My Green Pregnancy #8: Meditation During Pregnancy – Why and How?

Meditation! A topic I wanted to write about for a while now. However, I never really knew how to start off into this topic becaue it’s that big! Now that I am pregnant, it get’s easier, as I am going to concentrate on how meditation has helped me tremdendously during my pregnancy so far, why I find it so important to mediate, and how I manage to include meditation into my daily busy schedule.

The first twelve weeks of pregnancy aren’t the easiest one for most women out there. The risk of a miscarriage is still rather high, many women feel very tired and sick, many get overwhelmed by all the emotions coming up with the huge news of being pregnant, there are the hormones changing the entire system around, and then there is the fact that most women do not talk about their pregnancy in the first twelve weeks yet. So they are pretty much alone (except for their husband and maybe best friend) with all of this! This is a lot to handle, believe me!

I personally experienced two miscarriages in the first twelve weeks so of course I was a little cautious as first, when I found out that I am pregnant. I didn’t feel like talking about it too much beacuse I didn’t feel like talking about yet another miscarriage again – in case this was to be happen again. So I was there: pregnant – and alone. Of course not actually alone, but I still felt somehow alone. It was me having the baby in the belly, only me and no one else. And if it would die again it would be my belly in which it dies, and me going through another birth of a mini-baby.

In a situtation like this it is easy to loose yourself in fear and anxiety… however, I decided not to let this happen: and this is where meditation comes in!

I’ve been meditating for around a year now and it has enhanced my life tremendously and in varios ways. However, during pregnancy it has been a lifesaver! I literally do not know how I would have been able to get through the first twelve weeks without meditation!

I personally love guided meditations in which a voice is taking me through the 15-20 minutes of sitting still. I also enjoy “imaginery journeys” which are a kind of guided meditation in which your mind travels to places in your subconsciousness. During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy I concentrated on mediations that were related to trust. All I wanted and all I needed was trust. With 15 minutes every night, I managed to keep my trust – even when suddenly my pregnancy hormones went down (a blood test was made to check their level and usually when they drop, it is a sign for a miscarriage!) and my midwife told me that there is a high chance for another miscarriage. I meditated and I saw my child so very clear in front of my inner eye – there was no doubt that this baby is going to live. And it turned out everything was fine!

I am absolutely and 100% sure that I would never have made it as calm thorugh the first twelve weeks if I wouldn’t have meditated!

This is not to say that I was Buddha the entire time! I had days where I stayed in bed, crying. I cried for the two babies I lost, I cried because I felt so sick, because I felt so tired and useless. I had these days too. And I embraced them. I believe they are all part of the process and I do not want to fight them. However, I did not want to loose my deep rooted trust – and I didn’t! Thanks to meditation!

The key in meditation actually is that when you are right here, in the here and now, then there is no past, there is no future, there is only NOW.

And when there is no past, there is no miscarriage and when there is no future, there is no miscarriage – because RIGHT NOW there is no miscarriage. There is no fear, no insecurity, there only is NOW!

Learning this, again and again, every night during my 15 minutes of meditation has been of such a great importance to me! It’s not always easy, absolutely not, but taking the effort again and again is worth it. I promise!

Now, before coming to an end, I want to give you a few tips on how you can start meditation – because I know myself that the first step is the most difficult. I admire everyone who is able to just sit down and watch their breath for 15 minutes straight… because I can’t do that! I need guidance. I get this guidance through mediations that I find on youtube, or even easier, through my app. I use 7mind which is a wonderful app for both beginners and practised people. I like the app because I can choose between different topics, courses and single classes and thereby always get exactly what I need in that given moment.

The app is useful as well as you can listen to meditations pretty much everywhere. I, for example, meditate a lot when train travelling! However, most often I take 15 minutes in the evening for my meditations. I personally do not like to meditate when in bed because I feel like I experience the meditation less when I am about to fall asleep. So I rather sit down and enjoy my meditation before getting ready for bed.

Very rarely, when I have a quiet morning (and my girl leaves the house early with my husband) I meditate in the morning. This is actually my favorite time of the day to meditate, but I usually have my girl running around the place in the morning, so I can’t find the calmness for even 10 minutes of meditation.

When you first get a routine you will always be able to find a time slot during your day! It can be lunch break, it can be early in the morning, it can be before going to bed. Just take those 15 minutes and enjoy the calmness, the peace, the trust in the universe that meditation can give you!

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