My Green Pregnancy #9: Second Hand Maternity Look without Maternity Clothes!

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No matter, if pregnant or not, second hand clothes are always a wonderful option for a sustainable and eco friendly wardrobe! Wearing second hand pieces during pregnancy is very common, however in today’s post I want to show you how I styled an outfit that consists of only non-maternity second hand pieces and yet fits my belly perfectly.

Why I do that? Because I believe that we do not need to buy a ton of maternity clothes that will be worn for a maximum of six months and then never again. All clothes that I wear during my pregnancy can be worn after pregnancy as well! You do not believe me? Well then make sure to keep on following my blog, because I will prove you 😀

So when I say that I do not wear maternity wear – what do I wear? I actually love wearing tight shirts with a little bit of elastane woven into the cotton – so that they fit the belly without tweakening it. I usually wear cardigans or blazers on top, depending on the weather. Until now Winter was cold around here, so I went to cozy cardigans on most days. Now that Spring is slowly coming around the corner, I enjoy wearing blazers again.

Concerning the downs I am choosing for this state of pregnancy (I am seven months in by now); I do love pencil skirts and pants with a flexible waist band. Here I am wearing pants in my regular size which are non-maternity and they are super comfortable because of the elastic band. The color is perfect for Spring and Summer and it goes with soooo many of my shirts, blouses, and jumpers so I wear it quite regulary these days.

By the way, the entire outfit is from the online second hand shop In Love Again, which is a great address for everyone looking for a wide variety of second hand clothes online!

I actually rarely shop second hand, but when I do, I shop online. It’s not that I do not enjoy strolling through second hand shops – I do love it! However, I just do not have the time to do so. When looking for a specific piece it is just so much easier to search online instead of going through a million second hand shops, before finally finding what I am looking for.

In the In Love Again shop, I can search for keywords such as “elastic band” and I immediatly get an overview of all pants having an elastic band. This truly makes second hand shopping SO much easier!

The cool thing about In Love Again Shop is also that you can return items that do not really fit you after all. This is really super convenient and I think there really is not left a single excuse to NOT buy second hand when offered all the services an online shop like this is offering!

However, I am not going to return any of the items worn here in the pictures; quite in contrast – I am looking forward to wear them for a long time, and way beyond this pregnancy.

The yellow pants are actually part of what I would call for my “pregnancy capsule” – since I do only have a limited amount of items available right now that still fit over my belly, I do have something like a capsule wardrobe right now. I switch between two downs, three dresses, and a few shirts and blouses, and that’s basically it. And I have to say that I do not miss anything at all. Quite in contrast, I enjoy the easiness of a capsule wardrobe and the fact that I can wear pretty much everything (that still fits) with everything 🙂

Do you like to wear yellow or mustard? I enjoy the color a lot but somehow am not daring (yet) to wear a yellow top. The pants however are perfect for everyone to get started into wearing yellow – at least this is how I see things. I can easily dress it up and down, wear it more sporty or even more elegant with a blouse and blazer.

I would love to know how you like this outfit and what is your take on second hand shopping!?


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  1. März 6, 2019 / 9:18 am

    Love those bright Spring colors! I should definitely buy something in this yellow or mustard color. I loved to wear striped blouses during my preganancy, cos I feel like they compliment growing belly so well:) You look glowing, hugs:)))