My Green Pregnancy #5: What to Wear – with HUG Berlin! *Knit Dresses*

It somehow always makes me so happy to share my pregnancy looks! Today I am sharing another all-day-perfect tip for all those women who are pregnant during the colder months of the year: knit dresses!

Knit dresses go for every stage of pregnancy, they are warm and comfy and they can be worn both before, during and after pregnancy – and we love that, don’t we?!

When I started off into my pregnancy with the decision that I will not buy any maternity wear but only wear pieces that I can wear after pregnancy as well, I thought it will be super easy … and it actually is! HOWEVER what is difficult, is to find pieces that are NOT only black and white (or grey and darkblue). I mean it is already difficult to find colorful fair fashion pieces for when you are not pregnant, but with a baby bump it gets everything but easier…

In the fair fashion field, minimalism, a capsule wardrobe, and timeless pieces are what most labels sell. And that’s wonderful – overall. I mean, I am a huge supporter of timeless pieces and of a minimal wardrobe and I love grey, white, black, and dark blue. I actually never follow on trends, and I wear the same old boots for seven years now!

However, I do love a pop of color every now and then, and I do love a little extra from time to time. That can be a fun flower print, some sparkling shoes, or a bold colored dress, like the one here!

When I got pregnant, I spent some time searching for pieces that are colorful and that would fit throughtout those precious nine months. And, I found some!

One of the pieces I fell in love with immediatly, was this pink dress that I am wearing here! How amazing is this color? I love it! And I also love it’s lenght, as I can actually wear it as a dress or as a jumper, depending on what I wear with it.

Currently I enjoy wearing it as a dress but I think when my belly is getting bigger I will combine it with pencil skirts and wear it as a jumper. Looking forward to that already 😀

I found this dress in the HUG Berlin online shop, where I actually find the most beautiful colorful fair fashion pieces. It’s my first place to look for everything that is NOT black and white. I have been sharing a beautiful King Louie dress on the blog last year (here) – that one I also found at HUG Berlin.

The dress is currently on sale

but I do also highly recommend checking out all the other beyond beautiful pieces… especially all these dresses

The coat that I am wearing with this dress, is a second hand one. I found it in the In Love Again online shop for second hand pieces. Especially when looking for coats, I think this is a great address! I mean, you can spend a furtune on a fair fashion coat – or you get one for some 20€ second hand; which is super sustainable as well!

My boots are, as written above, seven year old leather boots, bought in a fast fashion shop back in the days. I treat them well  and they last year after year after year. I have to admit that – sweatshop made or not – I love them for their timelessness and their longevity.

Oh and my tights are non-maternity by the way! I wear the same ones I always wore. My challenge for not buying clothes that won’t fit after pregnancy goes all the way to tights as well. So far they are very comfy and I wear them pretty much every day. I hope they will last me until the weather get’s warm enough to wear skirts without tights.

I really wonder what my little bump will look like in three months from now… I am six months pregnant now and I have another four months to go and I feel already soooooo big.

But I love it! I love having this bump, I love being so obviously pregnant. Because yes, it makes me feel a little special and I do enjoy that. I do enjoy having the whole world around me see that I am actually carrying a tiny little human in my belly. I mean, how amazing is that? How can I not be super proud of it? It’s a freaking human in there 😀 !

Do you like bold colored dresses like this one here? Or knit dresses in general? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Februar 8, 2019 / 9:54 am

    I love colorful pieces in my wardrobe, color of your dress is really pretty and very feminine, perfect for pregnancy! About my lactose free life – I’m not gonna lie, I’;m craving cheese, especially cos I love anything Italian!:) But I find really easy to swap cow milk to plant milk in my bake goods. The worse thing is our pediatrician told me to avoid a lot of veggies and fruits that can cause indigastion or trapped gas to my baby – and that’s a lot of it: like raspberries, broccoli, beans and legumes, cabbage and also whole wheat bread! So basically I eat veggies and fruits, but all the time they are the same ones over and over again, like carrots, beets and apples. However, I can manage that for my son and I hope his tummy will be fine soon:) Actually he is progressing so much! He is ‘talkin’ with us in his own language, he smiles and laughs all the time , so it’ s pure joy:) Have a lovely weekend mama, hugs:)))

  2. Februar 9, 2019 / 7:44 am

    Das war mir so noch gar nicht wirklich bewusst, dass es so schwer ist wirklich etwas Buntes im Fair Fashion Bereich zu finden… Na ja, wenn die Entwicklung weiterhin so positiv ist, ändert sich das nach und nach sicherlich auch noch. 😉

    Mhm, wahrscheinlich könnte man diese Kooperationen schon zur Anzeige bringen, aber na ja. Der Aufwand wäre mir bei der Masse schon zu viel. ^^
    Ich find’s aber schade, dass bei den Firmen nicht langsam einfach ein anderes Bewusstsein für Werbung einsetzt.