My Green Pregnancy #7: What to Wear – with L’Amour est Bleu and BOOB! *Pencil Skirts*

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Even though I am not actually celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought today is the perfect day to share an outfit wearing my “Love Always” shirt from L’amour est Bleu. Because guess what: I believe that we should share love every single minute of every single day. Not only on Valentine’s.

So let’s love always… and let’s love everyone! Because love is not only to be reserved for family members, partners or friends. Every single living being out there deserves love! If we would all treat our neighboors, colleagues, people we meet in the street, and everyone else, with just a little bit more love and emphathy this world would change towards good within seconds!

Okay, that being said, let’s move on to today’s fair fashion outfit …

Once again, I am, strictly speaking, not wearing maternity wear.  Or to put it better: I am not wearing anything that I couldn’t wear without the bump.

Non maternity pencil skirts are PERFECT for pregnancy because you can easily wear them over the bump and they will continue being comfy for at least the first six months, maybe even longer!

Here I am wearing a pencil skirt from BOOB which is made for women before, during, and after pregnancy. It can be worn with the high waist section up or fold down for extra tummy support. So when I first got pregnant and didn’t have much of a baby bump yet I wore it like a normal pencil skirt, whereas by now I fold the high waist section down to take advantage of the extra support.

The skirt is made of a slightly thicker, very comfortable lyocell and can be combined with pretty much everything in my wardrobe!

I think a good pencil skirt should be part of everyone’s closet, no matter if pregnant or not – would you agree? 😉

You can find the skirt here

I am also wearing the above mentioned “Love Always” shirt from L’amour est Bleu which is actually the FIRST statement shirt that I ever wore in public! Yes, true story; I’ve never been much of a fan of anything written on a shirt and did not even think of getting one. But this one here, somehow, is a different story!

First of all, I really love the statement (love always) and I do find it so important to share it. Next to that, the text isn’t too bold on the shirt and it isn’t printed but actually stitched into the organic cotton. This makes it look so much more elegant and I think that it cannot even be compared with 99% of the statement shirts out there.

Like all pieces from L’Amour est Bleu, this shirt is made under fair conditions in Europe.

Finally, I am wearing my much worn and much loved cardigan from HUG Berlin with this look. I think it is the one piece making it on the blog more often than ANY other piece in my closet. That’s because it goes so well with everything and since it is made from organic cotton (not wool) it’s not too hot in Spring or on cold summer days, yet warms enough on colder days. Loving it!

Unfortunatly it is last season though… so it’s not available any more. However, in the HUG Berlin online shop there are a few other pretty cardigans (on sale) and loads of other colorful and beautiful fair fashion pieces!

So pencil skirts go very well during pregnancy, when combined with a shirt over the skirt, like I did it here. However, I also love wearing this skirt with an oversizd blouse, tucked into the skirt. Or with a sweater over the skirt. There are so many ways of styling a pencil skirt and I think there are even MORE cool options when carrying a little baby bump around.

I will be posting some more inspiration on how to dress a pencil skirt during pregnancy in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for that!

And also, feel free to check my insta stories as well; there I am sharing many of my daily bump styles 😀

How do you like this outfit? I would love to know so feel free to message me or leave a comment 🙂


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  1. Februar 15, 2019 / 8:26 am

    It’s a nice outfit. I like the simplicity of your t-shirt and the message is v appropriate. I’m not a fan of pencil skirts to be honest as they just don’t suit my shape at all and I prefer my bum to have something which skims it. The cardigan looks delightfully comfy.