young.

However, I still learned about the law of attraction when I was around ten years old and I used it: when I wanted to have a new saddle for my horse or when I wanted to have a weekend all alone with my mother – it worked! When I moved out at the age of 16, I forgot about it again …

Another thing I got in touch with when I was around ten years old is my spirit animal. I kept it close to me ever since and it helped me through a lot of pain and difficult times. For some reason I was able to allow my spirit animal to stay with me, even though I rejected most other things that had to do with spirituality. Maybe that is because I had a lot of animals as a child and had a strong connection to them. So it may be that this made it easier to me to allow a spirit animal to be part of me. Later many other spirit animals entered my life as well and today I enjoy receiving their messages whenever needed.

Even though I had my spirit animal and I somehow knew about the law of attraction, I still wasn’t really into spirituality and kept telling myself that it is not about time yet.

When I grew a little older I opened up slightly more. I was e.g. able to get in touch with my dead grandmother easily. But I would only do so during sunlight. When it was dark I got afraid of the fact that I spoke to her earlier during the day and asked her to stay away.

I always told myself: I can get into this when I’m older. I went to shamanic rituals and “soul recovery” sessions with my father and did the hypnosis with my mother. I did loads of spiritual stuff. But I still kept telling myself that I will dip deep into all of this later in life.

Now, since a few years, this “later in life” is here. It’s been a few years now since I feel that I’m finally ready to allow spirituality to actually enter my life. I started reading the books (“Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch being the one that transformed my life the most) started to meditate, I began to allow the ghosts to talk to me, I began to get in contact with the universe, and to receive messages when I ask for them.

It’s not that I am this super crazy witch now, doing meditation every day and knowing all about the universe. I am just opening up and getting in contact with the universe when I feel like. I have a deep relationship to what some may call for god and I can talk to him/her whenever needed. I get answers when I ask for them and I get support when I ask for it. It is a wonderful relationship and I love it. However, I never take it for granted. Even though I get an answer every time I truly ask for it, I am still surprised and always in a state of enormous gratitude and excitement.

Being able to fully trust is something that made my life so much lighter and easier! It’s been through my beliefs and my trust that I am today able to live the BEST life I could imagine at this very moment: writing on my first book, sitting at the beach while doing so, and living in nature. This has been a DREAM for ages; but it was through me opening up to spirituality and getting in touch with the universe that I was able to manifest all of this into my life.

When I shared part of this journey in my insta stories, I got a few questions about spirit animals so I will share a little about what they are and how they can help …

So, in certain spiritual traditions or cultures, the spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey. They do so in helping us seeing things that we didn’t see before and/or understanding things we were’nt able to understand in the first place. They help us get in touch with ourselves and lead us the way.

How can you find your spirit animal?

Sometimes spirit animals appear in your dreams (happened to me a lot when I was a child). You can also think about animals that you have (or have had as a child) a special connection to (most of us have had a favorite animal as a child or an animal that appeared again and again throughout our life). Sometimes they appear in real life when you “need” them; like when you are walking somewhere and thinking about a certain question and then you suddenly see a stork. Or when you are sitting in nature and meditate and then you open your eyes and there is a squirrel sitting in front of you. You get the idea 🙂

How do spirit animals help me?

When I face certain issues and/or challenges they suddenly appear. Whenever they appear, I actually just google what the animal that appeared to me means – and then I connect what I read to the question that I currently carry around. I always love and appreciate the messages the animals are carrying for me: and they always make SO much sense!

And this is actually what the whole story is about: things need to make sense to you. When you force yourself in whatever spiritual practice that does NOT make sense to you, you will never be able to experience the full picture. Spirituality is not about certain rituals, gem stones, or special outfits; all of this can be part of your story, if you like it to. But it does not have to. You can connect with the universe by looking at the next flower/stone/tree that comes across your way. It’s all about opening your heart and let it all in. That’s all. The way of how to open your heart is up to you 🙂

Feel free to let me know what you would like to know more about! Leave me a comment here on the blog or on instagram!


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  1. März 11, 2020 / 12:46 pm

    How interesting! I never knew about this side of you. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoy hearing how you developed from childhood onward. We aren’t borne with knowledge, we acquire it.